WWE Raw Results for 2/4/19: Stephanie McMahon Invites Becky Lynch to RAW!

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We begin this week's show with Stephanie McMahon in center ring. Before she can complete her introduction though, Becky Lynch is here. McMahon completed her introduction nonetheless, next transitioning to a video recap of last week's Lynch/Rousey exchange. Stephanie credited Becky for smiling in Ronda's face and Lynch explained that she has every reason to smile, after all she's just won the Royal Rumble and is headed to WrestleMania. McMahon then began to ask about Becky's knee injury though, with Lynch claiming she's fine.

However, Becky has refused medical attention since Royal Rumble and without clearance, McMahon can not let Lynch compete. Visibly distraught by this, Lynch refused to give this opportunity up, claiming that unlike her, Stephanie has never fought for anything in her life. McMahon explains that Lynch simply needs to get cleared though, making it clear that without that, the match can't happen. Even still, Becky refused to see the doctor. As a result, McMahon suspended Lynch from WWE but Becky immediately lashed out, landing a right hand and applying the Dis-Arm-Her too. 

Referees and officials pulled a limping Lynch away but she fought them off until McMahon hurried backstage. Speaking of such, we next see Becky being escorted out when suddenly, Ronda Rousey arrived. Ronda questioned Lynch's professionalism and told her to rest up for her WrestleMania beating. 

Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey

Morgan immediately retreated at the first bell, stalling outside the ring and then returning to evade a little too. A Logan distraction encouraged Liv to enter but she walked into a whirlwind, eating an onslaught of body punches and submitting to the armbar. 

Winner: Ronda Rousey

Post-match, Rousey demanded that someone do something to her and eventually challenged Logan directly. Sarah accepted immediately.

Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Logan

Logan initially bullied Ronda into the corner but was quickly countered, with Rousey catching the armbar until Ruby and Liv pulled Sarah to safety. Back from the break and Logan has powered free from a triangle choke but failed to capitalize, instead walking into some judo throws and then submitting to the armbar. 

Winner: Ronda Rousey

Post-match, Ruby Riott considered facing Ronda herself but eventually bailed. In an interview, Ruby scoffed at the notion that she'd cowered, instead promising to beat Rousey when the title is on the line. Tonight, Riott's focus belongs with her friends' health.

Elsewhere, Bayley and Sasha Banks conducted a short interview. A mention of their recent "failures" enraged Banks but Bayley calmed her down and both promised to win the tag titles. This brought in Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross though, with Nikki explaining that only Fox wanted to "play" with her as chaos is fair. Alicia then made it clear that you don't "Cross the Fox."

Number One Contender Match

Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. B-Team vs. The Revival

Metalik and Axel got things started here, with the Lucha House Party member attempting a quick roll-up and then flurrying on the former tag champion. Dorado was in next and Wilder met him there, eating a hurricanrana for his troubles and then being grounded too. Backstage, Gable and Roode are watching on as in-ring, Tucker Knight tagged himself in to land some suplexes on Wilder. Otis was soon in and Heavy Machinery went to work, landing some of their tandem offense on both Revival and B-Team. The Lucha House Party followed up, hitting simultaneous moonsaults as in-ring, Heavy Machinery dominated Dawson before throwing him to the floor.

Back from the break though and The Revival are now in control, working over Metalik with quick tags and double team offense too. Metalik eventually created some space, bringing in Dorado who run wild on both of The Revival until a pair of blind tags reset things. That brought in B-Team who were soon run over by Otis which set up the Caterpillar. Axel broke the fall but Heavy Machinery continued to run wild before The Revival halted their plans and seized, hitting Shatter Machine for the win.

Winners: The Revival 

Backstage, Curt Hawkins was frustrated, calling himself "toxic" and questioning Zack Ryder's reason for reuniting their tag team. In response, Ryder called himself a "loser," reminding Hawkins of last week's "Zach" spelling gaffe. He then promised that they'll end Hawkins' losing streak together. 

Elsewhere, Kurt Angle is headed to the ring. He's greeted by words of encouragement from Mickie James, Apollo Crews and No Way Jose.

