WWE Royal Rumble ‘22 Results: 2 Rumble Matches, 3 Title Matches & Plenty Of Surprises!

Welcome to Fightful's results, live coverage and discussion for WWE Royal Rumble ‘22. We will bring you full, match by match coverage of the whole card. Scroll down to the Disqus boards below and chat with fellow fans during the event.

WWE Championship
Bobby Lashley (w/ MVP) def. Brock Lesnar (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) to win the title

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WWE Universal Championship
The Usos Are Barred From Ringside

Seth Rollins def. Roman Reigns (c) by DQ, Reigns retains the title

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Becky Lynch (c) def. Doudrop to retain the title

Mixed Tag Team Match
Edge & Beth Phoenix def. The Miz & Maryse

Men's Royal Rumble
Brock Lesnar wins, last eliminating Drew McIntyre

Women's Royal Rumble
Ronda Rousey wins, last eliminating Charlotte Flair

- The panel for the kickoff show consists of Kayla Braxton, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Kevin Patrick and Peter Rosenberg.

- The panel reveals what they are most looking forward to on tonight’s show while also going over the card for the event.

- The WWE Royal Rumble “By The Numbers” video airs.

- Sonya Deville joins the panel and she explains why she, as a WWE Official, can also compete in the women’s Royal Rumble match. Deville complains about her loss to Naomi on WWE Smackdown, blaming the referee for her loss to Naomi on Friday Night. Deville also talks about the other women who are competing in the women’s Royal Rumble match.

- A video package airs highlighting the feud between Edge/Beth Phoenix and The Miz/Maryse, followed by analysis from the panel.

- A video package airs showing AJ Styles’ WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble event.

- AJ Styles is backstage and he talks about never winning the Royal Rumble Match, but he promises to do so tonight.

- Bobby Lashley and MVP are shown arriving at the arena.

- A video package airs highlighting the feud between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, followed by analysis from the panel.

- Highlights are shown from the Becky Lynch/Doudrop confrontation this past week on WWE Raw, Sonya Deville also rejoins the panel to help provide analysis on the Raw Women’s Championship Match.

- A video airs showing various fans making their predictions for the women’s Royal Rumble match.

- A video package airs showing what went down at last year's Rumble between Bad Bunny, Damien Priest, The Miz and John Morrison.

- Damien Priest is backstage and he talks about facing the best on Raw as the WWE United States Champion, Priest says it is best for the other competitors to avoid his Damien side.

- The panel provides their analysis and makes their picks for the men’s Royal Rumble match.

- Highlights of Johnny Knoxville appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live airs.

- A video airs showing Edge winning last year’s men’s Royal Rumble match.

- A video airs showing fans making their predictions for the men’s Royal Rumble match.

- A video airs highlighting the feud between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, followed by analysis from the panel.

WWE Universal Championship
The Usos Are Barred From Ringside
Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth Rollins

The match begins with Rollins cracking Reigns with a few strikes, Reigns quickly corners Rollins before landing some clothesline smashes. Rollins recovers to corner Reigns and stomp away on him, Rollins follows up by nailing Reigns with a sling blade before clotheslining him out of the ring. Rollins then hits Reigns with multiple suicide dives, Rollins gets Reigns back into the ring before eating a right during a springboard clothesline attempt. Reigns exits the ring before hitting a downed Rollins with the Drive By, Rollins leaves the ring and he avoids a superman punch before power bombing Reigns through the announce table. Rollins gets Reigns back into the ring before landing a top rope frog splash for a near fall, Rollins goes back to the top rope before missing a phoenix splash attempt. Rollins avoids a spear from Reigns before dropping him with a forearm strike, Rollins then hits Reigns with a buckle bomb and curb stomp for a near fall. Rollins goes for another curb stomp and Reigns counters by landing a clothesline, Reigns mounts a downed Rollins before landing a plethora of strikes.

Reigns follows up by crushing Rollins with a dead lift power bomb for another near fall, Reigns mounts Rollins again before landing more strikes. Rollins recovers and he catches a swinging Reigns in a triangle choke, Reigns gets free after nailing Rollins with another power bomb. Reigns follows up by sending Rollins shoulder first into the ring post, Rollins falls out of the ring and Reigns follows him out there before throwing him into the timekeepers area. Reigns then grabs Rollins and he sends him into the ring steps before getting him back in the ring, Reigns follows up by cracking Rollins with a superman punch for another near fall. Rollins exits the ring again and Reigns follows him out there again, Reigns connects with a spear on Rollins before tossing him back into the ring. Reigns goes for another spear and Rollins counters with a pedigree for a near fall, Rollins gets up first and he misses a curb stomp attempt. Reigns looks for a choke and Rollins gets free before landing multiple kicks, Reigns recovers and he hits Rollins with another spear.

