WWE Raw Results for 4/1/19: Stephanie Mcmahon to Make Announcement Regarding Wrestlemania Main Event

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MVP Credits Paul Heyman With Seeing Bobby Lashley's Vision And Pairing Them Together

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We begin this week's show with Stephanie McMahon, stopping on the ramp with a microphone in hand. McMahon initially had some April Fools fun, mockingly adding herself to Sunday's main event. She then transitioned to the "real breaking news" though, announcing that at WrestleMania, both titles will be on the line. It's Winner Takes All.

Brock Lesnar's arrival followed that, entering alongside Paul Heyman as usual. The latter opened with his trademark introduction, next claiming that Brock's match is Winner Takes All too. Lesnar will take everything Seth has to offer, sustaining his best shots and then taking everything Rollins has in life. At WrestleMania, that's simply what Lesnar does, defining his own legacy at the expense of his opponent. Brock will make sure that Sunday is indeed Seth's final match, violating Rollins before discussing what's next in Lesnar's career. That brought out Rollins, walking directly to the ring and grabbing a microphone himself.

Seth called this the biggest match of Brock's career too, saying that no one wants him here so he can't push people around anymore. Rollins concedes that a win on Sunday is improbable but not impossible, promising to take Lesnar's title. Brock barged past Seth in response and Rollins lashed out, landing a swift low-blow but then eating a German Suplex for his troubles. Another low-blow landed next regardless, allowing Seth to score a superkick and the Stomp before holding the title high over Brock's body.

A backstage interview with Rollins followed, with Seth admitting that his tactics won't work on Sunday but even still, Brock had it coming.

The IIconics & Nia Jax and Tamina vs. The Boss 'n' Hug Connection & The Divas of Doom

Banks tagged herself in at the first bell, taking Beth's place and going head to head with Royce. Sasha quickly flurried as a result, soon bringing in Bayley for some tandem offense. Natalya came in next, landing a sharp suplex on Kay and tagging in Beth for a double-team maneuver. Phoenix then powered Billie into the air as things broke down with teams combining to send both IIconics out of the ring. Back from the break and Bayley continued to build momentum, going to work on Kay until she fired back with a sudden big boot.

The IIconics followed up with some tandem offense as well, isolating Bayley until Jax and Tamina opted against tagging in. That allowed Bayley to create some space, tagging in Beth after Phoenix pushed Banks off the apron. She run wild on all involved before Tamina yanked the rope, sending her flying to the floor. Beth retaliated, tackling Tamina through the barricade while the others watched on. Royce seized, bringing Phoenix back in only to almost immediately eat Glam Slam for the finish.

Winners: The Divas of Doom and The Boss 'n' Hug Connection

The winning teams went somewhat face to face post-match while backstage, Batista arrived!

He then made his way to the ring, taking a microphone and pointing to a video package highlighting his prior wins over Triple H. He then spoke directly to camera, simply saying "Hunter, kiss my ass" and emphatically dropping the microphone.

Elias is at MetLife Stadium next, promising the greatest performance of all time again while claiming that there will be no interruptions. He is certain that after Sunday, everyone will be talking about him.

Lumberjack Match

Jinder Mahal vs. Apollo Crews

With their upcoming rivals at ringside, Mahal took control early, cutting Crews off and grabbing a hold. Apollo eventually fought to his feet though, slamming Mahal to the mat and flurrying with strikes. A frogsplash came next and Crews was the victor.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Post-match, Crews posed next to the Andre trophy and a brawl commenced. The ring was soon emptied, with Titus O'Neil doing much of the damage until Mahal and The Singh Brothers removed him from behind. Crews responded, clearing house and standing tall.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is talking to Rey Mysterio and up next, we'll be taking a look at his career.

With that in mind, Kurt next headed to the ring, thanking the crowd on his "last night ever on Monday Night RAW." We were then directed to the big screen, celebrating Angle's career with a lengthy video package in tribute. The video led Angle to tears but that brought Baron Corbin out, mocking his foe's emotion and claiming that Angle is no longer the man that we just watched. Today's talent is just better, Baron especially and moreover, he's tired of fans complaining that Angle deserves a better farewell opponent. There complaints won't change a things as on Sunday, Corbin leaves Angle as a "broken down old man laying flat on his back."

Angle responded by challenging Baron to an exhibition match right now and Corbin made it to the apron before bailing instead. Corbin claims that if they fight tonight, Angle won't make it to WrestleMania but that brought out Rey Mysterio. He challenged Baron to an impromptu match and ate a cheap-shot for his troubles. Rey and Angle then combined though, stringing together signature moves to send Corbin to the back.

A backstage interview with Charlotte Flair came next, as the SmackDown Women's Champion proudly claimed to have "changed the game," promising to leave WrestleMania with both titles. Flair isn't concerned about losing her spot tonight either, telling her partners to stay away from her if they want to make it to WrestleMania.

RAW Tag Team Titles

Ricochet & Aleister Black vs. The Revival (C)

Dawson and Black got this one started, with the latter struggling early until a combination of kicks turned the tide. Ricochet then came in but failed to build momentum, again being slowed by the champions. He soon countered their tandem offense regardless, landing a hurricanrana on both and bringing in Black for a double-team maneuver of their own. However, a Dash distraction then allowed another cut-off, with Dawson using the ropes to take Black off the apron. Back from the break and Aleister remains isolated, with The Revival steadily working over his arm.

