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Bobby Roode and Chad Gable defeated Rezar and Scott Dawson

WWE United States Title

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Rusev to become the NEW US Champion

WWE Cruiserweight Title

Buddy Murphy defeated Hideo Itami, Kalisto and Akira Tozawa to RETAIN his Cruiserweight Title

Main Show

SmackDown Live Women's Title

Asuka defeated Becky Lynch to RETAIN her SmackDown Women's Title

SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles

Shane McMahon and The Miz defeated The Bar to become NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions

RAW Women's Title

Ronda Rousey defeated Sasha Banks to RETAIN her RAW Women's Title

Women's Royal Rumble

Becky Lynch eliminates Charlotte Flair to win the Women's Royal Rumble

WWE Title

Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles to RETAIN his WWE Title

Universal Title

Brock Lesnar defeated Finn Balor to RETAIN his Universal Title

Men's Royal Rumble

Seth Rollins eliminates Braun Strowman to win the Men's Royal Rumble

The Pre-Show is underway, initially with a panel of Jonathan Coachman, Beth Phoenix, Booker T and Jerry 'The King' Lawler. They briefly ran through tonight's card before sending it to Charly Caruso and John Bradshaw Layfield who delved further into Rousey vs. Banks. Following more discussion surrounding that match, we then transitioned to a promo from Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville before heading backstage to Kayla Braxton's interview with Drake Maverick. The Manager of AOP announced that due to injuries, an opportunity has arose for Rezar to team with Scott Dawson tonight, taking on the RAW Tag Team Champions in a non-title match.

We then previewed the Rumble By The Numbers before the panel discussed tonight's women's Royal Rumble match. Before long though, R-Truth and Carmella interrupted, talking about their advantage for tonight and getting the crowd fired up too with a dance break too. Following this, we also got short promos from Alexa Bliss and Samoa Joe as well as a recap of what cost Braun Strowman his title shot. This then led to a preview of Balor vs. Lesnar. Caruso and Layfield then did the same for Styles vs. Bryan. This included the WWE Champion cutting a promo on The Royal Rumble Burger. 

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs. Rezar and Scott Dawson

Roode and Dawson got things underway here, going back and forth until a blind tag allowed the champions to take control. An exchange of pin attempts then followed, with Gable eventually coming out on top to hit a crossbody for 2. Dawson soon avoided Gable though, bringing in Rezar for some makeshift tandem offense. The new team wasn't exactly in sync but controlled things nonetheless, isolating Gable effectively with some grounded offense. However, a collision soon reset the action, allowing Gable to eventually create enough space for a tag. 

Roode ran wild right away, flooring both of his foes until the numbers game cut him off. Some attempted double-team action then cost Dawson and co though, with Rezar being removed before the champions pinned Dawson with their moonsault/neckbreaker combination. 

Winners: Bobby Roode and Chad Gable 

Following this, we headed back to Layfield and Caruso who were soon interrupted by the braggadocios Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley. After that though, the pair then previewed Becky Lynch vs. Asuka. In the meantime, our main panel had changed, with David Otunga and Shawn Michaels joining Beth and Coachman. 

WWE United States Title

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev (C)

The Champion immediately bullied Nakamura into the corner, scoring with an early kick for 2. In control, Rusev went right to work, overpowering his foe and eventually sending him to the floor. Nakamura took control on the outside though, landing a big kick of his own and then using the barricade to his advantage too. Shinsuke was on top now, working Rusev over in the corner  He then grounded the action but Rusev soon fought to his feet, landing a salvo of strikes and a fall-away slam too. Nakamura fired back but ate a huge kick for his troubles before landing some massive strikes of his own to set up a potential Kinshasa. 

Rusev avoided it though, unleashing some strikes of his own but then suddenly being caught in an armbar. Nakamura then transitioned directly into a triangle choke but Rusev powered free only to be caught in a guillotine choke. He still escaped though, scoring a huge counter suplex for 2. Nakamura was immediately back on top though, scoring with Landslide for another false finish and then attempting to expose the turnbuckle. This enraged Lana but as Rusev looked to seize, he inadvertently removed her from the apron. Nakamura took advantage, hitting Kinshasa to reclaim the US Title. 