Rollins does The Shield fist bump and Reigns backs away momentarily, Reigns gets Rollins in the guillotine choke and Rollins barely makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Reigns refuses to break the hold and the referee calls for the bell after making the mandatory five count.

Winner: Seth Rollins by DQ, Roman Reigns is still the WWE Universal Champion

After the match, Roman Reigns leaves the ring and he returns while bringing a steel chair with him. Reigns then nails Rollins with a multitude of steel chair shots, Reigns takes a short break before landing more chair shots on the injured Rollins.

Women's Royal Rumble

The first two entrants are #1 Sasha Banks and #2 Melina, the action begins with some trash talking between Banks and Melina. Banks blocks a kick from Melina before nailing her with a knee strike and dumping her out of the ring for an elimination, #3 is Tamina and Banks attacks her before she gets in the ring. Banks nails Tamina with a meteora from the ring apron to the arena floor, Banks gets Tamina back in the ring before failing at an elimination attempt. Tamina hits Banks with a few strikes before eating a bulldog, Banks gets Tamina in the corner before landing multiple running knee strikes. Banks keeps Tamina cornered while landing more strikes. Tamina fights back and she drops Banks after landing a headbutt, #4 is Kelly Kelly and she goes right after Tamina. Kelly lands a head scissors takedown on Tamina followed by a handspring elbow strike, Tamina recovers and she clotheslines Kelly from behind. Banks attacks Tamina from behind while Kelly recovers in the corner, Kelly battles Banks and she looks her in a tarantula. Banks escapes the tarantula and she dumps Kelly out of the ring for another elimination, #5 is Aliyah and she immediately does battle with Banks.

Aliyah takes Banks down with a Thesz Press followed by some strikes, Tamina attacks Aliyah and Aliyah drops her with an enziguri. Banks and Aliyah battle again before Banks nails her with a knee strike, #6 is Liv Morgan and she goes right after Aliyah. Morgan drops Aliyah with a drop kick before trying to eliminate Banks, Tamina attacks Morgan while Banks and Aliyah take a breather. Morgan hits Tamina with a drop kick before stomping on Banks and Aliyah, Banks hits Aliyah with a trio of suplexes. #7 is Queen Zelina and she immediately attacks Aliyah. Banks then hits Zelina with a knee strike before trying to eliminate her, Tamina gets Banks on the ring apron and Zelina knocks her off for an elimination. Tamina and Zelina work together against Morgan and Aliyah, #8 is Bianca Belair and she goes after everybody in the match. Tamina misses a charge in the corner and Belair knocks her into the ring post, Zelina jumps on the back on Belair and Belair nails her with a suplex afterwards. Belair nearly eliminates Morgan before landing a handspring moonsault on Zelina, #9 is Dana Brooke and Reggie joins her at ringside for a few moments. Brooke immediately goes after Aliyah before focusing on Zelina, Brooke then hits Tamina with a few strikes followed by a drop kick. Brooke then nails Belair with a handspring elbow strike, Zelina and Tamina go after Brooke while Aliyah battles Belair. Morgan tries eliminating Aliyah and Belair, #10 is Michelle McCool and she tries eliminating Brooke before Reggie makes the save.

McCool hits Zelina with a Faith Breaker before nailing a leaping Brooke and sumping her out of the ring for an elimination, everybody pairs off for battle and #11 is Sonya Deville. Deville goes to the announce table while everybody else still battles in the ring, Zelina saves Tamina from elimination from Belair and Morgan. #12 is Natalya and she immediately battles Morgan, Morgan nearly gets eliminated before Natalya kicks her in the face. Tamina helps Natalya against Belair before Natalya eliminates Tamina, Aliyah goes after Natalya and a bunch of others join in. #13 is Cameron and she hits Morgan with a huricarana before nailing Zelina with a code breaker, Cameron attacks Natalya before Deville hits her from behind. Deville corners Cameron before getting her to the ring apron and eliminating her a short time later, #14 is Naomi and she immediately attends to Cameron before getting in the ring to battle Deville. Naomi drops Deville after landing a springboard head kick, Naomi gets Deville to the ring apron before kicking her in the head and that knocks her to the arena floor for an elimination. #15 is Carmella and she prances around on the arena floor while everybody battles in the ring, everybody pairs off in the corners while Belair takes shots at everyone. Zelina nails Naomi with a clothesline while Natalya tries eliminating McCool.

