WWE Raw Results for 5/6/19: Roman Reigns Returns to RAW!

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- We begin this week's show with Mr McMahon, heading to the ring and welcoming us to Monday Night RAW. He says that this will be an episode we'll remember for a long-time, proudly pointing to his own presence as Roman Reigns interrupted! McMahon warned that the police are here in case of a Roman attack, next asking why as a SmackDown Live superstar, Reigns is here on RAW. Roman told Vince to watch his tone, recalling his RAW past and reminding McMahon of his family's speech during Reigns' absence. He says that this was a lie, making it clear that it's over now because he doesn't listen to McMahon's orders anymore. Vince says that Roman won't turn up wherever he wants as that'd be anarchy but Daniel Bryan then made an entrance of his own!

McMahon asked Bryan what he's doing and Daniel said that after spending a month in solitude, he felt that he and Vince could have an intellectual discussion between the two of them. In response, Kofi Kingston emerged! The WWE Champion says that if Bryan had a problem with their WrestleMania match, he should've come to him instead. Bryan called Kingston's win "a fluke," dismissing Kofi as a "novelty act" as the two went head to head. McMahon then interrupted, calling this talent invasion idea the "wildcard rule" before Kingston cut him off, pointing to Reigns' tweet as his reason for being here. Bryan isn't here for fun though, simply wanting a title rematch as Drew McIntyre's music hit.

He makes it clear that this isn't "SmackDown Presents RAW," calling Reigns an egomaniac and promising to Claymore him right now. Roman reminded Drew of WrestleMania in the meantime as Vince intervened, proposing two WrestleMania rematches for tonight!

- AJ Styles then arrived and after the others had left, he asked Vince what he's doing. Styles called the "wildcard rule" convenient, pointing to Reigns friendship with Rollins as Seth came out himself. He says that last week, he saw AJ's true colors, reminding Styles that this is his show, Monday Night Rollins. Styles responded by blaming Seth, saying that he taunted him and promising to win the title at Money in the Bank too. Vince responded to the back and forth by suggesting a match tonight, soon making it clear that it'll be a tag team match with the rivals teaming up next!

AJ Styles and Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin

Rollins and Corbin got this one underway, soon reaching a stalemate as their respective partners entered. Lashley's power was quickly clear but Styles responded with speed, landing a sharp dropkick in center ring and bringing in Rollins for some double-team offense. They both hit dives too, then going face to face while their foes recuperated. Back from the break and Lashley is in control, launching Rollins into the corner and going to work with some ground and pound. Corbin then joined in too, continuing his team's dominance of proceedings and running Seth into the barricade as well.

He then grabbed a hold in center ring, next using his signature clothesline before having his superplex plans foiled. Instead, Rollins hit a blockbuster from the 2nd rope, making it to Styles and allowing him to run wild on Lashley. In the end, Corbin's distraction halted him though, allowing Lashley to violently spear Styles off the apron. Back in-ring, AJ soon rallied regardless, flurrying with kicks while Bobby smartly removed Seth from the apron. With Styles now isolated, the pair went to work once more, working AJ over including a sudden right hand for 2.

AJ soon responded nonetheless, landing some strikes and tagging in Seth. He flurried on all involved, wiping out both of his foes and building momentum with big dives through the ropes. With AJ and Lashley then removing each other, Rollins seemingly had Corbin beat, thinking Stomp as Styles inadvertently dropped him with Phenomenal Forearm instead. AJ simply left in response though, turning his back as Corbin closed the show via End of Days.

Winners: Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin

- We then moved to a recap of Shane's latest attack on the Miz. This was followed by footage of Miz outside McMahon's locker room, seemingly waiting for his arrival.

- Sami Zayn is here next, asking what we are complaining about tonight. He even lists off the show's marquee matches, telling fans that even when they enjoy something, they are still stuck with the miserable person they see in the mirror. He says that while fixing yourself is hard, complaining is easy and the fans are simply taking the easy way out. Braun Strowman then arrived though, making his way out to the ring only for Zayn to immediately bail. Strowman chased him regardless, following him around the crowd and then to the back too.The chase continued backstage too, with Braun eventually trapping Zayn and throwing him into the dumpster. A dumpster truck then collected Sami as Braun watched on.