Winner and NEW Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura

Up next, it was time for a brief recap of Cena replacing Strowman as well as a preview of tonight's SmackDown Live Tag Team Title Match. We also got a brief promo from Nikki Cross as well as a video package spotlighting last night's NXT TakeOver event. This culminated in an announcement that next Sunday, Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream and Ricochet will take on Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole during half-time of the Superbowl. 

WWE Cruiserweight Title

Kalisto vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Hideo Itami vs. Buddy Murphy (C)

A feeling out process got this one started with Itami soon bailing as the remaining three men traded quick pin attempts. Murphy then briefly took control, overpowering his foes until Kalisto turned the tide. Tozawa quickly cut him off though, gaining some momentum of his own before being violently sent into the barricade. Buddy then caught Kalisto in mid-air too, hitting a suplex on the floor as Itami calmly re-entered the ring. Now the only two men standing, Murphy and Itami traded kicks to the spine and then palm strikes too but Itami soon took control, cornering Murphy before absolute chaos took center stage to once again leave only Hideo standing. 

Itami then began to pick apart all three of his foes when suddenly, Kalisto flurried, catapulting Tozawa onto Murphy and then running wild on Itami. Buddy soon re-entered though, taking out Kalisto before turning into Tozawa's missile dropkick and back suplex too. Itami halted his Senton plans but then ate a big dive for his troubles, soon being met by a flying Kalisto too. Murphy then followed them there, hitting a massive dive of his own before returning only Kalisto to the ring. Kalisto immediately spiked the champion for 2 though, next heading up top but being cut off by Tozawa and Itami respectively.

It was Murphy that took advantage though, hitting a sit-out powerbomb for 2. Him and Tozawa then traded strikes but the champion was soon floored by a spike-rana as each challenger looked to steal the pin. Kalisto adapted though, hitting Salida Del Sol on Itami for another near-fall. All four men then brawled to their feet but in the end, only Itami and Murphy remained. Hideo couldn't quite close the show though, eventually succumbing to Murphy's Law. 

Winner and STILL Champion: Buddy Murphy

Following this, we ended the pre-show with a Drew McIntyre promo as well as the panel's final predictions for tonight's Royal Rumble matches. 

Main Card time now as we start Royal Rumble with a video package to preview tonight's event. 

SmackDown Live Women's Title

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka (C)

An intense lock-up got this one started and Asuka then took control, scoring with a dropkick before Becky turned the tide. Lynch then began to think Dis-Arm-Her but ate some strikes for her troubles. Becky fired right back though, flooring Asuka as the action then transitioned to the outside. A hip attack put Asuka on top but Lynch then cut her off, kicking the champion off the apron and to the floor. A brawl then followed, with Becky eventually suplexing Asuka into the barricade. Now in control, Lynch continued to pummel Asuka in center ring and before long, even began to focus on the champion's arm too.

Asuka soon fought free though, landing a kick of her own before catching the Asuka Lock within the ropes. Lynch then returned the favor, applying Dis-Arm-Her within the turnbuckles but soon eating a big knee nonetheless. From there, a wild strike exchange commenced, with Asuka coming out on top before hitting a German Suplex too. However, Lynch avoided Asuka's missile dropkick and fired back, slamming the champion to the mat for 2. Asuka then caught an armbar of her own though and quickly transitioned to the Asuka Lock, forcing Lynch to quickly scurry to the ropes. Now fighting on the apron, Asuka took both women out, hitting a violent suplex of sorts to the floor. Lynch  beat the count at 9 but then ate an immediate kick upon re-entry, somehow still kicking out at 2.

One more exchange of strikes came next, with Asuka flurrying big and hitting another huge kick for 2. Things then headed up top, with Lynch hitting a Super Bexploder for yet another near-fall. Now looking to close the show once and for all, Lynch headed back up but Asuka avoided the leg drop, catching her own version of the Dis-Arm-Her before Lynch returned the favor, grabbing an Asuka Lock and then finally, applying the Dis-Arm-Her too. A flurry of roll-ups then emerged but in the end, Asuka reapplied her hold and with a bridge variation, managed to force a submission win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Asuka

SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles

The Miz and Shane McMahon vs. The Bar (C)

As the bell rung, McMahon immediately jumped Sheamus who scurried to the outside. Miz and Cesaro then took center stage, trading pin attempts until the numbers game cut Miz off. The Champions went right to work, battering Miz in the corner until Shane made the save. Sheamus maintained control regardless, removing Shane and then muscling Miz across the ring. The announce table was now in The Bar's plans but Shane again broke things up, setting Cesaro up on the table and then heading up top. Miz held him in position but Sheamus soon pulled him away, changing Shane's plans as he wiped Sheamus out instead before eating a European Uppercut for his troubles.