#16 is Rhea Ripley and she goes after Carmella to get her into the ring, Ripley hits the ring before getting attacked by Zelina and Carmella. Natalya then drops Ripley after landing a discus clothesline, Zelina and Carmella try eliminating Ripley before Ripley eliminates them both. Ripley then attacks everybody else that stays in the match, #17 is Charlotte Flair and everybody tries eliminating Natalya from the match. Flair eventually gets into the ring and she quickly eliminates Aliyah from the match, Flair battles Naomi in the middle of the ring. Naomi goes for a huricarana and Flair tries eliminating her before Deville interferes to assist in Naomi’s elimination, #18 is Ivory and she comes to the ring with a microphone in hand. Ivory says nothing has changed since the last time she was in Right To Censor, Ivory gets in the ring while talking down to the competitors and Ripley quickly eliminates her from the match. #19 is Brie Bella and she immediately nails Natalya with a clothesline, Brie eventually attacks everybody in the match before doing yes chants. Brie tries eliminating Natalya and Natalya manages to survive, Natalya then tries unsuccessfully to eliminate Brie from the match. Ripley and Belair work together to get Flair to the ring apron, #20 is Mickie James and McCool immediately attacks her.

McCool gets James in the ring and James starts dropping everybody who attacks her, James uses a huricarana to get McCool over the top rope for an elimination. #21 is Alicia Fox and she quickly hits multiple wrestlers with drop kicks, Fox then drops James after landing an axe kick. Morgan and Ripley work together to try to eliminate Fox from the match, #22 is Nikki ASH and she comes from the crowd to surprise Ripley and try to eliminate her. Ripley fights back and she gets back in the ring before ASH escapes to the arena floor. Flair attacks a distracted Ripley from behind while ASH stays on the arena floor, ASH gets back in the ring and Belair goes after her. #23 is WWE Legend Summer Rae and she goes right after Natalya, Rae and Natalya exchange some slaps in the middle of the ring. Rae eventually drops Natalya after landing a wheel kick to her head, Flair attacks Rae from behind and Natalya eliminates her a short time later. Flair turns on natalya and she tries eliminating her from the match, #24 is Nikki Bella and she helps her sister battle Belair and Fox. Nikki then nails an attacking Natalya with a spine buster, Belair goes after Nikki and the twins nail her with a flapjack. Nikki then eliminates Fox after nailing her with a forearm strike while she was on the top rope, the Bellas then attack Morgan. #25 is Sarah Logan and she goes after the Bella Twins to assist Morgan, Logan hits Brie with a double knee strike before landing a pop up headbutt on Nikki.

Morgan and Logan look to reunite before the Bella Twins attack them both, the Bella Twins then dump Logan out of the ring for an elimination. Morgan nearly eliminates Nikki before Brie knocks her out of the ring, #26 is Lita and she immediately attacks the Bella Twins. Lita drops ASH before James starts brawling with her, James goes for a hurricarana on Lita and Lita blocks it before eliminating her after landing a DDT. Lita and Flair have their battle in the middle of the ring, #27 is Mighty Molly and she gets jumped by ASH while making her entrance. ASH then throws Molly into the ring steps before getting her in the ring, Lita and Flair briefly do battle while climbing the ropes. ASH quickly dumps the injured Molly out of the ring for an elimination, #28 is Ronda Rousey and she immediately lays waste to ASH and Nikki before eliminating ASH. Brie accidentally runs into Nikki before eliminating her from the match, Rousey attacks Brie before landing a bunch of strikes. #29 is Shotzi and she hits Ripley and Belair with a top rope high cross body, Rousey then dumps Brie out of the ring for an elimination. Lita battles Shotzi and she drops her while Rousey goes after Belair, Belair and Ripley work together to battle Rousey. #30 is Shayna Baszler and she immediately hits Ripley with a pump kick before attacking everybody else, Baszler nails Lita with a gut wrench suplex.

Baszler drops Natalya before cracking her with a knee strike to the face, Baszler faces off with Rousey before Flair attacks Baszler. Rousey attacks Natalya before focusing on Shotzi and eliminating her, Belair attacks Rousey before eliminating Natalya, Rousey goes after Belair and Natalya returns to the ring to attack Rousey and Rousey throws her back out of the ring. Lita then hits Flair with a Twist Of Fate, Ripley attacks Lita and Rousey battles Belair, Lita drops Ripley with a top rope hurricarana. Lita misses a charge in the corner before dropping Ripley, Lita sets up for a moonsault and Ripley knocks her to the ring apron before Flair eliminates her. Ripley gets Rousey on her shoulders and Rousey counters with a triangle choke, Flair dumps Rousey and Ripley to the ring apron before eliminating Ripley. Belair goes after Flair while Rousey recovers after hitting the ring post, Flair is sent to the ring apron and Belair attacks her before she can get to Rousey. Baszler attacks Belair and Belair hits her with a spine buster, Baszler gets Belair in the choke and Belair gets free before getting Baszler in line for a KOD.

Flair dumps Baszler and Belair out of the ring for a double elimination, Flair goes for the big boot and Rousey dumps her out of the ring for the final elimination.

Winner: Ronda Rousey, last eliminating Charlotte Flair

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Doudrop

The match begins with Doudrop shoving Lynch to the mat below, Lynch gets up and she quickly catches Doudrop in a headlock. Doudrop quickly gets free and Lynch starts getting angry, Doudrop escapes the grasp pf Lynch again before landing a shoulder tackle. