WWE RAW Results for 12/7/20 Miz, Morrison & Styles vs McIntyre & Sheamus

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of Monday Night RAW!

- We open the show with Randy Orton who comes out to the ring and talks about The Fiend and how he doesn't need a mask to let his darkness out. Randy then says that when the time comes he's going to show that the most evil s.o.b. in the world has returned. Randy mockingly questions who will let him in when he knocks on the door of the Firefly Fun House. Bray shows up on the big screen and plays a pseudo game show with his friends before saying that The Fiend always has the right answer. Randy then says that he wants to face Bray tonight before Bray excitedly accepts.

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- Backstage Nia gets Shayna psyched up for her match against Asuka up next as Asuka is already in the ring.

Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax vs Asuka w/ Lana

Shayna takes Asuka down and they exchange submission attempts before Shayna hits a back suplex and Shayna sends Asuka into the announce table as we go to commercial.

We come back to Shayna in control as Nia sends Lana into the post before Lana sends Nia into the steps and Lana hits a head scissors into the announce table. Asuka then rolls Shayna up off of the distraction for the pin and the win.

Winner: Asuka defeats Shayna Baszler via pinfall.

- We get a graphic for Jeff Hardy versus Bobby Lashley later tonight as well as Kofi Kingston against Shelton Benjamin before we go backstage to The Hurt Business bullying a stage hand.

- We then get a video package for Drew McIntyre and a special video package ahead of his title defense against AJ Styles at TLC in two weeks as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a video package for Drew before we get a recap of Dana Brooke defeating Reckoning last week ahead of her teaming with Ricochet.

- Backstage Ricochet and Dana talk strategy before they're interrupted by Riddle who offers them doughnuts before leaving. Ricochet and Dana are then interviewed where Dana says that she has no problem slapping Ali and Reckoning around before saying that she owes Reckoning for the black eye she gave her last week.

Ricochet & Dana Brooke vs Retribution (Slapjack & Reckoning w/Ali)

Ricochet sends Slapjack out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive and tossing him back inside before Slapjack hits a variation of a falcon arrow for two. Slapjack then misses a cannonball in the corner before Reckoning comes in and Dana pins her with a Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dana Brooke and Ricochet defeat Retribution via pinfall.

- Backstage Keith Lee walks up to Sheamus and says that he and everyone else in the locker room knows that he's going to turn on Drew McIntyre at some point as we go to commercial.

- We come back to tonight's edition of The Dirt Sheet with special guest AJ Styles ahead of their teaming up to face Drew and Sheamus later tonight. Miz asks AJ how he plans to take the title from Drew in their match at TLC, AJ answering by saying that he is going to wrap a chair around Drew. Miz and Morrison have an impromptu acting scene mocking Drew and Sheamus before Sheamus comes out to the ring and is soon joined by Drew. Drew and Sheamus get into the ring and Drew gets on the mic, Drew mocking Miz and saying that he doesn't have any balls before saying that he replaced his balls with John's and made him his sidekick bitch. Drew and Sheamus then clear the ring and send Miz, Morrison and Styles scurrying before Drew throws the Money in the Bank briefcase halfway across the arena and onto the back of the stage.

Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods vs Shelton Benjamin w/The Hurt Business (MVP & Cedric Alexander)

Shelton and Kofi exchange before Shelton sends Kofi into the air and crashing down onto the apron before slamming him and Kofi counters a suplex attempt. Shelton hits Kofi with forearms in the corner before Kofi hits a jumping stomp and Shelton counters the S.O.S. into a gut wrench powerbomb. Shelton locks in an ankle lock before Kofi gets to the ropes for the break and goes for a monkey flip, but Kofi lands on feet and tweaks his knee before sending Shelton out of the ring. Shelton then stumbles back into the ring at eight before Kofi hits him with Trouble in Paradise and pins him for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston defeats Shelton Benjamin via pinfall.

- After the match Cedric demands Kofi get back into the ring and face him before Kofi makes his way back down the ramp and back to the ring as we go to commercial.

Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods vs Cedric Alexander w/The Hurt Business (MVP & Shelton Benjamin)

Cedric focuses on the knee that Kofi tweaked in the match he just had before locking in an Achilles hold and driving his knee into the mat. Kofi comes back with a kick and chops before getting a near fall and hitting Trouble in Paradise for two before Shelton hits a twisting brain buster for a near fall. Cedric then stays focused on the knee of Kofi before Cedric sets Kofi on the top and Kofi knocks him off before landing on his feet when he misses a dive and Cedric hits the Lumbar Check for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander defeats Kofi Kingston via pinfall.

- We get a recap of Jeff Hardy defeating Elias last week ahead of his match against Bobby Lashley later tonight before we get a graphic for a special video package for Pat Patterson up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a graphic for Corey Taylor's "Hwy 666" which is being used as the theme for TLC before we get an extended video package for the career of Pat Patterson.

- We get a recap of earlier tonight where Drew and Sheamus cleaned house during The Dirt Sheet where AJ escaped before the brawl started.

- We get a recap of yesterday's Tribute to the Troops.

