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- We begin this week's show with The Miz, briefly recapping his altercation with Shane McMahon from last week's SmackDown. He then introduced us to this "international edition" of Miz TV, next transitioning to Money in the Bank and citing his own history with the briefcase. A brief mention of McMahon followed and then an introduction of tonight's guest: Roman Reigns. 'The Big Dog' said that while Elias is "very talented," he's still not done anything in WWE. Moreover, Reigns is "bringing the big fight" this Sunday. Miz says that they've got a lot in common, suggesting a Hollywood team-up until Reigns asked for "the new Miz" and questioned where he's at.

This led to a reminder of Miz's save on last week's RAW, with the man himself admitting that only Shane allowed him to realize that this is a matter of earning respect. McMahon hasn't earned anything though and on Sunday, his silver spoon will meet a steel cage. That brought out Shane, reminding Miz who's boss and informing him that Miz TV is now over. At this point, Elias and Lashley jumped both from behind, leaving them laying and departing right away. As they greeted Shane on the ramp though, McMahon booked a tag match for up next!

The Miz and Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley and Elias

Elias and Miz got this one underway, with the latter flurrying early until Elias chopped him to the mat. Miz fired back, landing a sharp knee to the stomach and then a neckbreaker as well. That brought in Reigns but Elias bailed in response and eventually tagged in Lashley. He was soon greeted by an uppercut from Reigns and a Samoan Drop before long as well. Roman and Miz then combined, stringing offense together and taking control until a cheap-shot cut them off.

With Miz now isolated, Elias went to work, even walking the ropes and hitting an impressive Meteora for 2. Lashley followed suit, hitting a vertical suplex for a near-fall of his own. The pair continued to dominate proceeding from there, cornering Miz until a DDT finally reset things. However, before he could make the tag, Shane yanked Reigns from the apron and caused a DQ finish, launching him into the steps.

Winners via Disqualification: The Miz and Roman Reigns

Post-match, all three men continued to batter Miz, landing an onslaught of strikes until Reigns used a big dive to wipe out all involved. However, the numbers game then put him in trouble too, forcing Miz to use a steel chair to make the save. That allowed Reigns to flurry himself, landing two Superman Punches to clear the ring.

- We then moved to a lengthy video package previewing Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles. This detailed the journey both men have taken to this point as well as their conflict in recent weeks.

- A Braun Strowman/Sami Zayn recap followed that as we then transitioned to Braun backstage. Strowman says he has no regrets as tonight's about the men's Money in the Bank briefcase. Strowman cited his victory last year before promising another as he was asked to see Shane McMahon in his office.

- That's exactly where Sami Zayn is, stating his case as Braun walked in. In the end, Zayn challenged Strowman to a Falls Count Anywhere Match for tonight.. Shane booked the match, with the winner going on to Money in the Bank.

Mojo Rawley vs. Apollo Crews

Acting as one of our wildcard appearances tonight, Apollo Crews went to work right away but soon suffered some kind of injury. His knee gave out and Mojo swiftly seized, tackling Crews and then landing a violent elbow in the corner. Alabama Slam followed and that was all she wrote.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

- Elsewhere, Alexa Bliss spoke to someone on the phone about her lost luggage. Nikki Cross then arrived, calmly asking if everything is okay. Bliss admitted to being nervous about the situation but Cross suggested that she seek a replacement. Alexa didn't bother, subbing Cross in almost immediately.

- Time for the double-contract signing next. Cole is our host here and asked Lynch about the difficulty of her upcoming task. Becky conceded that both are bigger, stronger and more athletic but she simply doesn't care about the beating she has to take. Instead, she's going to make Evans regret ever challenging 'The Man.' If she doesn't believe her, ask Flair. Charlotte responded by saying that Lynch is now in a situation she just can't win in. Evans agreed and questioned Becky's attire but Lynch cut her off, reminding both of the pressure on their shoulders.

Flair says that Becky has built a reputation she can't live up to, promising that it's all about to come crashing down. Lacey says that the classless fans deserve a real champion, finally restoring class to the RAW Women's Championship. With the contracts signed, a brawl then commenced. After having the upper hand on both, Lynch fell victim to the numbers game, being powerbombed through a table by Evans and Flair as over Becky's body, they rose their respective titles in center ring.

Baron Corbin vs. Ricochet

Pre-match, Corbin demanded his introduction while on the other hand, Ricochet promised to risk everything he can in a pre-match promo. Once the bell rung, a strike exchange got this one underway, with Ricochet's speed gaining him a major advantage until Corbin clotheslined him off his feet. Back from the break and he remained in control, slamming Ricochet face first on the mat and dominating things before a Ricochet rally. This included an explosive dropkick and escalated, with Ricochet next landing a springboard crossbody for 2.

He avoided the Chokeslam Backbreaker too, attempting a quick roll-up but running into Deep Six instead. Ricochet kicked out nonetheless, next responding with a sharp DDT for a near-fall of his own. He then began to think 630 Splash but Corbin avoided, heading up top only to be hurricanrana'd off the top rope. Corbin beat the count and turned the tide as well, incredibly catching End of Days for the sudden finish.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Post-match, Corbin retrieved a ladder and climbed it in center ring until Ricochet pushed him off, ending the symbolism and standing tall as Baron bailed.

- That was followed by a recap of Samoa Joe's interaction with Dominic on last week's RAW. Mysterio then demanded that people say things to his face in future. Cesaro interrupted, asking Rey why his son was even there. He then suggested that Dominic isn't even Mysterio's son, citing his resemblance to Joe as a brawl commenced until the pair was separated.

- Another video package came next, this one spotlighting Roman Reigns' ascension as well as his recent battle with Leukemia and subsequent comeback.

- Elsewhere, AJ Styles stopped for an interview. Styles says that this was Rollins' show until he showed up, promising that the chip on his shoulder remains. This Sunday, he walks in the challenger and walks out champion.

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