Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio

Pre-match, Joe grabbed a microphone and said that while Dominic claims to love Rey, his actions suggest that he's actually ashamed. In fact, Rey should've got his son a mask to hide that shame. Last week, Rey cost Joe a Universal Title shot and tonight, he'll make the WrestleMania beating pale in comparison.

To the action now and Joe immediately jumped Rey at the bell, unleashing some strikes and dispatching Mysterio to the floor. Rey avoided Joe's dive to the floor though, flying off the apron to take out the US Champion himself. Joe responded swiftly, getting his knees up on Rey's bottom rope splash. Back from the break and Joe remains on top, hitting his signature powerslam for 2 but then missing a follow-up senton. Mysterio rallied, landing his springboard seated senton and unleashing some kicks as well as a crisp DDT for 2.

Unable to immediately floor his foe, Rey then hit a 619 to Joe's stomach, next attempting the real thing only for Joe to block it. The US Champion then planted Mysterio but Rey responded, catching a quick roll-up for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Post-match, Dominic arrived and put Rey on his shoulders in celebration.

Contract Signing time now and Michael Cole is our host. He introduces our challenger and champion, with the former calling The Universal Title his only reason for coming to RAW. AJ said that SmackDown was great to him for two years but this is RAW now and while he likes Seth, he also has something he wants. As Rollins knows, that'll make a man do some unexpected things and AJ concedes that Seth is a winner, meaning he'll do whatever it takes to win. Styles then mentioned the comparisons between them, making it clear that Rollins will never be AJ Styles.

Seth agreed, saying that he never wanted to be the next AJ Styles or anyone for that matter. Instead, he wanted to be the first Seth Rollins and things are different on RAW, this is Monday Night Rollins after all. At Money in the Bank, Rollins believes that AJ needs to be better than phenomenal but Styles questions what Seth's ascension took out of him. He asks Rollins how he's holding up after climbing the mountain, especially without The Shield there to hold him up. AJ feels that after WrestleMania, Seth doesn't have much left and at Money in the Bank, Styles won't let go until he's the new Universal Champion.

Rollins responded by saying that while they have many things in common, they also have some differences. While AJ likes to build things up, Rollins likes to burn things down. Moreover, he did something Styles couldn't: beat Brock Lesnar. Seth promises to be at his best at Money in the Bank, signing the contract while AJ took a closer look at the title. AJ handed it back before long, offering a handshake only for Rollins to raise the belt high instead. That angered Styles, unleashing a right hand as a brawl commenced. Seth cleared the ring, following AJ with a dive and then reclaiming the higher ground.

Styles was undeterred though, landing a right hand and then hitting Phenomenal Forearm through the table.

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