With Miz now isolated, The Bar slowed things down, grabbing a hold and forcing Miz to fight to his feet. Even still, the champions' dominance continued, using some tandem offense too. Eventually, Miz created some space, making a tag and bringing in Shane who avoided the Brogue Kick and run wild. This resulted in McMahon positioning both Sheamus and Cesaro for Coast to Coast but he was caught instead, falling victim to the Cesaro Swing and then the sharpshooter too. However, Shane turned the tide almost immediately, applying a triangle choke and seemingly coming close to closing the show until Sheamus intervened. Miz then returned too, quickly being floored by Sheamus on the outside as The Bar's focus returned to Shane. 

Miz saved McMahon though, pushing Cesaro into the Brogue Kick and hitting Skull Crushing Finale on Sheamus. Shane seized, hitting a Shooting Star Press on Cesaro to win the tag titles!

Winners and NEW Champions: Shane McMahon and The Miz

Before heading to the ring, Charly Caruso questioned Banks' ability to keep her emotions in check. Sasha refuted this, citing her passion and claiming that tonight, she'll prove that she's the best in the world by making Rousey tap out.

RAW Women's Title

Sasha Banks vs. Ronda Rousey (C)

Banks immediately showed a counter for Rousey's usual offense, next exchanging holds with the champion who taunted in response. Rousey was suddenly in control, hitting two of three amigos before Banks countered. Ronda fired right back though, briefly snatching the armbar as Sasha grabbed the bottom rope. Rousey stayed on top nonetheless, unleashing strikes until Banks evaded and hit a dive that Ronda seemingly attempted to catch. Banks was in control now regardless, grounding Ronda with a hold in center ring and then using some strikes to stay on top too. Either way, Rousey soon fired back but Sasha stayed on top, now focusing on Ronda's damaged right arm. 

Before long, she even applied an armbar too, wrenching Rousey's arm and then transitioning into the Bank Statement also. Rousey escaped though, hitting Piper's Pit in response and then using the ropes to apply a choke-hold too. However, Banks then cut Ronda off on the top rope, hitting a superplex before immediately refocusing on the arm. Rousey powered free though, firing up and making a judo throw-filled comeback until Sasha slung her to the floor. Another dive then followed but this time, Rousey did catch her, applying the armbar to make Banks tap out on the outside. This of course had no impact though so Ronda returned things to the ring, landing a flurry of strikes to turn the tide. 

Banks then fired back though, returning her focus to Rousey's arm and eventually applying The Bank Statement. This included the illegal use of a part of her own attire but even still, Rousey made the ropes only for Sasha to transition to another armbar. Ronda then slammed free though, hitting Piper's Pit for the win. Post-match, Rousey and Banks shook hands in a sign of respect but eventually, Sasha flashed the Four Horsewomen signal and walked off. 

Winner and STILL Champion: Ronda Rousey

Women's Royal Rumble Match

Entering 1st is Lacey Evans and pre-match, she claims that tonight, she'll make history by cleaning up the entire women's division. In 2nd is Natalya and a stalemate gets us started until Natalya almost scored an early elimination before Evans countered. In 3rd is Mandy Rose who immediately took out Natalya and unsuccessfully looked for an elimination. Natalya then wiped out both, applying a double sharpshooter as at 4th, Liv Morgan arrived. She was immediately eliminated though, being thrown over the top by Natalya as Lacey and Mandy then went back to work. Evans turned on Rose though, hitting a bronco buster on both. In at 5 is Mickie James. She immediately took out all three of her foes, flurrying big and almost eliminating Mandy. 

