WWE Raw Results for 6/3/19: Brock Lesnar Cashes in His Money in the Bank Briefcase?

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- We begin this week's show with Roman Reigns, making his way to the ring but being interrupted by Shane McMahon before he could even say a word. McMahon demanded his usual introduction, then calling himself a fine wine and promising to beat Reigns from one side of the ring to the other. He even promised to submit Reigns, forcing an interruption from 'The Big Dog' who said he'd love to see Shane try. Reigns says that McMahon is only here due to his back-up, declaring that he'll take out Drew McIntyre at Stomping Grounds.

That brought out the Scotsman, telling Reigns that he'll end him at Stomping Grounds but first, Roman should worry about the present. They then looked set to attack Reigns as The Revival jumped him from behind too, leaving their foe laying as The Usos made the save. They run their foes off, creating a stare-down as this match was now underway.

Roman Reigns and The Usos vs. Drew McIntyre and The Revival

Jey landed a superkick immediately, flooring Dash and heading up top only for Dawson to pull his partner to safety. They paid the price though, with both Jimmy and Jey hitting spectacular dives to the floor. Back from the break and Jey has just reset things, bringing in Jimmy to run wild on Wilder. He was stopped in his tracks though, being distracted by McIntyre and turning into a dropkick from Dash. That allowed Drew's entry, unleashing some chops in the corner and then hitting a vertical suplex in center ring.

A belly to belly throw soon followed but Reigns broke the fall. Dawson then came in, finding himself briefly rocked but firing back with a timely clothesline. Jimmy soon fired back though, landing some sharp punches and flooring Dawson with a back suplex, He couldn't make the tag regardless, eating a spinebuster but kicking out at 2. Nonetheless, he soon made it to Reigns, with 'The Big Dog' flurrying until Glasgow Kiss cut him off. Jey Uso used a quick tag to regain control though, allowing Roman to hit the Superman Punch and heading up top.

However, McMahon cut him off, forcing Reigns to go after him and eat a Claymore for his troubles. The Revival then removed Jimmy, isolating Jey as Drew hit Claymore for the win.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and The Revival

Post-match, the winners continued their onslaught, flooring Reigns via Shatter Machine and then Claymore as well. Finally, Shane landed his own spear on Roman, smugly standing tall over his foe.

- MizTV is up next, with The Miz doing his usual introduction before bringing out tonight's guest: Seth Rollins. After being asked what's on his mind, Rollins questioned if Lesnar will even show up tonight. Seth suggested that Heyman was lying as usual but Miz reiterated Brock's danger. Rollins says he understands, admitting that he'd be relieved if Lesnar cashed in tonight. He can't focus on what might be but instead, what is. For example, his title match with Baron Corbin this Friday at Super ShowDown. Rollins says that he needs to focus on Corbin while backstage, Lesnar and Heyman pulled into the arena.

They then stormed through the building, looking set to cash-in until Brock stopped himself, walking elsewhere instead.

- Lucha House Party are here next but as they got into the ring, Lars Sullivan made an entrance of his own. Upon arrival, he flung each of his foes aside, elevating Metalik high above his head but eating a dropkick for his troubles. That allowed all three men to flurry, sending Lars to the floor.

- Elsewhere, Nikki Cross is left saddened as The IIconics mocked her. Alexa Bliss intervened though, firing back as Royce promised that her match with Cross tonight will...ICONIC. As they walked off, Alexa stunned Cross with the offer of a coffee. She admitted that no one can stand her and said Cross is probably better off with Lynch. Nikki disagreed, saying that she won't judge Alexa on reputation and calling them friends. As a result, Bliss says she'll join Cross at ringside tonight.

- Becky Lynch says that this past weekend, she went home for the first time in 63 days. She recaps everything that's happened in that time, admitting that she's never been more content in all her life. That's the worst thing that can happen to a fighter though, with Lynch promising that Evans reignited a fire in her at Money in the Bank. Admittedly "pissed off," Lynch promised to go after Evans as the woman herself made an entrance. She compared Becky to a chasing dog, saying that she did everyone a favor by costing Lynch her belt.

