WWE Raw Results for 5/27/19: Brock Lesnar Announces Cash-In Decision

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- We begin this week's show with an introduction in recognition of Memorial Day.

- Things then move backstage, with Brock Lesnar seemingly preparing to head to the ring as live, Kofi Kingston makes his entrance. This transitioned to a video recap of last week's SmackDown Live, with Kingston then making it clear that no matter what Ziggler did, he's still here and he's still standing tall. Either way, he's not here for Dolph, he's here for Lesnar. With that in mind, Kingston asks for Lesnar to cash that contract in on him tonight. Instead, Seth Rollins arrived, agreeing with Kingston and asking to find out Lesnar's choice right now.

In response, Lesnar indeed made his way to the ring, gleefully dancing along to his very own 'beast box' soundtrack. His box then began to play the champion's themes respectively, keeping them waiting as Paul Heyman angered Brock with air guitar. Tired of the antics, Rollins bailed. As a result, Heyman blamed Seth for ruining their 'Brock Party,' leaving without making a decision. Dolph Ziggler then jumped Kingston from behind, hitting Zig Zag on the ramp and retrieving a chair. Woods made the save though, running their foe off.

Back from the break and Dolph returned, jumping both Woods and Kingston from behind as a brawl commenced with Xavier. After briefly being in trouble, Ziggler then threw Woods to the floor, launching him into the barricade. Woods fired back, launching Dolph into the crowd and following him there, brawling through the fans before returning to ringside. Ziggler then took control, hitting Woods with a steel chair but then being run off by a returning Kingston.

Back from another break and New Day are licking their wounds in center ring. Ziggler then returned, explaining that Kingston should be focused on him. He asks Kofi to celebrate for the next eleven days as when that time's up, Ziggler will be the new WWE Champion. Dolph admits that he admires Kingston, explaining that he knows how good he is for that title. However, it should've been him at WrestleMania and at Super ShowDown, it will be him after all.

- Elsewhere, The Usos are hosting a Memorial Day party. They wish Natalya a happy birthday but make it clear that The Revival are not invited.

- Shane McMahon is in action tonight, promising to beat his opponent just like he'll beat Reigns at Super ShowDown.

- But first, we get a video package promoting the upcoming Triple H vs. Randy Orton match.

- With McMahon now in center ring, he explained the respect that's fueled his family's relationship with the Samoan dynasty. However, Reigns failed to show that, striking down Vince. Shane then recapped the Samoan dynasty's history in WWE, transitioning to the mistakes that the Wild Samoans made. He says that Vince always cleaned those mistakes up and tonight, he'll represent his family against any Samoan that wants to walk the ramp.

Shane McMahon vs. Lance Anoa'i

Before the bell could even ring, Drew yanked Anoa'i to the floor, launching him around and hitting a belly to belly suplex on the floor. Drew then returned Lance to the ring and Shane had the referee ring the bell. He immediately went to work with strikes, battering Anoa'i until he fired back, even rocking McMahon with a dropkick. Shane then turned the tide though, landing a back elbow and closing the show with a triangle choke.

Winner: Shane McMahon

Post-match, McMahon and McIntyre continued their attack, with the former reapplying the hold, calling Reigns Sika's biggest mistake. Roman entered in response, dropping McIntyre via Superman Punch and then chasing Shane, flooring him as well. Drew saved Shane from the Spear though, pulling him to safety. Both then left the building too.

- Brock Lesnar is back next, heading to the ring with Paul Heyman by his side. The latter did his usual introduction but before he could announce his client's choice, Rollins returned. He says that Lesnar makes a mockery of Seth's livelihood, reiterating that he's not scared of Brock and even calling him a coward. He then dared Lesnar to cash it in, forcing Heyman to read the contract's terms. At this point, Lesnar realized that he had a year to cash in, smacking Heyman with the contract as they argued with each other. Delighted by this news, Lesnar departed with a grin on his face, opting against making any decisions.

- We then see R-Truth sprinting through the crowd, running away from the chasing pack and eventually evading as with Carmella by his side, he headed backstage.

- Meanwhile, AJ Styles explains that at Money in the Bank, he felt a pop in his back. That's not an excuse for his loss against Rollins but he simply can't compete tonight, further explaining the injury until his replacement, Baron Corbin jumped him with a right hand.

Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics

Cross and Kay got this underway, with the latter quickly tagging out as Royce met her foe in center ring. She took control as well, grounding Cross until she eventually fired back. Royce then cut her off again though, bringing in Kay only for Cross to almost immediately wrestle her to the mat. She continued to build momentum as well, hitting a cross-body off the apron to floor the champions. Back from the break though and The IIconics are back on top, with Kay controlling Cross while cutting the ring off too.

Cross eventually evaded though, bringing in Becky who run wild on both. She hit all of her signature moves, battering Royce in the corner and hitting her leg drop off the top. Kay broke the fall though, then flooring Cross as the tandem combined for a near-fall on Lynch. Becky turned the tide though, snatching Dis-Arm-Her only for Royce to counter. Lynch then closed the show regardless, hitting the brand new Manhandle Slam for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross

Post match, Lacey Evans arrived, walking the ramp and then returning backstage.