In at 6 is Ember Moon, hitting a huge springboard dive and a salvo of strikes too. She then almost found herself eliminated though, barely surviving as Lacey Evans did the same on the other side of the ring.  In a 7 is Billie Kay, refusing to enter until Peyton Royce arrives. Up next was Nikki Cross, in at 8 and pushing Billie into the barricade on her way to the ring. A huge crossbody followed as Cross run wild, almost eliminating Evans but scoring wild offense regardless. Kay was now in, unsuccessfully seeking redemption as at 9, Peyton Royce indeed arrived. She immediately wiped out Cross in retaliation and Kay protected her from elimination too. Tamina was in at 10, landing a flurry of Samoan Drops before Cross sent her through the middle rope. 

She immediately re-entered though, landing a superkick and heading up top for a big splash too. She then eliminated Mickie as at 11, Xia Li entered. She landed a salvo of kicks upon arrival and at 12, Sarah Logan was here. Logan came close to removing Ember right away but Moon hooked her feet as The IIconics eliminated Nikki Cross. In at 13 was Charlotte Flair, immediately getting jumped by everyone but fighting free to floor all her foes. As a result, The IIconics found themselves eliminated at once as Flair also kicked Li to the floor. Kairi Sane was in at 14 but in the meantime, Flair eliminated Tamina to set up a face-off with Sane. This resulted in a wild exchange of chops as Charlotte came out on top.

Nonetheless, Kairi hit her InSane Elbow on Logan, immediately eliminating her afterwards. In at 15 was Maria Kanellis. Evans and Charlotte were in the midst of a face-off here but Maria interrupted and briefly flurried. She ate a Spear for her troubles though as at 16, Naomi entered. She immediately focused on Mandy, dragging her to the apron and scoring the elimination before Rose retaliated. This forced some acrobatics from Naomi, using the barricade to stay alive and then jumping onto the steel steps before Mandy pulled her feet off anyway. She continued the attack too, eventually being dragged to the back. In the meantime, Flair eliminated Evans as at 17, Candice LeRae arrived. 

She immediately went at it with Ember as Flair and Natalya traded strikes too. In at 18 was Alicia Fox, landing a flurry of dropkicks until Maria pleaded for an alliance. Fox agreed, teaming up with success and celebrating before Kanellis stomped on Fox's hat. This enraged Fox who eliminated Maria as at 19, Kacy Catanzaro arrived. She immediately ran wild, almost eliminating Fox but eating a backbreaker for her troubles. At 20 is Zelina Vega, arriving for an NXT flashback face-off with LeRae. Up next was Ruby Riott, entering at 21 with Liv and Logan by her side. They immediately focused on Flair, wiping her out on the floor and then attacking Fox too.

In the meantime, Vega hid underneath the ring as Riott eliminated Fox and LeRae. In at 22 was Dana Brooke who briefly run wild while Riott eliminated Kairi Sane. The Riotts continued their attack on Sane but at 23, Io Shirai made the save. She floored all three members and then headed up top, hitting a moonsault off the top. With Shirai and Riott fighting on the apron, Vega risked a quick peek from underneath the ring as at 24, Rhea Ripley arrived. She dominated upon arrival while elsewhere, Dana threw Kacy to the floor. However, her feet never touched the floor and she recovered with some spectacular flexibility. Even still, she fell victim to Ripley's power and was thrown to the floor.

In at 25 was Sonya Deville, using strikes to briefly take control as Ripley eliminated Brooke. Vega took this opportunity to poke fun but then HORNSWOGGLE appeared, chasing after Vega and forcing her back in the ring as Ripley immediately eliminated her. Hornswoggle then chased Vega to the back as at 26, Alexa Bliss arrived. She immediately flurried on Moon and Flair and then eliminated Deville too. In at 27 was Bayley, running wild and eliminating Riott and Ripley as well. A limping Lana was up at 28 or looked set to be anyway when suddenly, medical staff halted her. Either way, Nia Jax was in at 29, attacking Lana on her way to the ring. 

She then removed Shirai upon arrival, wiping out everyone and eliminating Natalya too. Carmella was obviously up at 30, taking out her foes until Jax halted her momentum. In the meantime, Becky Lynch arrived, taking Lana's spot and entering the Rumble. She immediately attacked Jax, unleashing a flurry of strikes before Flair intervened. Bliss and Moon then went back and forth with Alexa eventually removing Ember. Carmella then flurried on Bliss and Bayley helped out too, eliminating Alexa as only five remained. Charlotte was now in control, powering Carmella to the apron and soon eliminating her too. Bayley almost immediately removed Flair in response but 'The Queen' stayed alive as Jax re-entered the action.