After making his way in-ring, Kurt grabbed a microphone and thanked the crowd for their applause. He reminded them of "Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence" and then went through his WWE resume. Backstage, those aforementioned superstars and others are watching on as in-ring, Kurt explained that recently, the three I's have turned into the "three D's." Doubt. Defeat. Depression. Angle admits that there's one opponent he can't beat: "father time." With an announcement seemingly looming, Baron Corbin made his entrance, mocking Angle's speech and asking him to wrap it up.

Corbin says that this should've been Kurt's Hall of Fame speech and after that, we should've never seen him again. Angle is fired up by Corbin's dismissal, challenging him to a fight when Drew McIntyre suddenly emerged. Drew questions Angle's change of heart and says that he saw fear when he last faced Kurt. However, McIntyre acknowledges that it'll take "something drastic" to send Kurt away and with that in mind, this'll be the last time Angle is ever seen. Corbin and McIntyre then headed to the ring but Braun Strowman made the save, brawling with Drew as Kurt went to work on Corbin. Eventually though, both scurried through the crowd.

It's later made official that tonight, Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle will team up to take on Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin. 

Following that, we headed to a video package about Seth Rollins' recent Rumble win as well as last week's interaction with Brock Lesnar.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are here for their tag title qualifying match next, making their way to the ring until Fox and Cross jumped them from behind. Bayley briefly fired back but was halted by the numbers game, with their foes mauling both of them on the ramp. Fox and Cross headed to the ring regardless.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox

The match is indeed now underway but Banks has yet to climb upon the apron. Even still, Bayley is flurrying, using signature offense to take out both of her opponents before walking into Fox's scissor kick for 2. With Bayley isolated, Cross and Fox went to work, using quick tags to work Bayley over. This included Cross hitting a bulldog for 2 and then taking Bayley to the outside. A crossbody off the apron followed but with Sasha's help, Bayley then evaded Cross, sending her face first into the post. In response, Fox tagged herself in but Bayley caught her with a quick roll-up, scoring the sudden win.

Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks 

Following that, we got a recap of last week's Elias/Jeff Jarrett exchange.

In a backstage interview, Apollo Crews cautiously supported Kurt Angle's decision when Drake Maverick and Rezar showed up. Crews mocked both in response but Drake restrained Rezar in order to prevent any physicality. 

Road Dogg is here next, going through his usual shtick and then introducing Jeff Jarrett and allowing him to do exactly the same. This resulted in another live rendition of 'With My Baby Tonight' until Elias came out to mock them. He asked Road Dogg why he isn't at SmackDown "tanking their ratings" before taking a shot at the crowd and calling them ungrateful. In conclusion, Elias opted against performing as Jarrett demanded that he "bring it," meeting him on the ramp with punches right away.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Elias 

Jarrett is all over Elias from the first bell, forcing his foe to bail as a result. Back from the break though and Elias is now in control, working Jeff over on the outside and then halting a brief comeback via knee. He then grabbed a hold before scoring a suplex for 2 as well. Jarrett soon fired back nonetheless, landing his trademark right hands after Elias had taken out Road Dogg. However, Jeff's comeback was short-lived, with Elias flooring Road Dogg again before hitting Drift Away for the win. 

Winner: Elias 

Post-match, Road Dogg came in for revenge, landing his signature combination to set up a guitar shot from Jarrett. 

Backstage, Dana Brooke apologizes to Natalya for halting her tag title chances. Natalya ignored Dana though and suddenly enraged, Brooke said that she'll face her next week in order to prove her point. As she walked off though, it became clear that Natalya's headphones had prevented her from hearing a thing.

In three weeks, RAW will celebrate Ric Flair's 70th birthday live in Atlanta! This announcement was followed by a recap of tonight's opening segment. This included the slow-motion visual that within the chaos, Stephanie actually kicked out Lynch's knee. 

Off to an interview with Finn Balor next. He made it clear that he's still hurting but even still, he refuses to stay home. Instead, he's still standing and tonight he'll take the fight to Bobby Lashley. 