The Lucha House Party vs. Local Talents

Kalisto opened up with a crisp superkick right away, next immediately including his partners as the Lucha House Party highlighted some of their tandem offense. This salvo included Metalik walking the ropes for his signature dropkick, Salida Del Sol, an elbow drop and finally, Dorado's Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winners: The Lucha House Party

- This was followed by a video package recapping Roman Reigns' WrestleMania win over Drew McIntyre.

- Elsewhere, Lacey Evans had sent invitations to Natalya, Naomi and Dana Brooke, asking them to be at ringside for Evans' match tonight. She requested formal wear too but Natalya assured the others that they were wary of Lacey's antics.

If Roode Wins, He Takes Ricochet's Money in the Bank Place

Ricochet vs. Robert Roode

Roode jumped his foe at the bell, flurrying with strikes in the corner only to be floored by a headscissors and dropkick nonetheless. He responded quickly though, sweeping Ricochet's legs and cutting him off in an instant. Roode then went to work on the floor, using his surroundings before grabbing a hold in center ring. A clothesline came next, keeping Roode on top as he kept Ricochet grounded along the way. Ricochet fired back before long though, landing a spectacular moonsault and running wild until a AA Spinebuster stopped him in his tracks.

However, Ricochet then fought free on the top rope, hitting his 630 Splash for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

- Up next, we got a recap of last week's Joe/Mysterio match as well as the announcement that they'll rematch at Money in the Bank. Backstage, Rey and Dominic greeted Heath Slater before Mysterio sent his son to retrieve some water. However, Samoa Joe ominously followed Dominic as he walked off. Back from the break and Joe was introducing himself to Dominic, asking him why he celebrated with Rey last week. Joe then told Dominic that regardless of what happened last week, he's looking forward to beating his father at Money in the Bank.

Lacey Evans vs. Local Talent

As requested, Naomi, Dana Brooke, Natalya and Alexa Bliss are here to watch Lacey's match.

Immediately cornering her foe, Lacey went to work with strikes right away, next hitting an elevated Bronco Buster before closing the show via Woman's Right.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Post-match, Evans thanked her guests, saying that they all deserved the chance to see a proper lady wrestle. Evans promised the same feat opposite Lynch, next making it clear that she'll make any possible briefcase winner regret cashing in on her. That brought out Becky Lynch, dropping her titles and running to the ring for a brawl with Evans. Becky came out on top, chasing Lacey around ringside and thinking Dis-Arm-Her only for Evans to bail instead.

- Elsewhere, Daniel Bryan criticized Kofi Kingston's "shilling" as WWE Champion. He feels that it's left him with no choice, correcting course for human history and becoming the planet's champion once more.

The Viking Raiders vs. Hawkins and Ryder

The champions got off to a quick start, flurrying on Ivar and even landing some tandem offense for a 1-count. Hawkins was quickly flattened for his troubles but Ryder soon rallied nonetheless, running wild on all parties and resetting things in an instant. Hawkins even wiped out Ivar himself, landing a clothesline off the apron only to be knocked out in an instant by Erik. Ryder made him pay though, coming to his partner's aid and returning Erik to center ring. The finish soon arrived regardless, with Ivar re-entering as they pinned Zack with the Viking Experience.

Winners: The Viking Experience

- Off to the Firefly Fun House next, as Bray went to Mercy the Buzzard only to find that he'd ate the Rambling Rabbit. This disappointed Wyatt told Mercy that just like him, everyone can be forgiven. This transitioned to a picnic including a group of lifeless looking kids. Bray then spoke to the camera, asking his audience to simply let him in.

- A recap of tonight's opening match followed, with Rollins then making it clear that accident or not, Styles' point is now obvious. Seth promised that next time AJ walks away from him, it'll be with "two black eyes and a broken face."

