WWE RAW Results (3/7/22): Alpha Academy Defends RAW Tag Titles, Edge Addresses AJ Styles + More!

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Rikishi Would Love To See Jacob Fatu Run Through Top Talent In WWE

The show begins and we see a video package highlighting this past weekend's live event from Madison Square Garden which ended with Roman Reigns standing tall over a bloodied Brock Lesnar.

Our commentary team of Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome us to tonight's show from Cleveland, Ohio and Kevin Owens makes his way out, followed by Seth Freakin' Rollins. Seth says he's fired up tonight because he and Owens are just moments away from becoming RAW Tag Team Champions. Kevin says it's been a tough year for the both of them and every time they're close to securing their spot at WrestleMania, something bad happens. Seth says over and over again the deck has been stacked against them but that changes tonight when they win the tag titles. They say they can't imagine a WrestleMania without them, Owens says the only bad thing about Mania is it being in Dallas, Texas but the only thing that makes it bearable is that he'll be in Dallas, Texas with his bestfriend Seth Freakin' Rollins. Seth shows footage of them defeating RK-Bro two weeks ago which clinched their spot in the title match tonight then he shows footage of their non-title victory over Alpha Academy from last week. Owens says they're undeniable and tonight, it's undeniable that they'll punch their ticket to WrestleMania and it's also undeniable that Dallas, Texas sucks...and it's undeniable that Alpha Academy sucks...and it's undeniable that RK-Bro sucks. The RAW Tag Team Champions, Chad Gable and Otis of Alpha Academy make their way out. Gable says Owens and Rollins' win last week was a joke and then touts himself being an Olympic athlete and having a Masters degree. Gable says they're going to win tonight and go on to WrestleMania to defend their RAW Tag Team Championships. Backstage, Kevin Patrick's with Randy Orton and Riddle and asks about their tag title match. Riddle says he's not going to let anything stop their stupendous journey to WrestleMania. Orton says they've worked too hard and come too far and they're going to go out there and get those titles back.

Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis) (C) vs. RK-Bro (Randy Orton & Riddle) vs. Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens — RAW Tag Team Championship

Riddle and Rollins start this one off. Rollins with a drop-kick then makes a quick tag to Owens, Gable self tags himself in on Riddle but gets hit with a senton by Owens, who goes for the cover but Gable kicks out. Rollins is tagged back in by Owens, Rollins lays Gable out with a suplex, goes for another, Gable rolls out, Rollins tosses him into the corner, Riddle tags himself in, Rollins sends him face-first into the corner, Owens nails him with a running senton, then nails an interfering Gable with a super-kick, everyone except Rollins and Owens are on the outside, Rollins takes them all out with a dive through the ropes, Rollins sends Gable back in, Owens goes up top and nails Gable with a splash off the top, goes for the cover but Gable kicks out and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Otis tosses Rollins to the outside then Riddle into a corner and stomps on Riddle's mid-section. Otis plants Riddle with a standing splash, goes for the cover but Riddle lifts the shoulders after a count of two. Otis makes the tag to Gable, a suplex then a cover but Riddle kicks out. Gable taunts Orton in the corner, makes a tag back to Otis, who knocks Rollins right back to the floor from the apron. Otis applies a choke to Riddle, who almost gets to his corner but Otis shoves him back, goes up too and misses the Vader Bomb. Riddle rolls to his corner and makes the tag to Orton and the crowd is in a frenzy! Orton lays out Gable, who was just tagged back in, then an interfering Rollins, then Owens, goes for the middle rope DDT on Gable, Rollins attacks, Orton sends him through the ropes and it's a double DDT from Orton onto Gable and Rollins. Orton pounds the mat looking for the RKO, Gable shoves him back, looks for the ankle lock, Rollins self tags but eats an RKO, Orton rolls to the outside, sends Owens into the Announce table, tries to lift Otis, Riddle comes and assists and they send Otis hurling into the table and we head to another break. Back from the break and Orton's working over Gable, Otis' seen enough and comes in, then everyone rushes the ring one-by-one, Orton sends Rollins to the outside, they're brawling whilst the other six men do the same on the inside and we head to yet another commercial break. Back from the break and it's Riddle and Gable in the ring, Rollins tags himself in off of Gable, nails Riddle with double stomps to the chest, goes for the cover but Riddle kicks out. Riddle catches Rollins in a triangle-choke, Gable comes out of nowhere and breaks it up with a dive off the top rope, Orton eats a German suplex from Gable, who then takes out Rollins with one, then Riddle. Gable scoops and slams Riddle, goes up top and dives off the top with a moonsault but Orton catches him in an RKO! Rollins sends Orton to the outside, Owens with a super-kick to Otis, Rollins with a buckle-bomb to Gable, Owens with a stunner, Rollins with a stomp, Riddle super-kicks Rollins, sneaks the cover on Gable and gets the win!

