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- WWE Champion Drew McIntyre comes to the ring to start the show, McIntyre talks about allowing Dolph Ziggler to pick the stipulation for their match at WWE Extreme Rules. McIntyre says he will retain the title no matter what at WWE Extreme Rules, Ziggler comes out and he makes his way to the stage. Ziggler says the stipulation he has picked will be a secret, Ziggler calls McIntyre a backstabber and Ziggler says his resume is better that his. Ziggler says McIntyre has stabbed a lot of people in the back to become WWE Champion, Ziggler brings out Heath Slater as someone who McIntyre allegedly stabbed in the back. Slater and Ziggler make their way into the ring, Slater talks about his history with McIntyre and he calls McIntyre the “Chosen One.” Slater talks about watching McIntyre winning the WWE Championship at ‘Mania 36, Slater talks about how he called McIntyre everyday when McIntyre was released by the WWE. Slater asks McIntyre where he was when he was released by the WWE, Slater says he came back because he is fighting for his kids.

Slater says McIntyre wasn’t there for him when he got his WWE release, Slater says McIntyre didn’t help him like he said he would. Slater says he wants what was promised to him by McIntyre before shoving him, McIntyre goes to talk and Slater slaps him in the face. McIntyre then accepts the challenge from Slater as we go to a commercial break.

Drew McIntyre vs. Heath Slater w/Dolph Ziggler

The match begins with Slater jumping McIntyre after a Ziggler distraction, McIntyre quickly recovers and he nails Slater with a Claymore Kick for a three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Dolph Ziggler gets physical with Heath Slater until Drew McIntyre makes the save, McIntyre and Slater embrace afterwards.

- Sarah Schreiber interviews Sasha Banks & Bayley, with Bayley saying they would rather talk to the world instead of Schreiber. Asuka appears and she says she isn’t alone tonight before dancing away.

- Bayley & Sasha Banks are in the ring after the commercial break, Bayley says that Raw can officially begin now that they are here. Banks says they are changing the game on all three brands, Bayley talks about facing Asuka tonight and Nikki Cross at WWE Extreme Rules. Asuka interrupts and makes her way onto the stage, Asuka mocks Banks before saying Bayley isn’t ready for her tonight. Bayley says that Banks is ready to face anybody tonight and Asuka brings out Kairi Sane.

Sasha Banks w/Bayley vs. Kairi Sane w/Asuka

The match begins with Banks backing Sane into the corner while landing some strikes, Sane fights back and Banks nails her with a right. Banks then drops Sane with a top rope arm drag, Sane fights back and she nails Banks with a plethora of chops. Sane then drops Banks with a head scissors takedown followed by a drop kick for a near fall, Sane keeps Banks down while applying a modified camel clutch. Banks gets free and she gets Sane in a straitjacket hold, Sane gets free and she gets Banks into the octopus stretch. Banks gets free and Sane catches her in a roll up for a near fall, Banks recovers and she drops Sane with a hair pull for a near fall. Banks mocks Asuka and Asuka attacks Bayley a short time later, Sane clears the ring before landing a baseball slide drop kick on Banks and Bayley as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Banks choking Sane on the bottom rope, Sane fights back and Banks nails her with a back breaker for a near fall. Banks traps Sane on the middle turnbuckle before landing a double knee drop for a near fall, Banks keeps Sane down while working over her arm. Banks transitions to a bow and arrow stretch against the downed Sane, Sane fights back and Banks stomps away on her.

Banks traps Sane in the ropes before landing a knee strike and head kick, Banks goes for another double knee drop and Sane avoids it before landing an axe kick. Sane goes to the top rope and she nails Banks with a forearm strike for a near fall, Sane follows up by nailing Banks with multiple running blockbusters. Sane then crushes Banks with a spear from out of nowhere, Sane follows up by nailing a cornered Banks with a Sliding D for a near fall. Banks fights back and she exchanges roll ups with Sane before landing a meteora for a near fall, Banks then nails a cornered Sane with a running double knee strike. Banks misses a leap off the top rope and Sane gets her in a modified Boston crab, Bayley hits the ring to attack Sane to cause a DQ.

Winner: Kairi Sane, by DQ

After the match, Bayley and Sasha Banks attack Asuka until Kairi Sane takes them out with an Insane Elbow.

- Highlights are shown of Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo on last weeks Raw, followed by Rollins nailing Carrillo with The Stomp on the ring steps after the match.

- Officials are shown checking on an injured Aleister Black backstage when Seth Rollins walks by.

- Big Show approaches The Viking Raiders backstage, Show says that they must take things seriously tonight. The Viking Raiders say they are mad about what happened to Edge and Christian as well, The Viking Raiders try joking around and Show chops them to make them get serious.

- The KO Show is up next and he clears the ring before bringing out Seth Rollins and Murphy, Rollins thanks Owens for having him on the show. Owens says he is forever bonded with Rollins due to their match at ‘Mania 36, Owens gives Rollins a gift and it is a KO Mania shirt. Rollins says his doesn’t care about Owens or his show, Rollins says he came out to address Rey Mysterio. Rollins challenges Mysterio to a match at WWE Extreme Rules, Rollins says Owens has done nothing since ‘Mania 36. Rollins says Owens and Monday Night Raw both need him, Rollins suggests that Owens join him instead of fighting against him. Rey and Dominick Mysterio interrupt and make their way on stage, Rey says that he accepts Rollins’ challenge for WWE Extreme Rules. Rollins asks where Aleister Black is for tonight’s tag team match, Owens interrupts and he turns down Rollins’ offer to join his group. Owens says he will replace Black and team with Mysterio tonight, Owens also suggests that the winning team picks the stipulation for the Rollins vs. Mysterio match for WWE Extreme Rules. A brawl breaks out between everybody as we go to a commercial break.

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