That resulted in Bayley's removal as now only three remained. Nia crushed both in the corner but Flair fired back, unsuccessfully trying to throw Jax over the top rope and with Becky's help, eventually doing just that. With old rivals now remaining, Jax interfered, attacking Lynch. With one leg, Lynch returned to the ring but Flair jumped her right away, unleashing a remorseless attack as Becky fought for survival. She eventually did just that, throwing Flair to the apron but Charlotte regained control regardless. However, Lynch evaded Flair's big boot and then scored the win, sending Charlotte to the floor.

Winner: Becky Lynch

WWE Championship

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan (C)

This one unsurprisingly began with a feeling out process until Styles suddenly unleashed some right hands. Bryan got a break though and then went to work, grappling AJ to the mat until Styles took control, flurrying to send Bryan to the floor. An exchange of strikes came next, a back and forth that resulted in more momentum for Styles. The champion soon turned the tide though, violently dropping AJ onto the ring-post and going to work on Styles' shoulder. Bryan was in total control now, dominating the challenger and continuing to work him over until AJ reset the action with his trademark dropkick. He flurried from there too, scoring with some signature moves but failing to close the show.

An exchange of pin attempts came next but AJ stayed on top, hitting a dragon screw and focusing in on Bryan's leg. However, the Champion soon regained some momentum, scoring with a massive dragon suplex for 2. The action then headed up top but Styles caught Bryan, looking for a Super Styles Clash before being kicked to the floor. He fired back on the outside though, using the barricade to land his reverse DDT. He then returned things to the ring but his 450 splash was blocked, with Bryan applying the LeBell Lock. Styles countered, catching the Calf Crusher and forcing Bryan to grab the bottom rope. He then returned fire, unleashing his trademark kicks while targeting Styles' shoulder. 

Frustrated, Bryan then unleashed a vicious onslaught of kicks before heading up top. AJ cut him off and then avoided Bryan's super back suplex too, applying The Calf Crusher in the center of the ring. Bryan escaped though and the action was again reset, with Bryan and Styles attempting to secure an advantage until a brainbuster put AJ in control. However, his damaged leg halted plans for the Phenomenal Forearm as Bryan countered, walking into the Pele kick regardless. With both men floored, ERICK ROWAN arrived, walking to ringside without explanation.

In the meantime, Styles continued to damage Bryan's leg but the referee was inadvertently wiped out. This allowed Rowan to interfere, saving Bryan after the Styles Clash and hitting a big slam of his own. Bryan seized, crawling over to score the win. Post-match, Rowan continued the attack, holding AJ in position for Bryan's trademark knee strike.

Winner and STILL Champion: Daniel Bryan

WWE Universal Title

Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar (C)

Balor immediately jumped Brock with a dropkick, unleashing strikes in the corner and flurrying big until a belly to belly suplex put Lesnar in control. He continued the assault too, unleashing more suplexes on the outside and then focusing on the announce table. Finn halted those plans though, sending Brock into the corner of the announce table and stunning him in the process. Even still, Lesnar quickly returned to form, bullying Balor in the corner and using more suplexes too. The damage was clearly done though and Balor briefly fired back before being floored in an instant. Lesnar couldn't continue the attack at this point, struggling with his midsection and finding himself unable to complete a suplex. 

Balor then countered the F5, scoring a near-fall and unleashing kicks to Brock's stomach. A trio of big dives followed and Balor then followed up in-ring, hitting Coup De Grace for 2 before Lesnar snatched a Kimura out of nowhere. Unable to reach the ropes, Balor submitted. Post-match, Lesnar continued the assault, ultimately leaving Balor laying with an F5.

Winner and STILL Champion: Brock Lesnar

Men's Royal Rumble Match

Elias is our 1st entry here, welcoming fans with his usual antics before his song was interrupted by our 2nd entry, JEFF JARRETT. Elias made way for Jarrett's trademark strut and the two then came together for a duet...or not, Elias just punched Jarrett instead. Jeff fired back but only briefly, next falling victim to Elias' guitar and being eliminated too. Shinsuke Nakamura was in at 3rd, flurrying on Elias but soon being cut off in the corner. Kurt Angle was up next, running wild with suplexes and then going to work with some strikes also. Big E was here at 5, running wild with his own suplex flurry and hitting a big splash too. Angle cut him off though, hitting Angle Slam but then falling victim to Nakamura and being Kinshasa'd off the apron. 

