- Backstage, Seth Rollins tells Charly Caruso that if he's proven anything, it's that he's ready for anything. That's no different tonight either.

- Meanwhile in the elevator, Maverick continued to panic, worrying about his marriage as everyone suddenly seemed to be getting along. In the meantime, the others waited outside, seizing as the doors opened with a melee breaking out over Truth. He avoided being pinned though and was then dragged back into the elevator by Carmella.

- Back to the Firefly Funhouse next, with Bray doing some handy-work as Mercy the Buzzard looked to eat the Ramblin' Rabbit. This disappointed Bray, giving the floor to the rabbit as he threatened to expose what's really going on in the funhouse. Wyatt mutes him, asking why he'd do something like that and then throwing him to the floor and murdering him a hammer. Bray then licked the rabbit's blood, transitioning to their sponsor: Ramblin' Rabbit's Bohemian Breakfast Spread. Once again, you simply have to let him in.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

Special 2nd referee Sami Zayn is here, checking both men before taking his place at ringside. Nonetheless, Rollins went to work as the bell rung, wrestling himself into control only for Zayn to distract the referee in the midst of a pin attempt. That frustrated Seth, allowing Owens to seize until a flurry of right hands reset things once more. Owens soon turned the tide anyway, coming behind Zayn and cutting Rollins off with a DDT on the outside.

Back from the break and Owens remains in control, landing a backbreaker and focusing on Rollins' injured mid-section. He eventually run into Slingblade but then halted Rollins again, landing a knee to the stomach only for his Swanton Bomb to be blocked. A wild exchange then commenced, trading strikes as both men were suddenly floored. Rollins landed last though, then heading up top while Sami Zayn entered in order to check on Owens.

That distraction almost allowed Owens to score the roll-up win but Rollins retaliated, nailing his big dive to the floor and hitting Zayn in the process. The Stomp followed but Zayn yanked the referee out of the ring, demanding a DQ and enraging Rollins as a result. He snatched Sami, simply grabbing his shirt and causing a disqualification along the way.

Winner: Kevin Owens via Disqualifcation

Post-match, Rollins went after Zayn but Corbin made the save, battering his foe and retrieving a chair. Rollins cut him off though and took the chair, forcing Corbin to scurry as he unleashed on Zayn instead. Finally, Rollins sent one last message, hitting The Stomp and staring a hole through Corbin.

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