WWE Raw Results for 6/17/19: Baron Corbin to Announce His Special Guest Referee for Stomping Grounds

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We begin this week's show with Elias in center ring, immediately taking shots at LA and Anthony Davis along the way. Personally, Elias would rather be anywhere else but he was invited here tonight by Baron Corbin. He then unveiled a referee shirt, saying that Corbin invited him to referee the Universal Title match on Sunday. Before Elias could finish though, Rollins jumped him from behind, unleashing steel chair spots and reclaiming center ring. Seth says that he's done playing games, and this is his first and last warning: side with Corbin and the Rollins' chair will soon be coming your way.

As Rollins exited, the Miz arrived for his match, stopping to hit Skull Crushing Finale on Elias for good measure. Lashley was out next, repeating the feat and spearing Elias too. Cesaro followed suit, taking Elias for a swing. Ricochet hit Codebreaker after that and finally, Strowman sent Elias packing with his patented Running Powerslam.

Elimination #1 Contender Match for the US Title

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Cesaro vs. Ricochet vs. Braun Strowman

Strowman came out firing, landing a dropkick on both Lashley and Cesaro before dispatching Miz and Ricochet as well. Cesaro responded though, impressively picking Braun up for a slam but then being caught and slammed to the mat. Lashley suffered the same fate, being slammed onto Cesaro as 'The Swiss Cyborg' was swiftly eliminated. Samoa Joe has a seat at ringside, looking on while Strowman launched Ricochet across the ring. He kicked Miz the floor as well but Lashley then cut him off, dropping him face first and scoring an impressive suplex.

Distracted by the others though, Lashley was then eliminated, turning into another Running Powerslam. With only two foes remaining, Strowman run around ringside, tackling both Miz and Ricochet and following up with a splash in the corner. As he thought Running Powerslam though, Lashley returned, nailing a Spear as Cesaro came back to hit the Gotch Style Neutralizer too. Ricochet seized, hitting 630 and with the help of his eliminated foes, removing Strowman.

In response, Strowman soon returned to his feet, launching Ricochet over the top rope and into Lashley's arms. Bobby was then thrown into the barricade and Cesaro tackled onto the stage as Strowman made his way to the back. Back from the break though and the two remaining participants have recuperated, with Ricochet evading Miz and hitting a spectacular dive over the top. Miz caught the follow-up springboard though, nailing a sharp DDT for 2.

The YES kicks came next and then eventually, the Figure-Four Leglock as well. After a struggle though, Ricochet reversed the hold, with Miz eventually returning the favor as his foe grabbed the bottom rope. Ricochet then rallied, catching Miz with the codebreaker and hitting the 630 Splash to become #1 Contender!

Winner and NEW #1 Contender for the US Title: Ricochet

Post-match, Ricochet's celebration was halted, with Joe jumping him from behind only to be evaded and sent flying to the floor. Ricochet followed him there too, landing a dive over the top and standing tall.

- Backstage, we see Daniel Bryan and Rowan arriving while elsewhere, Becky Lynch is seemingly headed to the ring.

- Lynch then indeed made her entrance, calling Evans out right away and saying that next time she's in her face, she'll pay the price. Evans responded, saying that no one cares and claiming that Lynch simply doesn't understand her. Lacey says that behind her image, she's tough as nails, experiencing things Lynch couldn't even comprehend. Becky encouraged Evans to continue her hunt for sympathy, they are in Hollywood after all. Evans says that they should make a movie about her as her entire life is quite the story.

Lacey says that she's a real United States Marine, acting with dignity and grace throughout. That's what she brings to the ring too, exactly what the women division deserves. Lynch says she knows Evans' story, only making her whole approach more confusing. Becky respected who Lacey was but not what she is. Evans says the division simply needs her as champion but was soon halted, being suplexed by Lynch as she looked to enter the ring.

Becky then held her title high and much to Evans' chagrin, proudly walked off with Lacey's hat on her own head.

- Meanwhile, The Revival have their own titles in hand, entering Shane McMahon's VIP lounge where they were greeted by McMahon, McIntyre and a few glasses of Champagne.