NXT's Johnny Gargano was the 6th entrant, scoring with a flurry of offense right away. Jinder Mahal followed, scoring with brief offense but being almost immediately eliminated by Gargano. The Singh Brothers then took some damage for their troubles too, with Samoa Joe entering at 8. He took control of things right away, quickly removing E. Curt Hawkins was in next, opting out of the ring twice in fear before being caught in Joe's Coquina Clutch. Elias made the save though and Hawkins headed under the ring. Seth Rollins was in at 10, going to work right away and eliminating Elias too. Our 11th entrant was Titus O'Neil, cautiously running to the ring and celebrating his feat before joining Hawkins under the ring.

 A chase was now underway and it quickly resulted in the elimination of both Titus and Hawkins as at 12, Kofi Kingston arrived. He was followed by Mustafa Ali, flurrying right away on Joe until Nakamura cut him off. Ali fired back though, eliminating Shinsuke and then flooring Gargano too. Joe stopped him in his tracks regardless as at 14, Dean Ambrose arrived. Seth and Dean met with a wild brawl in the middle before Ambrose removed Kingston...or seemingly did at least until Kofi somehow kept his feet on the apron to stay alive. Ambrose did indeed eliminate Gargano though as at 15, No Way Jose was here. 

He was eliminated upon arrival though, immediately being floored by Joe and then dancing to the back. Drew McIntyre was here next, headbutting Jose and laying out his conga line en route to the ring. A pair of Claymores left only Joe standing but he soon fell victim to it too, with McIntyre now in control. 17th was Xavier Woods and he helped Kingston stay alive, hoisting him off his back and carrying him to the steel steps. However, Drew then immediately eliminated both as at 18, Pete Dunne arrived. He immediately showed off his repertoire and at 19, Andrade was here. He and Dunne went head to head immediately and Andrade came out on top, next focusing on Ambrose in the corner. 

Apollo Crews was in next, running wild until Aleister Black arrived at 21. He went right to work, flurrying big on all involved and eliminating Ambrose too. Joe then cut him off though, with Shelton Benjamin entering at 22. He avoided an early elimination and then briefly flurried before Ali used Benjamin's attack to eliminate Joe. Baron Corbin was in next, hitting Deep Six right away and then eliminating Apollo. Our 24th entry was Jeff Hardy, hitting his signature offense before a kick from Black floored him. Dunne and Black then went back and forth, eventually resulting in Corbin eliminating Aleister and McIntyre eliminating Dunne. Rey Mysterio was up next, immediately being cut off by Corbin as Andrade went to work too. 

At 26th was Bobby Lashley, going right after Seth Rollins and in doing so, finding himself eliminated right away. Enraged, Lashley then dragged Rollins to the outside, slamming him through the announce table and being dragged away as Braun Strowman arrived at 27. He immediately removed Corbin and Benjamin with Hardy soon following them as at 28, Dolph Ziggler arrived. He superkicked Drew over the top of Braun, eliminating him as the action suddenly broke down. Our penultimate entry was Randy Orton, immediately going for RKO but eating Strowman's Powerslam instead. A tower of doom spot followed before at 30, R-Truth arrived. However, he was cut off by NIA JAX who then headed to the ring herself. 

She wiped everyone out and eliminated Ali too before turning into Randy Orton for a face-off. She avoided Orton's RKO and sent him flying with a tackle, next attacking Mysterio until Dolph's Superkick rocked her and set up 619 which in turn, set up the RKO. Rey and Randy then eliminated Jax but both immediately followed, with Andrade and Dolph now the only men in center ring. A wild exchange commenced from there, trading strikes until Strowman returned to wipe out both. He then focused on Seth, flooring him again on the outside before bringing things back in-ring. All three of his foes then flurried though, teaming up on Braun until Strowman powered Andrade and Ziggler to the floor. 

Rollins seized though, sending Strowman over the top as he barely avoided elimination before firing back with a choke-slam. Rollins then countered again though, dragging Braun to the apron and using the stomp to send Strowman to the floor. 

Winner: Seth Rollins

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