WWE Raw Results for 4/22/19: A New Era Begins?!

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We begin this week's show with Triple H's entrance as Cole and co run down tonight's card. This includes two triple threat matches, with the winners colliding tonight in pursuit of Number One Contender status. Rollins then came out as well, soaking up the home-state reaction before calling this whole thing surreal. Seth then reminded us of his WrestleMania victory, proudly raising the title high as Triple H credited him too. However, Helmsley then reiterated that the landscape has since changed, pointing out that Seth is now the one being targeted.

Rollins' agreed, stating his own up and down history with Money in the Bank before Triple H shifted his focus to Seth's first PPV foe. Rollins expected this to be a Lesnar rematch but Helmsley said that he hasn't heard from Heyman or Brock, instead repeating tonight's triple threat set-up. That brought out Samoa Joe, with the US Champion introducing himself to RAW before making his own double champion intentions clear. Mysterio followed, stating his own case before McIntyre did the same. Drew called this his time and then Miz made his own entrance.

Miz took a shot at Shane before claiming that he's a changed man since last gracing RAW, calling himself worthy of the Universal Title. Corbin was out next, stating that he's "the most deserving contender," and reminding everyone of his WrestleMania win. Finally, AJ Styles was here, calling Corbin "annoying" until Rollins made it clear that it doesn't matter who wins as regardless, he's "gonna burn it down."

Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Styles

Joe immediately took control here, flurrying with strikes until Rey and AJ combined to remove him. Now left all alone, those two went head to head until a backbreaker put Styles on top. A snap suplex followed, with AJ keeping the ring clear while dominating proceedings as well. A sharp Frankensteiner soon turned the tide but Joe broke the fall regardless, swiftly slowing things down and grounding both of his foes as a result. Back from the break and a powerslam kept Joe on top, next getting the worst of a strike exchange with Styles.

Mysterio and AJ then continued their own battle, with Mysterio landing a bulldog and then a dive to the floor too. His next plan was a superplex but Joe halted that, launching both of his foes off the top. A Wild clothesline came next, almost closing the show but then forcing Joe to think Muscle Buster on Rey. Mysterio rallied, flooring Joe and then taking out the re-entering Styles as well. A DDT followed, dropping Joe on the top of his head but then having 619 avoided as Joe hooked the Coquina Clutch.

Joe then grabbed the hold on Styles but AJ fought free until suddenly Rey was in control, hitting 619 on Joe and then looking to close the show opposite Styles. AJ caught him though, slamming Mysterio onto Joe and then hitting Styles Clash onto the US Champion as well. Styles advances to tonight's main event!

Winner: AJ Styles

Following that, we transitioned to a recap of John Cena's time as guest host of The Ellen Show.

Naomi vs. Billie Kay

Pre-match, Billie discredited Naomi's debut RAW win before mocking their foe's lack up backup. They then called themselves "the future" and Naomi "the past."

In-ring, Kay immediately took control, throwing Naomi to the mat and grabbing a hold. Naomi soon fought to her feet though, making a comeback and slapping Kay for good measure. She then took out Royce as well, next rolling Billie up for the swift win.

Winner: Naomi

The same spooky doll vignette as last week came next, transitioning live from there.

The Miz vs. Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre

After finding himself double-teamed early, Miz took evasive action until a Corbin right hand dropped him on the outside. The pair's tandem tactics were short-lived though, with Baron landing a sudden right hand on McIntyre as well. He then refocused on Miz but Drew swiftly took back over, launching Miz with a suplex and dropping Corbin via big boot. Miz rallied regardless, avoiding his foes left and right before unleashing a salvo of strikes as well. Double knees in the corner came next and then a springboard double axe handle too.

Glasgow Kiss soon halted that momentum though, with Drew then positioning Miz up top as a wild tower of doom spot commenced. Back from the break and the former friends are now brawling on the floor until Miz floored both with a dive off the top. Drew quickly regained control regardless, hitting a reverse Alabama Slam but then having Claymore avoided as Miz applied Figure Four Leglock. A thumb to the eye eventually broke the hold and Corbin then came back in, hitting Deep Six for 2.

Corbin's follow-up missed though, going crashing into the steel steps as in-ring, Drew hit a spinebuster for another near-fall. Miz then fired back, hitting two sharp DDT's but failing to close the show either time. Miz then run into Claymore but Corbin seized, stealing the pin and advancing to our main event!

Winner: Baron Corbin

After that, AJ Styles stopped for an interview with Charly Caruso. AJ dismissed the size difference, citing his inner fight and listing off his own accolades as well.

Sami Zayn was here next, praising his own courage since returning to RAW. He then dismissed the bitter "narrative" suddenly surrounding Zayn himself. On the contrary, Sami deems himself jubilant, calling his absence "the happiest time" of his life. He even pointed to photos of his time away, going through the best moments of his journey. Zayn even dropped to his knees in celebration of his prior joy, claiming that he felt "anxiety" when his return approached. The reason for that? Zayn concluded that while they aren't his only problem, the fans are to blame.

He embraced the crowd's boos in response, asking fans to hold themselves accountable for "all of this." It doesn't matter anyway, as Zayn is making them responsible regardless. Sami even recommended that all of the fans take a trip to hell, dropping the microphone and proudly waving good-bye.

Cedric Alexander vs. Cesaro

Pre-match, Cedric's introductory video package re-aired here but once the bell rung, Cesaro swiftly threw him to the mat. A right hand soon landed as well, with Cesaro unleashing strikes in the corner. Alexander fired back with some speed in response, sending his foe to the floor but then running into a sudden slam. Cesaro then slowed things down, grabbing a hold and landing an emphatic backbreaker too. Another hold followed and then a big boot as well but Alexander kicked out at 2. Some power came next but Cesaro was still unable to close the show.

Alexander then rallied, unleashing some strikes and finally resetting things as a result. Flatliner was countered but Cedric continued to build momentum, landing Michinoku Driver for a near-fall of his own. Neuralizer scored next and Alexander followed up, hitting his signature dive to the floor but then running into a European Uppercut that ended his night in an instant.

Winner: Cesaro

Charly Caruso interviewed The Usos next, with the former SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions running through their new foes until The Revival arrived. While the tandem credited The Usos' accomplishments on the blue brand, they promised that it'd be different on RAW. Jimmy and Jey 'slept' through this, welcoming Dash and Dawson to The Uso Penitentiary.

The Viking Raiders vs. Lucha House Party

Ivar and Erik jumped their foes before the first bell here, flooring all involved and then stacking two of their opponents as well. Finally, the pair hit Viking Experience on Dorado too. This match never even got underway.

Hawkins and Ryder were interviewed afterwards, with the former looking concerned as Ryder reassured his partner by citing their foes' lack of experience. Hawkins agreed, proudly stating that they'd earned the titles and didn't plan on giving them up easy.

Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox

Pre-match, Lynch had a microphone in hand here, saying that there's something in the air tonight. Becky took aim at Evans right away, saying that she doesn't mind the punching but it's the women that angers her. However, Lacey is simply a new version of an old approach, backstage "furthering her career" while Lynch is ready to fight in center ring. That brought out Evans, questioning Becky as to why she always wants to fight. Lacey says that a lady is always in control of her emotions, is never a show-off and at Money in the Bank, she'll show the man how to respect a lady. Lynch was fired up by this talk, making it clear that she's not content and will dismantle Evans because she can.

To the match now as Fox finally arrived and locked up with Lynch in center ring. Alicia briefly took control as well, tackling Becky to the mat but then being kicked to the outside. Lynch was now flurrying on the floor, dictating the action until Fox drove her into the barricade. Back from the break and Fox is continuing to build momentum, landing a swift kick but failing to close the show. She then grabbed a hold, next avoiding Dis-Arm-Her and dispatching Lynch to the outside. Becky seized from there, taking control on the floor before hitting a forearm off the middle rope.

Two Bexploders followed and then Dis-Arm-Her for the win too. However, Evans entered right away, dropping Lynch with a sudden Woman's Right immediately. As Lynch stood up, Evans repeated her effort, leaving the double champion floored.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Backstage, Baron Corbin mocked Charly's questions, refusing the notion that he's proved people wrong and making it clear that he's looking right through Styles tonight.

Ricochet vs. Robert Roode

With a new name, approach and moustache, Roode said that Ricochet reminds him of Gable: young and talented but lacking the magic that makes him 'Glorious.'

As the bell rung, Roode quickly gained control too, using a cheapshot to cut Ricochet off and smartly grabbing a hold. A comeback soon arrived though, with Ricochet using strikes to flurry before sending Roode to the outside as well. That allowed Ricochet to fly, eventually using the ring-post as a ramp for his spectacular moonsault to the floor. During the break though, Robert halted his foe's momentum, grounding things once more and landing a suplex for 2 as well.

Eventually, Ricochet fought upright, scoring with a dropkick to finally reset things. He then made his signature comeback also, running wild and hitting a standing shooting star press for 2. Roode fired back right away, staying in it and landing the AA Spinebuster for a near-fall of his own. Ricochet responded, using a knee to drop Robert and then thinking 630 Splash only for Roode to avoid it and close the show, hitting Glorious DDT for the win.

Winner: Robert Roode

We then returned to those aforementioned mysterious vignettes before it was revealed that those puppets were Bray Wyatt's friends! Seemingly a children show's host of some kind, Bray said that he used to be a "very bad man" before taking a chainsaw to his own cardboard cutout! This is our first sight of the 'Firefly Fun House.'

Next week, Moment of Bliss returns as Alexa announces RAW's male and female Money in the Bank participants.

AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin

Styles' speed gained him the upper hand early, flurrying with strikes until Corbin cut him off with a knee to the gut. An emphatic right hand soon followed as well, putting Baron firmly in control. Back from the break and Corbin has grounded proceedings, slowing things down before landing a monstrous slam as well. Styles avoided a superplex though, unleashing some low kicks and a heavy forearm too. His fatigue limited him somewhat but he adjusted, attempting a quick roll-up but failing to close the show via Styles Clash.

Corbin countered instead, next running into a Pele Kick but still landing Deep Six for 2. A pair corner clotheslines followed but AJ then rallied, suddenly catching Calf Crusher in an instant. After an immense struggle, Corbin slammed his way free but missed an attempt at retaliation, instead landing throat-first on the top rope and allowing Styles to seize with Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winner and the NEW #1 Contender: AJ Styles

Post-match, Seth Rollins arrived, shaking hands with Styles as the pair went head to head for this week's closing shot.

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