- Elsewhere, Charly Caruso introduces Baron Corbin for an interview. She asks Corbin how much he's scrambling for a replacement after Elias revoked his interest. Corbin admits that Elias was his first choice but says he has a lot of options. In fact, he'll reveal his decision tonight on a very special edition of the Kevin and Sami Show. In response, Rollins floored Corbin with a chair shot from behind, moving on as he has "more work to do."

- Bryan and Rowan arrived next, stopping on the ramp for a quick promo. The former WWE Champion says that he understands why he was brought here, it's because "this place sucks." That being both LA and RAW, claiming that the city is filled with ignorant and impotent people. Fear not though, because Bryan and Rowan are here to educate and excite. Tonight, Bryan promises to destroy Seth Rollins, proving that one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions is better than the whole RAW roster. Their departure is accelerated by The Viking Raiders arrival, passing them on their way to the back.

The Viking Raiders vs. Russ and Randy Taylor

Erik immediately scored with a quick kick, then landing a throw and combining with Ivar to hit a German Suplex/Clothesline combination. The Viking Experience followed and this one was already over.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

- We then see a disguised R-Truth and Carmella in the crowd, they are trying to fit in but fail, with a group of superstars running to the ring in response. Truth scurried, desperately hiding under the ring. However, the chasing pack pulled out Titus O'Neil instead, allowing Truth to miraculously escape yet again.

- Back in Shane's VIP lounge, Heath Slater is suddenly here, citing his kids and asking for a raise. McMahon says no, but admires Slater's approach, allowing him to "leave like a man". McIntyre followed him out though, pretending to offer money but assaulting Heath instead. After battering his former teammate's head, McIntyre was pulled away by Shane and The Revival, telling him to save it for Sunday while Dash and Dawson pocketed the cash.

- The return of the Sami and Kevin Show followed, with the latter apologizing for the lack of graphic updates. Nonetheless, Owens then introduced tonight's guest: Baron Corbin. Firstly, Zayn immediately promises Corbin that this is a safe place. He points to Rollins' recent attacks, swiftly withdrawing his own eligibility as Owens then followed suit. However, they are still happy to provide this platform for Corbin's announcement. Baron says that he had a lot of options but picked someone suited to counting 1-2-3. His choice: EC3.

Before Corbin's pick can make his way to the ring though, Rollins jumps him on the ramp, unleashing with the steel chair and proudly walking away. Corbin says that it's now back to the drawing board but before he could continue, the New Day showed up. Zayn says they aren't invited, telling them to go away. Kingston says that he's WWE Champion, going where he wants when he wants. He'll bring his boys with him too but Owens responds, saying he should worry about keeping his WWE Title instead.

Kofi says that he has Ziggler exactly where he wants him, promising to win their war at Stomping Grounds. Finally, Corbin challenges New Day to a six-man tag team match but Woods says they need an official first. As a result, they pick EC3 up and gleefully use his unconscious body to confirm the match.

- First though, AJ Styles is in the medical room. He's seemingly cleared until Gallows and Anderson arrive, dressed as doctors. Styles says he'll be back in the ring in no time, telling the former tag team champions that he was thinking about them earlier. AJ says that three years ago, they made their debuts in this very arena. Styles reminds them of their "classic matches" with The Bar, New Day, The Hardyz and the Usos.

However, he says they've since got comfortable, making a lot of money and asking if they are done. AJ asked when they last won a match, questioning when they were last even on TV and telling them to get serious. Gallows and Anderson say they'll be very serious tonight, defeating The Usos on RAW.

Two out of Three Falls

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin vs. The New Day

Pre-match, it's announced that Woods and E will take on Zayn and Owens at Stomping Grounds.

In-ring, Zayn and Woods got this one underway, with the latter flurrying until he was tackled into the corner. That allowed Owens' entry, unleashing stomps before Corbin followed suit too. He unleashed a solid right hand, flooring Woods before following up with a brief salvo of elbows as well. Woods fought free though, landing a sharp kick and then blocking Owens' senton also. Finally, Woods rolled up Zayn, scoring the first fall out of nowhere.