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

A strike exchange got this one underway, with Reigns using corner clothesline to flurry only for Drew to throw him across the ring in response. Now in control, McIntyre went to work, halting any comeback and then landing an impressive dead-lift suplex for 2. Drew then grounded things, forcing Roman to the mat and slowing the pace too. Reigns soon fought to his feet regardless, attempting a Samoan Drop before using a salvo of clotheslines to briefly turn the tide. McIntyre swiftly regained control anyway, landing a sudden belly to belly suplex out of nowhere.

However, Reigns soon returned the favor, landing a suplex of his own to reset things. He then began to think Drive-By too but Drew cut him off, landing a big boot on the floor and then hitting his Reverse Alabama Slam onto the apron. Back from the break and McIntyre continued to build momentum, scoring a spinebuster counter for 2 but then running into Roman's uppercut. This begun a strike exchange which Drew again got the better of, nailing Glasgow Kiss but then eating a sharp DDT for his troubles.

McIntyre again responded on the floor though, landing a sharp kick and using the steps before hitting a swinging slam for 2. Drew then headed up top though, jumping directly into a Superman Punch but barely beating the count anyway. One final strike exchange followed, with Roman finally scoring The Spear only for Shane McMahon and Elias to break the fall.

Winner via Disqualification: Roman Reigns

Post-match, The Miz made the save, running off McMahon with a steel chair in hand. However, that left Drew and Elias alone with Reigns and McIntyre seized, landing Claymore to leave his foe laying. Elsewhere, Miz continued to chase McMahon but after Shane had seemingly escaped, he was delayed by Charly Caruso and a camera crew. McMahon ignored their questions but was prevented from leaving by Miz. Initially landing a steel chair shot to the spine, Miz went after Shane as a brawl commenced. Eventually though, McMahon went low, jumping in his limousine as Miz recovered.

- Up next, we got a recap of Kofi Kingston's memorable WrestleMania triumph.

Gallows and Anderson vs. The Revival

Before the bell could ring, The Usos came out with microphones in hand. They said they have something to help The Revival out, introducing Ucey Hot. At this juncture, Dash and Dawson were overcome by the cream's heat, running up the ramp in agony before foolishly applying water to their "little uce." They understandably headed backstage and this match never begun.

- Kofi Kingston is responding to Bryan's comment next, dismissing his criticism and reminding the world that he's already proved that the "impossible is possible." Tonight, Kingston sends Bryan back to whining, showing the world why he's WWE Champion.

- Back live and No Way Jose is here with his conga line behind him. However, the party was soon halted by Lars Sullivan, taking out all involved and eventually landing his sit-out powerbomb on Jose.

- We then saw footage of Naomi's induction in the Boys and Girls Club Alumni Hall of Fame.

- Back in Mr McMahon's office, he's explaining the genius of his new "wild-card rule." However, he quickly adjusted it as Lars Sullivan walked in, announcing that it'll be "4 superstars" moving forward.

WWE Title

Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Daniel Bryan

The challenger came out firing early, running wild with strikes only to be swiftly dispatched to the floor. Kingston followed him there too, landing a big dive over the top and flurrying in center ring as well. Bryan soon cut him off though, sending Kofi flying over the ring-post and throwing him into it for good measure. In-ring, Bryan continued to thwart Kingston too, hatling any comeback and smartly snatching an armbar. He then transitioned to the LeBell Lock but Kingston broke free, resetting things before a clash of crossbodies floored both men.

Back from the break and the rivals are brawling in center ring, exchanging strikes until Bryan back body dropped his foe to the floor. Kofi responded though, running up top to hit a dive out of nowhere. A frogsplash to the spine came next but Bryan soon regained control, hooking the LeBell Lock until Kofi got his foot to the bottom rope. He continued to dominate regardless, unleashing kicks to Kingston's damaged arm but eventually falling victim to a defiant comeback from the champion.

Even still, Bryan countered, dropkicking Kofi out of the air and landing a German Suplex for 2. The LeBell Lock looked set to follow but Kingston escaped, landing a sudden Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Kofi Kingston

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