A Moment of Bliss is back now, with Alexa now announcing RAW's female Money in the Bank participants. Up first is Natalya, taking a seat on Bliss' set and promising to become RAW Women's Champion. Alexa cut her off, introducing Dana Brooke who called this her chance to jump in front of the line. This resulted in a confrontation with Natalya but Bliss again halted this, announcing Naomi as the 3rd representative. She cited her achievements on SmackDown and stated her new focus: the RAW Women's Title. More bickering emerged in response and this angered Alexa, demanding that they respect the 4th participant's moment as well.

At this point, Bliss announced herself for the Money in the Bank, asking the others to leave out of respect. Naomi challenged Alexa instead but Bliss refused, citing her lack of preparation before more trash talk changed her mind.

Off to the Firefly Fun House next as Bray expressed himself with painting until the 'rambling rabbit' asked him about his work. Wyatt had in fact painted a burning house but the resident witch admonished him for this as well as his actions last week. Bray apologised, then naming 'sociopath' our word of the day and ominously bid farewell.

Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

Even though Alexa isn't dressed for competition, this impromptu match is indeed taking place. Naomi attempted a quick roll-up early and then flurried with some signature offense too. This included a leg drop for 2 but Naomi was then cut off by Bliss as well. Alexa took this opportunity to retie her laces, next going to work and eventually grounding Naomi too. Eventually, Naomi fought to her feet though, unleashing some kicks but then being cut off again.

Bliss continued to struggle with her laces, retying them while controlling things along the way. She even dispatched Naomi to the outside, dominating proceedings until Naomi landed a sudden jawbreaker to turn the tide. Bliss' shoes then came off and the distracted Alexa turned into Rear View. Naomi then closed the show via Split Legged Moonsault.

Winner: Naomi

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is with Dominic. He concedes that at WrestleMania, he felt as though he'd let people down. However, he knows that he's the better man and tonight, he's gonna prove it.

Becky Lynch is here next, being interviewed by Charly in center ring. She explained that she only knows how to fight, dismissing the odds and citing how she's proved people wrong before. That included her victory over Ronda Rousey and after claiming that Flair had held divisions hostage, Lynch has no choice but to be different. After all, she made history by beating everybody. Lynch then focused on Money in the Bank, promising a beating for both of her foes until Caruso pointed to Evans' attack from last week. This fired Becky up, taking the microphone and asking Lacey to come out here now.

Evans answered the call, restating her comments from last week and meeting Lynch for a brawl. Referees soon split them up but the fight waged on, with both attacking each other over and over again regardless.

Ryder and Hawkins vs. The Revival

Wilder and Hawkins got this one underway, with the latter taking control early before bringing in Ryder for a tandem sequence as well. A cheap-shot from Dawson halted that momentum though, allowing The Revival to take control as a result. With Ryder now isolated, Dash and Dawson went to work with some of their signature offense, battering their foe as the crowd chanted "shave their back." Wilder eventually slowed things with a hold, grounding Ryder until a neckbreaker turned the tide.

However, Dawson prevented Hawkins from entering, instead colliding with Ryder and finding himself rolled up for the sudden finish.

Winners: Ryder and Hawkins

Backstage, The Miz stopped for an interview, challenging Shane to a Steel Cage match at Money in the Bank.

Sami Zayn is here next, recalling his statement from last week and reiterating what he learned in his absence. Zayn then specifically mentioned "psychological entitlement," asking fans if it sounds familiar. He says that this is the fan's fault, accepting the lie that "the customer is always right." Sami dismissed this notion, claiming that fans throw a tantrum if they don't get exactly what they want. He even recounted a tale about a father sending his son to get an autograph from Zayn. Sami refused, making the boy cry even though he's not owed a damn thing. After the surgeries and matches, Zayn feels he's been pretty fair, only giving the fans what he wants to moving forward.

Sami then transitioned to the fans asking him to quit, admitting that it'd be amazing but he'd rather lecture fans, becoming "critic of the critics." It's time for him to take the power back.

We are then shown a tweet, with Shane McMahon accepting Miz's challenge and promising a "'Best in the World' beating."

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