Back from the break though and E is now isolated, being worked over by quick tags in the corner as his partners scrambled to the apron. In complete control, Zayn unleashed an onslaught of ground and pound but E rallied, fighting his foes off before a sudden superkick prevented him from making the tag. Corbin grounded E again too, launching him into the corner and allowing Zayn's re-entry. A belly to belly suplex soon reset things regardless, with Kingston coming in and running wild on Corbin.

That included a crossbody off the top for 2 as well as Boom Drop but Zayn's interference allowed Corbin to seize, hitting Deep Six and forcing Woods to break the fall. Corbin's team remained in control anyway but Kingston evaded his patented clothesline, with Zayn taking the bullet instead. This angered Owens, eventually kicking Corbin in the face and leaving him all alone in center ring. That allowed Kingston to close the show, hitting Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winners: The New Day

- Backstage, Alexa Bliss has a present for Nikki Cross. It's an invitation for tonight, a WWE Women's Tag Team Title match with The IIconics. She says that she knows how much Cross wanted that opportunity, saying that after Sunday, WWE will finally have a champion to be proud of. Bliss dismisses this comment as more Bayley drama but promises to do everything possible for Cross to walk out as champion tonight.

- Paul Heyman is here next, introducing himself in signature fashion but admitting that Rollins' actions have left him uncomfortable even being there. Then again, Heyman isn't a physical threat and makes it clear that he won't be the Special Guest Referee at Stomping Grounds. He says that only a dumbass would take that job but claims that just like the Lakers, Rollins traded away his balls. Seth traded them for a steel chair, the only way he's man enough to fight Brock Lesnar.

Nonetheless, Heyman makes it clear that Lesnar can swing a chair too and maybe, just maybe he's here tonight. Then again, maybe he'll be there Sunday instead. He doesn't know and nor do the fans or Rollins, the soon to be former Universal Champion.

- Elsewhere, Baron Corbin is asking Eric Young to be Special Guest Referee. Young says he's thinking about it, walking off only to be greeted by Rollins. Young explains that he's turning the offer down and Rollins accepts the explanation, walking off before turning to land a salvo of steel chair shots to Young's back.

- The Usos followed, welcoming Gallows and Anderson to their penitentiary and calling this match "a warning shot to every tag team in the game."

The Usos vs. Gallows and Anderson

Jey and Gallows got this one underway, with the latter immediately taking control and knocking Jimmy off the apron too. Boot of Doom followed for two, with Karl entering to take out both of his foes before grounding Jey in center ring. Uso fought upright but was floored for his troubles, eating a clothesline as Karl began to prematurely celebrate his handy work. As a result, Magic Killer was avoided, with Anderson eating a Superkick as Gallows was suddenly isolated.

A double superkick followed and this one was over as a frustrated Styles watched on backstage.

Winners: The Usos

- Back in McMahon's VIP Lounge, the party continues but in the meantime, Roman Reigns is on his way to the ring.

- Before that, we see Hulk Hogan's Twitter message to the USA Women's Soccer team.

- Reigns made his entrance after that, walking down the ramp and taking a microphone in center ring. First though, we see a recap of Reigns' Super ShowDown match against Shane McMahon. Back live, Reigns refused to make excuses for his loss, daring McMahon to face him one-on-one tonight. Shane responded on the big screen, receiving his proper introduction before saying that Reigns shouldn't be ashamed of losing to 'The Best in the World.'

McMahon claims that Roman just couldn't take the heat, telling Reigns that he should actually be concerned with McIntyre. Drew says that Shane is the only reason he's not out there right now, promising to assault and disfigure Reigns at Stomping Grounds. McIntyre says that he'll leave Roman unrecognizable for his kids and in response, Roman headed backstage. He was greeted by The Revival, wiping out both and entering the VIP Lounge. He immediately hit Drew with an uppercut, chasing after Shane but being halted by McIntyre.

Those two then brawled but Reigns came out on top, slamming his foe through a table and following McMahon to ringside. After catching Shane with a big dive, 'The Big Dog' let loose, launching McMahon into the barricade and hitting a Superman Punch as well as The Spear. He then told Shane to crawl to the back and tell Drew that he's going to "whoop his ass on Sunday."

