WWE Raw Results For 4/16: The Superstar Shakeup Begins, The US Title Is Defended & Raw Tag Team Eliminator Finals

- The Miz & The Miztourage are in the ring for an edition of Miz TV, Miz says his guests tonight are the newest members of the Raw Brand. The newest members of the Raw brand are revealed to be Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Owens and Zayn hit the ring to hug The Miz and The Miztourage. Miz then says that everybody in the ring represents the best collection of talent in the WWE right now, Miz says that they are going to reshape Raw into what they want. Raw GM Kurt Angle interrupts and he reminds Miz that he doesn’t have any control over the WWE, Angle says that Owens and Zayn both lost last week and cannot have jobs on Raw. Owens and Zayn says Angle should’ve gotten an email about them a short time ago, Zayn reads the email and it was from Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon.

The email states that she has signed Owens and Zayn to the Raw brand, everybody in the ring celebrates while Angle stands on the stage dumbfounded. Angle mocks Stephanie after Ronda Rousey re-injured her arm last week, Angle also reveals that The Miz has been traded to Smackdown Live. Miz says that Smackdown Live has now gone from the B show to the A show with him on it, Angle then reveals that The Miztourage will remain on Raw brand. Angle then makes The Miz, The Miztourage, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens versus Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman and a mystery partner for tonight’s main event.

- Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy appear, they both announce that they are here.

WWE Raw Tag Team Title Eliminator Finals

The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) vs. Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt

The match begins with Dawson backing Hardy into the corner before tagging Wilder in, Hardy fights back and he smashes the face of Wilder into the turnbuckle multiple times. Hardy then catches a charging Wilder with a hip toss, Wyatt tags in and he kicks Wilder in the face. Dawson distracts Wyatt during a Sister Abigail attempt so Wilder can nail him with a few strikes, Hardy distracts Wilder and Wyatt drops him with a single blow. Hardy tags in and he double teams The Revival with Wyatt, Hardy tries getting Wilder in the ring as Dawson tags in. The Revival then hit Hardy with a double clothesline, Dawson stands over Hardy while landing a few strikes.

Dawson then catches Hardy with a short arm clothesline for a near fall, Dawson slows things down further by holding Hardy in a chin lock. Hardy gets free and Dawson nails him with a right to the face, Wilder tags in and The Revival double team Hardy again. Dawson tags back in and he attacks Hardy with a few kicks in the corner, Hardy fights back and he drops Dawson with a Side Effect. Wilder and Wyatt get tagged in by their respective partners, Wyatt cleans house against the opposing team. Wyatt catches Wilder with an avalanche followed by a uranage, Wyatt then hits an interfering Dawson with Sister Abigail. Hardy tags in and he works with Wyatt to hit Wilder with a super Twist Of Fate for a three count.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt

- The Bar are pumping each other up backstage when Breezango arrive, Fandango announces that Breezango are now on Raw. Breezango mocks The Bar’s style before writing them tickets.

- The Raw announce team go over the new stars added to the Raw brand last week and tonight.

- A video airs of Ronda Rousey re-injuring the arm of Stephanie McMahon from last weeks Raw airs.

- Raw GM Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey are talking in his office, Angle warns Rousey that Stephanie McMahon may not go away quietly. Natalya comes in the office as the newest member of the Raw roster, Angle announces that Natalya will compete in a match tonight. Natalya and Rousey embrace before Natalya leaves the office.

Ember Moon vs. Mickie James

The match begins with James catching Moon in a headlock, Moon escapes the wrench away on the arm of James. James gets Moon in a head scissors before dropping her with a single punch, Moon recovers to catch James with an arm drag followed by a drop kick. Moon goes to the middle rope and James knocks her off for a knee fall, James slows things down by holding Moon in a chin lock. Moon gets free and James nails her with a knee strike followed by an elbow strike, James reapplies the chin lock to Moon. Moon gets free and James nails her with a neck breaker for a near fall, Moon recovers and takes James down with a head scissors before landing a few kicks.

Moon then hits James with a head and arm suplex followed by a handspring clothesline, Moon then hits James with the Eclipse for the three count.

Winner: Ember Moon

- Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are shown talking in the locker room about the main event for tonight, The Miz arrives and he asks them how they think Shane McMahon will treat him. Zayn and Owens ask Miz to focus on the main event tonight, Miz reminds everybody that tonight is his Raw finale.

- Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring as the newest member of the Raw roster, Ziggler grabs a microphone and he says that he is back on Raw. Ziggler says he still steals the show and is the best superstar to ever walk the aisle, Titus Worldwide interrupts Ziggler. Titus O’Neil grabs a microphone and he welcomes Ziggler back to Raw, Titus offers Ziggler a spot on Titus Worldwide. Ziggler says he didn’t come back to Raw alone when Drew McIntyre arrives to attack Titus Worldwide, McIntyre throws Titus into the ring post. Ziggler then hits Titus with a super kick, McIntyre then mounts Crews while landing a bunch of strikes. Ziggler nails Crews with the Zig Zag while McIntyre lands the Claymore at the same time.

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