After making his way to the ring though, Balor was treated trash talk from Rush and Lashley. Lio said that Finn has no chance against Lashley while Bobby claimed that he's better than Brock Lesnar, saying that he could beat him in his sleep. Considering that, Lashley says that Finn should fight men his own size, allowing Rush to take his place. Lashley says that if Finn entertains him enough, he'll give him his title match but then assaulted Balor anyway.

Finn Balor vs. Lio Rush

With Balor barely on his feet, Rush launched an immediate attack, going after Balor's ribs and taking immediate control too. However, Balor then fired back, unleashing a salvo of stomps and looking for his signature kick until Lashley interfered, yanking Finn to the floor. In response, the match wasn't thrown out but instead, Bobby was ejected. Rush rebuilt momentum regardless, hitting a big dive to send Finn crashing into the barricade. Still in control, Rush continued his offense on Balor's ribs but then ran into a kick. Lio cut off the Coup De Grace either way, heading up top and hitting a hurricanrana for 2. 

Even still, Balor soon fired back, countering Rush's abdominal stretch and hitting a stomp as well as slingblade too. Still damaged though, Finn almost found himself pinned by a quick roll-up and was then floored, evading Rush Hour and seizing with Coup De Grace for the win. 

Winner: Finn Balor

Post-match, Lashley returned but Balor rolled to safety and headed backstage. 

Paige is here next and has a microphone in hand. She promoted her 'Fighting With My Family' movie and sent us to an official ad for the film too. 

Alexa Bliss is here with 'A Moment of Bliss' now, welcoming the fans and introducing EC3. Alexa asked if he's "Ready for his Moment of Bliss?" and then questioned which brand he's headed to. Nia Jax prevented him from answering though, arriving with Tamina and saying that no one cares before transitioning to her own Royal Rumble showing. Jax also reminded Bliss of her and Tamina's tag team win last week. Dean Ambrose then interrupted her though, claiming that Jax has a crush on him. He then asked Alexa who EC3 is and stopped him from talking. This resulted in an interview in which Dean continually prevented EC3 from talking, mocking him along the way until being floored with a right hand. EC3 then headed to the ring.

EC3 vs. Dean Ambrose

This transitioned directly into a match, with EC3 immediately flurrying on Dean until Ambrose cut him off and sent him flying into the ring-post. Back in-ring, Dean then grabbed a hold, slowing things down before EC3 fired back with a comeback. This culminated in a roll-up counter that scored EC3 the "upset" win.

Winner: EC3

Backstage, Kurt explains that he almost ended his career tonight but fortunately, he's not fighting his next fight alone. Braun then joined his side and said that it's an honor to team with Angle.

Mojo Rawley is back again next, talking to a mirror just like last week and demanding that he forget teamwork. 

Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin vs. Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle

Kurt immediately ducked Corbin's opening right hand, hitting a German Suplex and bailing to the outside. Strowman wiped out Drew though, sending Baron back in only to be caught in the Ankle Lock. Corbin pushed free, fortunately positioning Kurt to be floored by the Glasgow Kiss. Suddenly isolated, Angle was next worked over by his foes, with Baron initially grabbing a hold before bringing in Drew too. Eventually, Kurt fired back nonetheless, landing some right hands until a blind tag allowed McIntyre to cut him off again. As Braun distracted Drew though, Kurt seized, attempting an Angle Slam but being reversed into Drew's own version of the move instead.

In the same vein, McIntyre then applied the Ankle Lock but in the end, Kurt countered, bringing in Strowman who run wild on both their foes. Together, Drew and Corbin halted Strowman too though, sending him to the floor and going to work on the outside. An in-ring neckbreaker came next and then some tandem offense too but before long, Braun powered free, hitting a double suplex and tagging in Angle. Kurt flurried with German suplexes right way, next hitting Angle Slam on Corbin only for Drew to break up the pin. Strowman quickly removed him though, next illegally wiping out Corbin for the DQ finish. 

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin via Disqualification 

Post-match, Strowman continued his assault but was then evaded by Drew, next being Claymore'd over the barricade. McIntyre and Corbin then went after the isolated Angle, looking to double chokeslam him on the steel steps. Strowman made the save though, chokeslamming both Baron and Drew on the steps and raising arms with Angle.

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