WWE Raw Results For 3/19: Ultimate Deletion, Brock Lesnar Finally Shows Up & Alexa Bliss Gets Her 'Mania 34 Opponent

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Here is the Fightful post-Raw podcast:

- WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, Angle welcomes everybody to Monday Night Raw. Angle says that Roman Reigns suspension is still in effect for tonight, Angle also announces that Brock Lesnar hasn’t made it to the arena yet. Angle brings up Braun Strowman winning the Raw Tag Team Title #1 Contender Battle Royal last week on Raw, Reigns then appears through the crowd and he makes his way to the ring. Reigns says he doesn’t care about the suspension and says he is here to represent the main event of ‘Mania 34, Reigns questions where Lesnar is. Angle promises that Reigns will have his match with Lesnar at ‘Mania 34, Reigns says he isn’t leaving the ring until Lesnar comes out to face him.

Angle leaves the ring and he heads to the backstage area, Reigns then grabs a chair and he takes a seat in the ring. U.S. Marshals come to the ring to try and escort Reigns out of it, the officers cuff Reigns and he eventually lays them out after they touch him. Lesnar hits the ring and he lays Reigns out with a German suplex followed by chair shots, Lesnar then hits Reigns with another German suplex followed by more chair shots. Lesnar then catches Reigns with another German suplex and more chair shots before leaving the ring, Lesnar decides to return to the ring to nail Reigns with more chairs shots and German suplexes before leaving the ring again. Lesnar returns for a second time and he nails Reigns with an F-5.

A medical team makes their way to the ring and they load the injured Reigns onto a stretcher, Lesnar returns and he shoves the stretchered Reigns to the ground.

- Roman Reigns is shown being loaded into an ambulance.

- Highlights are then shown of Asuka and Alexa Bliss’ confrontation on last weeks Raw, plus we see the disparaging comments Bliss and Mickie James made about Nia Jax.

- WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James make their way to the ring, Bliss grabs a microphone to address the Nia Jax situation. Bliss says she and James were just joking about what they said about Jax, Bliss then apologizes for what she said about Jax. Bliss then says she is sorry for not speaking the truth sooner, Bliss says she doesn’t feel bad about what she said about Jax. Bliss then admits that she had used Jax the whole time, Bliss then promises to end Asuka’s undefeated streak.

Non-Title Match

Alexa Bliss (WWE Raw Women’s Champion) w/Mickie James vs. Asuka

The match is joined in progress and we see Bliss stretching Asuka in the ropes, Asuka fights back and she attacks Bliss with a kick. Bliss also chokes Asuka on the middle rope, Bliss would then trap Asuka in the corner before choking her. Bliss throws Asuka out of the ring so James can land a cheap shot on her, Bliss goes out of the ring to smash Asuka’s face on the ring mat. Bliss gets Asuka in the ring to get a near fall on a pin attempt, Bliss slows things down further by holding Asuka in a chin lock. Asuka tries fighting back and Bliss lands a drop kick for a near fall, Bliss reapplies the chin lock to Asuka.

Asuka fights back and she snaps the rope into the face of Bliss, Asuka then hits Bliss with multiple hip attacks followed by a knee strike. Asuka then hits Bliss with a running drop kick for a near fall, Asuka goes to the middle rope and James distracts her. Bliss then levels a distracted Asuka with a right before knocking her out of the ring, Asuka follows Asuka out of the ring to throw her back in for another near fall on another pin attempt. Bliss applies another chin lock to a downed Asuka, Asuka fights back and she shoves Bliss to the ground before landing kicks.

Bliss recovers to drop Asuka and get a near fall on a pin attempt, Bliss again throws Asuka out of the ring as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Asuka meeting Bliss on the middle rope, Bliss takes Asuka off the ropes before landing a sunset flip for a near fall. Bliss then nails a winging Asuka with an inverted neck breaker, Bliss misses a double knee drop and Asuka lands a strike of her own for a near fall. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock and she instead catches Bliss in a roll up for a near fall, Asuka then applies the ankle lock and Bliss gets to the ropes. Bliss rolls out of the ring and James takes her away for the count out.

Winner: Asuka, by count out

After the match, Nia Jax comes out and she levels Mickie James before getting a hold of Bliss, James attacks Jax and that allows Bliss to escape through the crowd. Jax then chases Bliss to the backstage area.