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We begin this week's show with Alexa Bliss, making her way to center ring and grabbing a microphone as well. She welcomed us to "a very special Moment of Bliss," next looking ahead to Money in the Bank right away. Bliss then announced RAW's male representatives, with Braun Strowman being named first. Ricochet, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin followed. Alexa didn't read all of the latter's accolades though, encouraging Corbin to promote himself until Ricochet intervened. Ricochet reminded Baron that he's already thrown the briefcase away once and McIntyre agreed, claiming that Corbin "blew it" last week too.

Drew then said that at Money in the Bank, he'll take matters into his own hand before dismissing Ricochet, telling him to shut up with a threat as well. That transitioned into a heated exchanged between Corbin and McIntyre but Strowman then broke his silence, claiming that no one can stop him before suggesting a tag match for right now!

Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin

After jumping Braun at the bell, Corbin was quickly dispatched to the floor, allowing Ricochet to hit a moonsault off the ring-post right away. A springboard clothesline came next and in response, McIntyre tagged himself in. He was greeted by Ricochet's usual speed but soon chopped his foe to the mat nonetheless. A back elbow followed and Corbin then re-entered, going to work with strikes and cornering Ricochet as well. After being grounded for an extended period, Ricochet soon fought to his feet and flurried, using a headscissors and dropkick to turn the tide.

However, Baron then tackled him out of the air, resetting things once more. Still isolated, Ricochet was grounded yet again, eventually using a kick to create space only for his dropkick to be swatted out of the air. Corbin then looked to cheap-shot Strowman, only inciting the monster and finding himself chased around the ring for his troubles. That led Braun directly into a Claymore on the outside as Ricochet continued to be worked over in center ring. This included a sharp tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Ricochet stayed alive, kicking out 2.

At long last, Ricochet's dropkick then floored Corbin and in the meantime, Strowman had just returned to the apron. He entered with the hot tag, running wild on McIntyre until Drew avoided his foe and forced Ricochet to tag himself back in. That swiftly resulted in Glasgow Kiss but as McIntyre thought Claymore, Corbin tagged himself in. Ricochet avoided his plans anyway, tagging in Strowman who seized after Drew unleashed an irritated right hand on Baron. The end soon arrived, with Ricochet's Shooting Star Press following Braun's Running Powerslam.

Winners: Braun Strowman and Ricochet

The Usos were here next, hyping the crowd up and making their way to the ring.

The Usos vs. Gallows and Anderson

RAW has another new tag team and the division's former champions say they are here to put everyone on notice. After all, they are "bulletproof".

Jey and Karl got this one underway, with the former taking control early before quickly bringing in Jimmy as well. Anderson swiftly cut him off, cornering Uso and tagging in Gallows. He went to work with strikes right away but soon walked into a big uppercut before being sent to the floor too. Gallows halted Jimmy's big dive nonetheless, next launching him into the bottom rope for good measure. Uso fired back though, fighting out of the corner until a big boot stopped him in his tracks. Their onslaught then spilled to the floor, throwing Jimmy into the barricade as well.

Back from the break and The Good Brothers remain in control, using some tandem offense for a near-fall before Karl slowed things with a hold. Gallows then re-entered, allowing for another double-team maneuver until Jimmy used a sharp kick to create space. That allowed the hot tag to Jey, running wild on Karl and immediately gaining control. Anderson swiftly responded though, evading his foe and hitting the AA Spinebuster for 2. Magic Killer was his next thought but Jimmy prevented it, removing Anderson and then combining with Jey to drop Gallows via Double Superkick.

Jimmy then closed the show, hitting a splash off the top while Jey used a dive to wipe out Karl.

Winners: The Usos

Post-match, The Usos credited The Good Brothers before shifting their attention to The Revival. They pointed to a video at this point, with footage of Wilder shaving Dawson's back. That brought out the 'Top Guys' themselves, with Scott clearing things up by citing his manliness as the reason for requiring Dash's assistance. This was simply best friends assisting each other but after some more mockery from The Usos, The Revival said that after tonight, they are more than happy to shift their attention to the former SmackDown Live champions.

Following that, we got a recap of Samoa Joe's WrestleMania win over Rey Mysterio. They'll rematch tonight.

After that, The Miz was here. His MizTV guest tonight is Bobby Lashley but first, Miz welcomed the audience in signature fashion and called this "a whole new era" for him. He then introduced Lashley and greeted his guest with some solo applause. Lashley quickly cut Miz off, making it clear that he'll only answer the questions he wants to and then warning Miz to watch his tone as well. MIz reset, calling Bobby one of the most athletically gifted talents in WWE history. However, Miz suggests that some feel Lashley has yet to reach his full potential. Bobby cited his Intercontinental Title wins and asked Miz what he's done.

MIz responded by listing off his accolades and then pointed to Maryse as evidence that he's "an overachiever." Lashley responded by mentioning Miz's WrestleMania loss and claiming that it's the reason why his father thinks he's worthless. Miz responded with a right hand, running Lashley out of the ring and throwing the set chairs his way too.

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley

This impromptu match is now underway and Lashley is in control, hitting a delayed vertical suplex for an early near-fall. Miz then fired back, evading his foe and unleashing some strikes in the corner. Shane McMahon's music then hit, with Miz avoiding the distraction as he maintained control of Lashley anyway. After initially taunting his rival on the ramp-way, Shane then teased an attack, running for a moment before smugly stopping too. Miz continued to flurry regardless, hitting his signature DDT for 2.

A salvo of kicks came next but Shane distracted Miz again, pointing to a picture of his father only for Miz to turn into a sudden spear. That made Lashley the victor and McMahon proudly raised his arm as a result.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After initially leaving Shane to go to work, Lashley then halted Miz's comeback and slammed him hard to the mat. McMahon then seized, unleashing right hands as Bobby walked off, satisfied with his handy-work. Shane even applied a triangle on Miz, asking him to look at the aforementioned photo as he went to sleep. That allowed McMahon to restate himself as 'The Best in the World' one last time before exiting.

The Viking Raiders vs. The Lucha House Party

In a pre-taped pre-match promo, Ivar and Erik said that "the raid has begun" but their entrance was cut short. The Lucha House Party jumped them from behind, next following up with simultaneous dives and taunting them with "lucha" chants as well.

After the bell officially rung, Kalisto and Metalik flurried, using their speed on Ivar until a cartwheel allowed him to land a brutal clothesline. That brought Erik in, grabbing a hold and grounding Metalik until he fought free and tagged in Kalisto. His flurry was short-lived, being swiftly thrown and isolated after Metalik had been emphatically taken out. The Viking Experience followed and that was all she wrote.

Winners: The Viking Experience

Post-match, the tandem brought Dorado into proceedings and after he briefly fired back, they flattened Lince with a German Suplex/springboard clothesline combination.

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