Evans says she isn't Charlotte Flair, promising to make Lynch "Becky No Belts." As she completed the challenge though, Flair herself appeared under the 'Wildcard Rule.' Charlotte asked Lynch to stop making excuses and Evans responded, telling Flair to "stop embarrassing" herself and calling her a "daddy's girl" that needs attention. Flair explained the strut, citing her title wins and reminding Evans of last week's exchange. Lacey called Charlotte "yesterday's news" in response, jumping Flair out of nowhere. We have a match here it seems.

Lacey Evans vs. Charlotte Flair

Flair jumped her foe at the bell, taking control as a brawl commenced. After landing a salvo of strikes, Flair threw Evans to the outside as Lynch watched on. As Lacey re-entered, Flair immediately took her down, unleashing ground and pound until Evans grabbed the bottom rope. Charlotte continued to flurry regardless, overpowering her foe until an elbow turned the tide. Evans' initial retort was brief though, being battered in the corner and eating a salvo of chops as well.

Evans soon evaded regardless, sending Flair head-first into the turnbuckle and hitting her elevated Bronco Buster for 2. A hold followed, with Flair eventually firing back and throwing Evans across the ring. After a back and forth, Charlotte landed a clothesline too but Lacey countered the Figure Four, hitting a Swinging Neckbreaker before a collision reset things. At that point, Lynch intervened, yanking Flair to the floor and dropping Evans with the Manhandle Slam.

Winner via Disqualification: Charlotte Flair

- Rey Mysterio is here now, arm in sling with United States Title in hand. Mysterio says that he's been here for a really long time. This is in his blood and he's proud to be sharing it with his son Dominick. With that in mind, Rey has to set the right example as a man and as a champion. Before he could do that though, Samoa Joe arrived. He apologized for ruining Rey's big moment, thinking that "champion" was his cue. Joe asks Mysterio not to lie, reminding everyone that his shoulders were never on the mat.

Mysterio said that he's man enough to do the right thing tonight, asking for a moment. Moments later, he indeed relinquished his title, laying it at Joe's feet. Before he could leave though, Joe snatched his foe, applying the Coquina Clutch and choking Mysterio unconscious. He then raised the title high, leaving as champion again.

- In a pair of selfie promos, Ricochet and Cesaro previewed their upcoming rubber match. Cesaro called his foe a great talent but a naive one too, with Ricochet responding by suggesting their rivalry "could last a decade."

- Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley are here next for an Arm Wrestling Match. Before they could lock hands though, Lashley slapped Strowman, forcing a referee to hold Braun back. The contest soon commenced regardless, going back and forth until Lashley "slipped" out of position. He demanded chalk and Braun took some himself, with the contest continuing as both men struggled until Strowman finally won. Braun's celebration was swiftly halted though, as Lashley threw chalk in his eyes and seized, unleashing punches before hitting a spectacular Running Powerslam on Strowman too.

- That was followed by a recap of this weekend's 24/7 title chaos as we then saw Carmella searching for R-Truth. Maverick and EC3 were close behind, planning to follow Carmella in their pursuit of Truth.

Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce

After some taunting early, Royce went to work, landing a spinning heel kick and following up with strikes in the corner. Cross soon responded, attempting a roll-up only to be floored by a clothesline. Royce followed up as well, stretching Cross within the ropes and then grabbing a hold too. She wouldn't allow her foe to fight upright either, yanking the hair and grounding things once more. Cross then fired back though, rallying with forearms before finally flooring Royce via clothesline.

A running bulldog came next but Royce kicked out at 2. Cross then headed up top but her crossbody was evaded as in the meantime, Bliss had coffee delivered. This inexplicably enraged Royce, having coffee thrown in her face and then kicking the coffee out of Alexa's hands in response. Kay then came over, pushing Bliss into the spilt coffee and embarrassing her as a result. That whole event allowed Cross to seize though, with Cross hitting her neckbreaker finish for the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Post-match, Bliss wasn't in the mood for celebrations, exploding on Kay and planting her with a DDT. Cross then restrained her, celebrating together much to Bliss' initial confusion.

- Seth Rollins was back after that, walking to center ring but having his promo interrupted by Lesnar...or his music at least. Brock didn't actually enter though, angering Rollins with his "games." Seth then spoke directly to Lesnar, calling him a shell of the beast and daring him to cash in the contract right now. Instead, Baron Corbin arrived. He told Rollins to forget about Lesnar as he should be worried about him. Corbin called himself "the dream-crusher," reminding Rollins of his victory over Kurt Angle and saying that he'll happily retire Rollins too.