Winners - RK-Bro (And NEW RAW Tag Team Champions)

After the match Kevin Patrick comes down and asks Orton and Riddle about their win. Orton says he hasn't had this much fun in his entire 20+ year career and calls Riddle a true friend. A stunned Rollins makes his slow walk down to the back, Owens does the same moments later.

Dana Brooke (C) (with Reggie) vs. Tamina (with Akira Tozawa) — 24/7 Championship

Tamina tosses Dana to the mat, locks-in the two-legged Boston Crab, Dana rolls back, grabs Tamina's legs and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner - Dana Brooke (C)

Backstage, Kevin Patrick catches up with Seth Rollins. Kevin asks Rollins about potentially missing WrestleMania and ponders if Rollins has any comment on it. Rollins just stares into the abyss with a nasty look on his face and Patrick leaves. Commentary announces that the video footage of Roman Reigns' attack on Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden from this past weekend was the most viewed Instagram clip in the company's history. The Miz makes his way down to the ring for a special edition of Miz TV featuring Logan Paul and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break, The Miz is in the ring and commentary hypes up his tag match alongside Logan Paul against Rey and Dominik Mysterio which is slated for night one of WrestleMania 38. Back in the ring, Miz says he's home, the crowd reins down 'Miz! Miz! Miz!' chants, Miz says he's finally getting the respect he deserves and calls Cleveland awesome. Miz rolls footage of Dominik 'disrespecting' he and Logan from a few weeks ago and then introduced 'social media icon', 'business mogul' and 'the man who'll help him defeat the Mysterios' Logan Paul, who makes his way down to the ring. Logan gets a relatively positive pop from his hometown crowd. Logan says he's honored to be Miz's partner at WrestleMania and just as honored to be back home in Cleveland, Ohio and shouts out his former high school and touts Cleveland for 'being the man he is today'. Miz says unlike Dominik, Logan is self-made. Miz calls Rey a legend and says it's incredible that they became the first father-and-son tag team champions in WWE. Miz says Rey deserves the respect he gets but he [Miz] should as well. Miz says Rey hasn't done anything that Miz hasn't already, Logan says the way he sees it, Rey's the legend and WWE superstar but Dominik just rides his coattails but in Cleveland, they step-up and takes what's theirs. Miz introduces Jerry 'The King' Lawler and the WWE Hall of Famer makes his way to the ring in a Cleveland Browns jersey. Lawler says it's great to be in Cleveland and says he goes way back in this city. Lawler runs down his history in the state of Ohio and says he wore a Browns jersey because he was living in Cleveland when the Browns won the AFL Championship in 1964. Lawler says he sees Miz standing below the WrestleMania sign and asks how it would feel to finally have a WrestleMania in Cleveland, Ohio. Logan calls it a great idea, Miz says he doesn't know if it's such a good idea and says while he loves the city of Cleveland, it's not exactly a WrestleMania-city. Miz asks why he's getting boo'd and says the pyro-budget alone would be more than the city has. Miz says he hasn't lived in Cleveland in forever, in-fact, nobody lives in Cleveland anymore. Miz says Odell Beckham Jr. and LeBron James had to leave the city to win their first championships and it's time for he and Logan to leave as well so they can go win in Texas at WrestleMania. Miz drops his mic and leaves the ring, Logan does the same. It's announced that NXT Champion Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa will take-on Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode of The Dirty Dawgs tonight. Kevin Patrick's shown backstage with the aforementioned Breakker and Ciampa. Patrick asks Bron how it feels to be on Monday Night RAW, he says he's excited. Patrick asks how they'll co-exist knowing they have an NXT Title match tomorrow night, alongside Dolph Ziggler in a triple-threat match. Bron says he's just focused on getting his hands on Dolph Ziggler, Ciampa says they'll deal with the NXT Title tomorrow night but for tonight, they're together. Bron and Tommasso bump fists, we cut to the ring and Ziggler & Roode make their way down to the ring and we head to a commercial break.