- Back to The Usos' party next, as Jimmy, Jey, Tamina and Naomi reunited with an embrace. The Revival then arrived though, invited by Naomi in order to let bygones be bygones. They didn't exactly manage that but shared a somewhat tense handshake nonetheless.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro

Pre-match, it's announced that both of these men are in the upcoming 50-man Battle Royal. To the action now as Ricochet flurries early, rocking Cesaro and hitting a spectacular dive to the floor. Back from the break though and Cesaro is now in control, grounding his foe with a hold and then launching him across the ring for 2. A double foot stomp followed for another near-fall as Cesaro then grabbed another near-fall. Ricochet's comeback soon arrived though, creating space and rocking his foe with a sudden kick.

A springboard clothesline came next and then a standing shooting star press as well but Cesaro still kicked out regardless. Ricochet then headed up top but Cesaro cut him off, landing a pair of vicious European Uppercuts and thinking superplex. He was fought off though, with Ricochet again thinking 630 Splash only for Cesaro to evade. He seized as well, landing a brutal European Uppercut for 2. A wild exchange followed, with Ricochet catching a sunset flip counter for yet another near-fall.

After being driven out of the ring, Ricochet then used a handstand, somehow latching onto Cesaro's head and scoring hurricanrana for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

- Following that, we recapped Mysterio's injury at Money in the Bank as Michael Cole announced that next week, Rey will relinquish the title. That brought out Samoa Joe, making it clear that he'll be waiting.

- Back to the party now as The Usos defeated The Revival in a game of cornhole.

- The Miz says that while he's a champion outside of the ring, it's now time to become one inside of the ring too. Braun responded with a promo of his own, promising that everyone will "get these hands" and heading to the ring. Lashley then spoke for himself, saying that he looks like a champion and that's what he'll be following Super ShowDown.

Elimination Match

Winner Faces Rollins at Super ShowDown

Braun Strowman vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Lashley

Corbin and Lashley immediately jumped Braun here but Miz then intervened. Nonetheless, only Lashley and Strowman were standing before long, with the latter throttling Bobby until Corbin re-entered. The Miz then flurried in response, landing YES Kicks on both Lashley and Baron before the numbers game halted him. Bobby and Corbin then combined to work Miz over until Lashley launched Strowman around at ringside too. Braun swiftly re-entered though, powerbombing all involved for a massive tower of doom spot.

Suddenly the only man standing, Strowman began to think shoulder tackles but was wiped out by Lashley instead. Corbin then regained control by Bobby's side, taking out Miz and refocusing on Braun. This included a brutal double suplex on the ramp as both then grounded Miz in center ring. He briefly fired back but was cut off by Lashley for his troubles, eating an impressive delayed vertical suplex for 2. Miz then ralled though, unleashing a salvo of strikes only for Deep Six to stop him in tracks.

Miz kicked out though and we're still without an elimination. Either way, Strowman then re-entered, running wild on all involved until Lashley somehow leapt over him to deliver a clothesline off the apron. Braun responded though, sending Lashley over the barricade and following him into crowd. A brawl commenced from there, fighting through fans as in-ring, Miz attempted two quick roll-ups only to be swiftly pinned via End of Days. This was elimination but after brawling to the back, Bobby and Braun seemingly took each other out. As a result, Corbin is our winner.

Winner: Baron Corbin

- Elsewhere, the cornhole rages on as Dawson eventually cheats, causing chaos. Thankfully, R-Truth intervened, exposing his presence and almost being pinned as a result. Nonetheless, he escaped again.

- Off to the Firefly Fun House next as Bray said that sometimes he finds it hard to be confident but with his mask, he can be anything that he wants to be. Abby The Witch called Bray a "sicko" in response, asking for rest as more silliness unfolded. Finally, Bray 'limbo'd' under a pole with his signature spider walk.

- The first ever Electric Chair followed, with Corey Graves hosting a segment in which fans ask any question to the guest. Sami Zayn is the first guest, taking a seat as the first fan asked when his retirement date is. He responded with a joke about Kansas City and then continued to scoff at the fans' questions, saying everything but an answer. This included Zayn criticizing the questions, and saying that they could've asked about anything, even AEW. At that point, Seth Rollins arrived, launching the 'electric chair' out of the ring and destroying it.

Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins

As Brock Lesnar watches on backstage, Zayn bailed early before being tracked down as Rollins went to work with chops. He then floored Zayn on the outside too, building early momentum until Sami cut him off with a cunning clothesline. Suddenly in control, Zayn grabbed a hold, dictating the pace and working Seth over with strikes too. Rollins soon fired back though, sending Zayn to the floor with a knee only to be sent into the ring-post for his troubles.

Back from the break and Zayn remains in control but Rollins soon responded, resetting things with a superkick. A brawl then commenced, trading strikes until Seth landed Slingblade. Blockbuster followed and then a big dive to the outside too. However, he hurt his leg along the way and then paid the price, eating a sudden DDT for 2. Rollins fired back though, dropping Zayn face first on the turnbuckle but having the Stomp avoided as Sami applied Figure Four Leglock instead.

Rollins made the bottom rope though, then landing a step-up enzuigiri only for Zayn to score Blue Thunder Bomb for another near-fall. Sami then blocked a one-legged frogsplash too, getting the knees up as one final strike exchange begun. After thinking Figure Four, Zayn was pushed to the floor, rushing back in to eat a sudden Stomp out of nowhere. Rollins then followed up too, landing another and scoring the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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