- Backstage, Bayley is laughing with Natalya and Naomi before Charly Caruso mentioned Bliss' allegations. She showed a tweet about Bayley ignoring a fan, even leaving Natalya and Naomi somewhat unsure. 

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles

The IIconics (c) vs. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

Pre-match, The IIconics called this the perfect place for a title defense. They ask if any teams were even available, comparing Alexa's alliance with Cross to Lebron James joining the Lakers.

Before the bell could ring, Bayley made her way to ringside, staring down Bliss after the introductions. With the SmackDown Women's Champion at ringside, Kay and Bliss got this one underway,talking trash until Alexa slapped her foe in the face. Kay responded though, yanking Bliss to the mat and then using a distraction to take control. Some tandem offense followed, with Alexa rallying to attempt a quick roll-up and tag in Cross. She immediately run wild, flooring Royce but having her crossbody off the top evaded.

That put the champions in control, grounding Cross and using quick tags to keep their foe cornered. Cross fired back, unleashing some strikes but being wiped out by Kay in retaliation. Billie then pushed Alexa to the floor, shifting her attention to Bayley. The two traded words and Bliss shoved Bayley who retaliated as in the meantime, Cross was rolled up by The IIconics.

Winners and STILL Champions: The IIconics

Post-match, Bliss apologized to Cross. Nikki says that Alexa was right as tonight, Bayley crushed her dreams. On Sunday, Cross wants Bliss to do the same thing. As a result, she'll join Alexa at ringside for the SmackDown Women's Title match.

- Off to the Firefly Fun House next, as Bray gardens and explains that with a little water and sunshine, your ideas can grow. However, some ideas are full of worms. Throughout your life, people lie to you. Wyatt knows what it feels like to be different, building this place so everyone can be together. Wyatt wants everyone to join them there, where the fun never has to end. All of the house's characters then asked us to join, with Wyatt cryptically stating that "fear is power." A quick cut of imagery followed, concluding with The Fiend as we were told to "follow the leader."

- Before his match, Daniel Bryan stops for an interview. Bryan says that without a chair in his hand, Rollins is not a better wrestler than him. As a result, he's never, ever beaten him. Elsewhere, Rollins is headed to the ring, passing Becky Lynch with his steel chair in hand.

Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

A feeling out process gets this one underway, with both men wrestling for position until a shoulder tackle put Rollins in control. He blocked Bryan's dive too, landing a springboard clothesline and following Bryan to the floor with a dive of his own. Rowan halted the 2nd dive though, catching Rollins and slamming him to the apron for a DQ finish.

Post-match, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions continued their attack, with Bryan landing his signature knee as New Day made the save. They were followed by Owens, Zayn and The Revival though, with The Usos following suit. With The Usos help, New Day cleared the ring, with the former hitting dives to the floor as officials separated the chaos. Meanwhile, Rollins and Bryan remained in the ring as it was announced that their match would restart without anyone allowed at ringside.

All alone, Bryan swiftly took control, launching Rollins over the top rope and throwing him into the steel steps. His famed corner kicks followed but Rollins soon retaliated, landing a clothesline and leaving both men floored. Rollins rallied from there, eventually nailing Slingblade for 2. Bryan avoided The Stomp though, entering a sequence of pin attempts and then initiating a strike exchange in center ring. Before long, Bryan returned things to the mat, snatching an Ankle Lock and then hitting a German Suplex as well.

With his foe suddenly on the outside, Bryan seized, flying off the apron with a big knee. Rollins cut him off on the top rope though, landing a Superplex but then being caught in the LeBell Lock out of nowhere. After an immense struggle, Rollins made it to the bottom rope but Bryan stayed on top, landing a salvo of kicks only to be caught for a sudden Buckle Bomb. A superkick came next but Bryan kicked out at 2, next blocking the Frogsplash and re-applying the LeBell Lock.

Rollins fired back though, countering and then landing a sharp kick before following up with The Stomp, scoring the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Post-match, Corbin achieved revenge, hitting Rollins in the back multiple times with a steel chair and nailing End of Days in center ring.

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