Bron Breakker & Tommasso Ciampa vs. The Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode)

Bron and Roode start this one off. Roode locks-in a head-lock, Bron tosses him to the ropes and plants Rood with a high-arching suplex then kips up. Bron drags Roode to his corner and makes the tag to Ciampa. Roode tosses Ciampa to a corner, Ciampa rolls out, goes for the cover, Roode kicks out and Ciampa locks-in a choke. Ciampa clubs Roode with a forearm to the face then a snap suplex. Roode slides to his corner and makes the tag to Ziggler, who tosses Ciampa out of the ring, Bron checks on his teammate and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Ziggler nails Ciampa with a kick, goes for the cover but Ciampa lifts the shoulders at two. Ziggler makes the tag and he and Roode double shoulder block Ciampa, Roode goes for the cover but Ciampa kicks out. Both struggle back to their corners but eventually do and make the tags. Bron knocks Roode off the apron then wallops Ziggler with a belly-to-belly, Ziggler kicks Bron but eats a massive spine-buster from the champion but comes right back with a knee to the face. Bron slams Ziggler, then hoists him above his head, Roode trips him, Ziggler with the roll-up, Bron powers out, Ziggler sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Ciampa comes in and dispatches Roode, Ziggler looks for the super-kick, Bron catches it and military presses slams Ziggler for the 1-2-3 and the win!

Winners - Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa

Omos vs. Apollo Crews (with Commander Azeez)

Crews with a drop-kick, Omos stands Pat and launches Crews to the mat. Omos stares down Azeez at ringside, Omos lands a forearm that sends Crews to the outside. Omos slides out and tosses screws back into the ring and hurls Crews into the corner. Omos goes for a corner splash, Crews rolls out and drills Omos with a kick to the face, then dives off the middle rope, Omos clocks him and plants him with a two-hand choke-slam for the win!

Winner - Omos

After the match, Azeez gets in the ring, he and Omos stare each other down, the crowd pops pretty big for it, Omos laughs and Azeez heads out with Crews and we see a video package highlighting Edge's attack on AJ Styles from last week. Commentary announces we'll hear from Edge next and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and WWE Hall of Famer Edge makes his way to the ring with no music and eerie blue lighting. Edge asks if we think we know him and says AJ certainly does not. Edge says he's going to speak directly to AJ and posits that AJ should put his kids to bed before he listens to what he has to say. Edge says his attack last week was to help AJ because he wants the best version of AJ at WrestleMania. Edge says AJ also helped him because his brain finally cracked and the 'real' Edge was allowed free. Edge says he's fallen in love with his new self and it feels so good to finally fly free. Edge says he's finally fully in control and stares directly into the camera and it fades to black and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Kevin Patrick is backstage with Kevin Owens and Owens says we don't see him as upset as Seth Rollins was earlier tonight because he never wants to feel what he felt earlier tonight and he won't because he had an epiphany. Owens says he has a plan for WrestleMania and he'll share that plan with everyone later on tonight.

Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan vs. Queen Zelina Vega & Carmella

Liv and Carmella start this one out. Carmella sends Liv to the corner and nails her with a forearm, Liv sends Carmella to the mat with a drop-kick and makes the tag to Rhea, who also hits Carmella with a drop-kick, then a cover but Carmella kicks out. Rhea hits a knee, then another, Carmella makes the tag to Zelina, who slides out of the way of a clothesline and nails Liv on the apron but ears a suplex from Rhea, who goes for the cover but Carmella forced the break. Rhea goes for a sidewalk slam but Vega spins out and lands a tornado DDT that sends Rhea out of the ring. Carmella sneaks over to Rhea and drills her with a kick that sends Rhea into the steel steps and we head to a break. Back from the break and Zelina has Rhea in a choke, Carmella makes the self tag, Carmella lays out Rhea, goes for the cover but Rhea lifts the shoulders. Rhea makes the tag to Liv, Carmella slams Liv face-first into the mat by her hair, Ripley lays out Carmella with a big boot, Zelina and Liv exchange strikes, Liv lands a knee, goes up top and hits Zelina with a missile drop-kick then a cover but Zelina kicks out at two-and-a-half. Corey Graves checks on Carmella at ringside, Zelina looks to make the tag to Carmella but she's distracted by Corey, Ripley's tagged in by Liv, and she hits The Riptide on Zelina for the 1-2-3 and the win!

Winners - Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan (Joins The WWE Women's Tag Team Match At WrestleMania)

Finn Balor vs. Austin Theory

Technical difficulties. Damian Priest attacks Balor and causes a DQ. Theory attacks Balor and takes a selfie with him after the match.

Kevin Owens makes his way down to the ring. Owens says he wants to have the most 'stupendous' KO Show in WWE history at WrestleMania and calls out an 'old man' with 'shot knees' that's 'probably drinking beer like the redneck that he is'...Owens says he's calling STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN on WrestleMania Saturday! Owens stares down the camera as the show goes off-the-air.

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