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- We begin this week's show with Brock Lesnar, briefcase in hand and Paul Heyman by his side. After a recap of last night's result, Heyman then took a microphone and did his usual introduction. He called Lesnar "the purveyor of paranoia," mentioning the conspiracy theories surrounding Lesnar's presence. Heyman makes it clear though that Lesnar wasn't snuck into the arena, instead benefiting from a "very quick negotiation." From this point forward, Rollins and Kingston are "vulnerable to the greatest assassin in WWE history." While the world isn't against Seth, Brock Lesnar is and that's a far worse problem to have.

That talk brought out Rollins himself, going face to face with Lesnar and then grabbing a microphone. He says that even after last night's win, Lesnar prevents him from being in a good mood. Seth says that he can't be the champion he wants to be with Lesnar looming, challenging Brock to cash in his contract tonight. Heyman refused, calling this Lesnar's "game of anticipation." He then referenced Becky Lynch main eventing WrestleMania, enraging Seth as a result. Heyman defused a fight though, pointing to a potential Kofi match as the WWE Champion himself arrived.

Kingston wants to be one of the best WWE Champions of all time, looking to defend against the best every time. With that in mind, Kofi challenges Lesnar tonight too. These requests have Heyman overjoyed but he then transitioned, suggesting that Kingston and Rollins have other business to take care of tonight. Considering that, Lesnar and his briefcase aren't going anywhere.

- Elsewhere, Mick Foley arrived, being greeted by the tag champions, Titus O'Neil and Dana Brooke. He has the new title belt over his shoulder.

- Meanwhile, Sami Zayn tried to employ Bobby Lashley's help against Braun Strowman. Bobby refused, telling Zayn to soften Strowman up before Lashley's match with him at Super ShowDown.

- Backstage, Rollins and Kingston approached Triple H about tonight's schedule. They'll be taking on Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley in the main event.

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

After immediately bailing, Zayn sprinted through the crowd. Strowman chased him backstage, going head to head with Lashley as Sami seized via sneak attack. Braun fired back though, regaining control and staring down Bobby more before continuing his chase. He then carried Sami back to ringside but was sent into the ring-post for his troubles. That allowed the belll to ring but Zayn couldn't take advantage, running into a clothesline and being dispatched to the floor.

Strowman tackled him from there, then closing the show with his Running Powerslam finish.

Winner: Braun Strowman

- Meanwhile backstage, Alexa Bliss is seen talking to Nikki Cross as elsewhere, Lars Sullivan headed to ringside.

- Charly Caruso is waiting for Sullivan, the host of an exclusive interview. She sends it to a video package highlighting his dominance and then asked him his goals. Before he could answer though, The Lucha House Party made their entrance. They surrounded Sullivan, combining for some offense and kicking him to the floor as well. However, he then caught Kalisto, launching him into the apron but eating a double dive for his troubles. He responded regardless, wiping out Metalik and then finally, slamming Dorado to the mat. His powerbomb wouldn't land though, with Lince's partners pulling him to safety.

- A recap of last night's Universal Title match followed.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro

Pre-match, Cesaro confronted Ricochet about needing treatment and as a result, a match was made. Once the bell rung, Cesaro bullied his foe into the corner, powering him to the mat and taking immediate control. Ricochet then fired back though, hitting a moonsault off the ring-post but having his dive caught as Cesaro launched him onto the apron. Cesaro then slowed things down in center ring, applying a hold and continuing his focus on Ricochet's spine.

Ricochet soon rallied though, rocking his foe and hitting a spectacular dive over the top. He then headed up top, diving down only to be met by a sudden European uppercut. An incredible backbreaker followed and then finally the Gotch Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

- Off to an interview with AJ Styles next. He says that after losing to Rollins, he's back to square one. A lot of hard work awaits but AJ's fine with that, knowing that he can beat Seth regardless of how good he is. Baron Corbin then interrupted, dismissing Styles' comments as a back and forth commenced. Corbin says that he deserved the opportunity anyway, inciting a slap from AJ and walking off in response.

- As Roman Reigns heads to the ring, Mick Foley is seen talking to Kofi Kingston backstage.

- To Reigns now but before he can talk, Shane McMahon arrived. He mocked Roman's yard, reiterating his "best in the world" status. Shane says he's now done with The Miz, shifting his focus to Reigns. He cites Roman's attack on his father, asking Reigns to explain his cowardly actions. Roman says that he's done with Elias and as a result, his schedule is wide open. However, McMahon says that Elias isn't done with Reigns. Roman doesn't care, challenging Shane yet again. In response, McMahon says no, bringing out Drew McIntyre instead. Shane will face Reigns though, agreeing to the match for Super ShowDown.

- Elsewhere, we see Becky Lynch looking at her RAW title before tonight's Moment of Bliss segment. Meanwhile Heyman is shining Brock's briefcase much to 'The Beast's delight.

- After heading backstage with McIntyre by his side, Shane was confronted by The Miz. Drew intervened, getting in Miz's face and being challenged to a match in response.

The Usos vs. The Revival

Wilder immediately jumped his foes here, taking control of Jimmy and scoring immediate tandem offense for a near-fall. Dash then landed a clothesline on the outside too, battering Uso and launching him into the barricade. They continued to dominate proceedings from there, cutting off the ring and dictating things until Jimmy rallied with right hands. That allowed Jey's entry and The Usos were now rolling, clearing the ring as we headed to a break. They are still in control at its close too, grounding Jimmy before a sharp kick reset things.

That allowed Jey's entry, running wild and taking out all involved. That flurry culminated in a crossbody off the top but Wilder kicked out and used a right hand to turn the tide. Double-team offense followed but Jey kicked out at 2 as a strike exchange commenced. The Usos came out on top, landing double-superkicks and forcing Dash to break the fall. Things then broke down, with Wilder landing his Tornado DDT as Jimmy responded via dive. He then landed a superkick on Dawson too but he again managed to kick out at 2.

Wilder then intervened, dividing Jimmy's focus and with tights in hand, allowing Dawson to roll him up for the win.

Winners: The Revival

- Backstage, Alexa Bliss explained to Nikki Cross that while she did well last night, she didn't win. The Revival then intervened, in the midst of their celebrations, they managed to disgust Alexa while asking to appear on her show along the way.

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