Handicap Match

John and Drew start things off with Drew dropping him and tossing him into the corner before beckoning AJ into the ring, but AJ won't tag in. John gets sent into the corner and Sheamus comes in and takes him down with a side headlock take over before John gets to his feet and dropped with a right hand. Sheamus turns John inside out before knocking AJ off of the apron and trapping John in the ropes before knocking Miz off of the apron. Sheamus then nearly hits Drew when Miz ducks before John goes for a slingshot cross body and they catch him before throwing him backwards over the announce table as we go to commercial.

We come back to Sheamus in control of the Miz back in the ring before Drew and Sheamus chain together offense and tags while mocking AJ who has yet to tag in when Drew is legal. Miz drives Drew into the corner before AJ tags in and drives his shoulder into the midsection of Drew before the heels take turns beating on Drew in the corner. Drew fights out of the corner and tags in Sheamus who dumps Miz through the ropes and onto the apron before hitting him with clubbing blows in the ropes. Sheamus hits a rolling senton and tosses John into the ring before Miz rakes Sheamus' eyes and chop blocks him before AJ cheap shots Sheamus from the apron. Miz and Morrison hit a double gut buster for two before John beats on Sheamus in mount and keeps him from getting the tag to Drew.

AJ comes in and kicks Sheamus in the head before locking in the Calf Crusher that Drew breaks up before AJ and Drew have words. Sheamus hits White Noise and gets the hot tag to Drew who runs over John and suplexes him before throwing him across the ring. Drew hits a double overhead belly to back suplex to Miz and Morrison before making John do a 450 when he back drops him. Sheamus then comes in and hits AJ with a backbreaker before accidentally taking Drew out with a Brogue Kick and AJ hits him with a Phenomenal Forearm for the pin and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles, The Miz and John Morrison defeat Sheamus and Drew McIntyre via pinfall.

- We get the announcement of Nia Jax versus Lana next week before we go backstage to Lana saying that she can't face Nia next week. Asuka then tells Lana to repeat what she says and tells her that she can do it and to believe in herself before Lana turns around right into Nia. Lana looking like a deer in the headlights then quickly leaves as Nia shakes her head.

- Backstage Sheamus is waiting for Drew to show up and have to fight Drew, Sheamus telling the interviewer that what he did wasn't intentional. Drew then shows up and tells him that the same thing is about to happen to him before the two face off as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Drew and Sheamus brawling before they're separated by agents and Pat Buck before they beat Pat down, rip off his shirt and put him through a table. Sheamus and Drew then make up and talk about who's buying a round of drinks at the bar before leaving.

Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Lashley w/MVP

Jeff is backstage, getting ready to come out before Riddle joins him and says they should tag as the Hardy Bros and their finisher before Broetry in Motion before Jeff comes out to the ring. Once the match starts Bobby muscles Jeff down onto the mat and drives him into the corner before elbowing him in the side of the head. Bobby goes right to the bad back of Jeff on the guidance of MVP all the while taunting Jeff before choking him in the corner. Bobby hits a running splash in the corner before Jeff comes back with a leg drop before sending Bobby out of the ring. Jeff then hits a flying clothesline off of the apron after Riddle pulls MVP off of the apron when he tries to distract Jeff as we go to commercial.

We come back to Lashley in control of Jeff before he has words with Riddle and tosses Jeff back into the ring before tearing at his mouth. Bobby sets Jeff on the top turnbuckle backwards and puts him in the tree of woe before stomping him and hitting a float over suplex for two. Jeff counters the Hurt Lock before Bobby turns it into a sleeper and Jeff elbows his way free before hitting a jawbreaker. Jeff drops Bobby and hits an inverted atomic drop into a leg drop and a splash for two before hitting a mule kick and Whisper in the Wind for two. Bobby drops Jeff across the top rope and hits a flat liner for a near fall before Jeff hits a Twist of Fate and goes up top before landing on his feet when he misses a dive.

Bobby then spears Jeff before locking in the Hurt Lock and Jeff is forced to tap out for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley defeats Jeff Hardy via submission.

- After the match MVP keeps Matt from getting into the ring before he finally does and Bobby sends Jeff into Matt before MVP steals Matt's doughnuts.

- Backstage Randy opens the door to his locker room and sees no one before closing it and it opens back up with one of Bray's friends saying that their match is going to be a lot of fun before leaving as we go to commercial.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Randy lays into Bray with strikes, but he just smiles before Randy sends him out of the ring and smashes his face into the announce table before Bray drops him across it as we go to commercial.

We come back to Randy stomping Bray before Bray comes back with right hands only to be dropped and hit with a knee drop for two. Randy stomps Bray more and locks in a headlock before Bray elbows his way free and clotheslines Randy. Bray hits a clothesline into a running cross body and a DDT for two before Randy counters Sister Abigail into a neckbreaker for two. Randy drops Bray across the announce table before they get back into the ring and Randy counters Sister Abigail a second time and thumbs his eye. Randy hits a draping DDT before he hits an RKO as the lights go out and come back on with The Fiend on the mat instead of Bray.

The Fiend then incapacitates Randy with the Mandible Claw as we go off the air.

Winner: No Contest due to The Fiend switching places with Bray Wyatt.

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