Seth fired back in response, with a brawl commencing that Rollins got the better of, chasing Corbin to the outside with a big dive. Lesnar's music then hit, allowing Corbin to land End of Days as Brock's music then suddenly played again. Lesnar was really here this time too, coming to ringside with a chair in hand. He immediately hit Rollins low, going to work with the chair and landing a German Suplex as well. Lesnar wouldn't cash in yet though, continuing his assault and launching Seth to the floor.

It was there that he hit an F5 on the outside, continuing his chair shots in center ring as Heyman demanded he cash in now. Lesnar shook his head, hitting another suplex and telling Paul that he'll cash in on Friday instead. After dropping the title on Rollins' chest, Lesnar then walked away before returning to use the briefcase as a weapon. More chair shots followed but still no cash-in as Lesnar finally departed, proud of his handywork.

As a result of Brock's attack, Rollins was stretchered off, with Becky Lynch standing by his side as he was placed in the back of an ambulance.

- Off to the Firefly Fun House next, with Wyatt sporting as a headband as he explained his approach to exercise. Unfortunately, Huskus the Pig Boy doesn't look after himself, eating chocolate much to Bray's disappointment. Nonetheless, Wyatt believes that one day, the Pig Boy could be great, he could be considered a genius with the whole world in his hands. At this point, a puppet Vince McMahon with devil horns appeared, threatening to fire Huskus until Bray promised that he'd get his act together. Wyatt then led Huskus through a workout. Bray said this process was simple, we only need to let him in...

- Triple H was here after that, making it to center ring as Randy Orton immediately interrupted. Triple H says that it's been awhile since he stared Orton in the eye. While they both know that they are their to drum up interest in a match, there's nothing new they can possibly say. With that in mind, Helmsley simply asked Orton not to let the suit fool him as he's coming to Jeddah to kick his ass. Orton responded calmly, pointing out that he's not Batista and calling himself 'The Legend Killer' once again.

Triple H called Orton "one of the best ever to step foot in this ring," proving his prediction right. However, many have tried to put Helmsley down and they are now all gone while he's still here. Before Triple H could leave though, Orton asked him to promise that before Friday, he'll retrieve his "balls from Stephanie's purse." Triple H said he'll think about it but it's a burden. Not that Orton would know though, he's never had any.

- Backstage, Baron Corbin stopped for an interview. He faked sympathy for Rollins but then celebrated, saying that Seth now doesn't stand a chance.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro

Things unsurprisingly continued as they were here, with crazy counters getting this one underway until Cesaro landed a backbreaker to gain control. A salvo of strikes followed, with Cesaro then grabbing a hold and slowing things down. That didn't last long though, with Ricochet scoring a spectacular counter before walking the barricade and hitting a hurricanrana. A moonsault off the apron came next and both men were suddenly floored on the outside.

Back from the break and the counters continued, with Ricochet evading Cesaro and heading up top. Cesaro cut him off though, landing a European Uppercut and impressively lifting his foe up for a superplex. Ricochet rolled to the floor in response, then firing back with punches and repeating his match-winning feat from last week. Cesaro countered this time though, starting the swing instead. Another European Uppercut came next but Ricochet kicked out at 2.

He then responded as well, scoring with strikes and after an exchange of pin attempts, rolling Cesaro up for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Post-match, Cesaro jumped his foe from behind, leaving him floored and retrieving a ladder. He then opted against the idea though, grabbing a table that R-TRUTH WAS SOMEHOW RESTING ON. Ricochet seized, kicking the stunned Cesaro away as Carmella headed to ringside. With Truth's location finally clear, the chasing pack had him cornered but a Cedric Alexander dive allowed the champion to escape. Maverick was waiting though, having Truth exactly where he wanted him until a Carmella Superkick left him floored. That allowed the champion to barely escape...for now.

- Finally, The Undertaker was here, making that iconic walk and grabbing a microphone in center ring. He says that at Super ShowDown, Goldberg will find out what happens when you come face to face with death. He doesn't want the smiling family man, he wants the unstoppable icon. If he brings anything less, their first match will be Goldberg's last. He signs off ominously, "Goldberg, you're next."

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