Black was too damaged to even land a suplex but he swept Dawson's leg instead, briefly forcing Wilder to halt his tag attempt. He made it to Ricochet regardless, allowing the challenger to run wild on both of his foes while almost scoring the quick win on multiple occasions too. An illegal cheap-shot cut him off though, with Wilder hitting Gory Special for 2. Black then fired back, brawling with The Revival on the outside until a tornado DDT left him floored. Ricochet responded, hitting a spectacular dive to take out both Dash and Dawson at once.

Wilder made it back in before 10 but Ricochet failed to do so, with Dawson smartly yanking his foot at the very last moment.

Winners via Count Out and STILL Champions: The Revival

Post-match, Black Mass and the 630 Splash resulted in both of The Revival being floored regardless.

In a brief interview, Rousey called Sunday "judgment day" for Charlotte and Lynch, promising to defeat The Riott Squad while they watch.

We followed that with a recap of last week's Moment of Bliss before transitioning to a shot of Alexa Bliss backstage. She's talking to Tyler Breeze and EC3, complimenting her own work as WrestleMania host until Braun Strowman arrived. He'd heard them talking positively about Che and Jost, with Breeze claiming that someone was watching SNL clips. Strowman confronted the pair he deemed guilty, seemingly challenging them to meet him in the ring tonight.

Talking to Charly Caruso, Roman Reigns then promised that he was "100% cleared" but was jumped by Drew McIntyre from behind. Drew battered his rival, telling Reigns that he should've said no while briefly flooring him backstage.

Before the upcoming match, Becky Lynch promised to leave WrestleMania as double champion. After all, that's the only way to ensure that the McMahon family doesn't sink her after WrestleMania. Charlotte and Ronda may talk about making history but Lynch has no choice.

The Riott Squad vs. Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey

Ruby and Flair got this one started, with the latter using chops until Becky tagged herself in. She mocked Charlotte too, daring her to throw a punch and then going to work on Riott. Back from the break though and The Riott Squad are now in control, isolating Lynch while her 'partners' looked on. Becky eventually fired back, flooring her foes and rallying big with some signature suplexes. As she looked for Dis-Arm-Her though, Flair tagged in and Rousey returned the favor. In the meantime, Morgan looked for a quick roll-up but paid the price, swiftly falling victim to Ronda's armbar.

Winners: Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

Post-match, a brawl between the winners commenced but security unsuccessfully intervened, being wiped out until law enforcement officials broke things up. Rousey continued to attack though, eventually being cuffed as Lynch landed some strikes as a result. Flair then watched on as Lynch also get cuffed. She then landed her own shots, hitting Rousey and Lynch and getting cuffed as well. All three were then led backstage, struggling along the way. Becky and Ronda then brawled in the back of their police car, trading strikes as Rousey shattered the window too. Flair got involved next, kicking Lynch while Ronda drove her car into the other. Charlotte kneed her in response and the trio were finally separated.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs. Heavy Machinery

After being double-teamed early, an emphatic suplex from Gable turned the tide. Roode then entered, going to work until Lacey Evans arrived. She waved at fans from the ramp and then left while in-ring, Otis made a hot tag. This included the Caterpillar but Gable broke the fall, next taking Knight out and tagging in. His moonsault was caught though, with Tucker then returning to hit Compactor for the win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Braun Strowman vs. Two Local Talents

Taking on the men that he claimed to view as Che and Jost, Braun immediately launching both across the ring. He then followed up with a pair of violent big boots and removed them from the ring. His running tackles came next and then a corner splash as well as a double Powerslam for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush are here next, stopping for an in-ring interview with Charly Caruso. Lio laughed off the notion of concern, calling Mahal "deadweight" and claiming that their only interest is the after-party's location. Lashley also refused the notion that 'The Demon' should scare him while on the big screen, Balor recommended some concern, morphing into 'The Demon' and promising that on Sunday, he'll be Lashley's nightmare.

Rey Mysterio vs. Baron Corbin

Cornered early, Rey used some evasive action and then flurried with strikes, using a basement dropkick to take control. Mysterio then sent Baron flying over the top rope but his plans for a dive were halted, running head first into a Corbin right hand. Back from the break though and Baron is now in control, ramming Rey into the barricade before attempting to unmask him in center ring. The fight then returned to the outside, with Corbin stalking Mysterio and then throwing him around ringside. Upon re-entering, Rey was clutching his ankle, being checked on by the referee until he fired back with a sharp kick.

Corbin halted a comeback though, slamming Mysterio to the mat and then throwing him under the bottom rope. A clothesline followed and Baron then sent Rey headfirst into the ring-post. Now desperate, Mysterio grabbed a sleeper hold and then came back, landing some of his signature offense and hitting 619. His follow-up missed though, with Corbin evading and soon hitting Deep Six for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Post-match, Corbin's celebrations were cut short, with Angle jumping Baron to apply Ankle Lock on the ramp. We go off the air with a brief recap of tonight's segment involving Becky, Charlotte and Ronda.

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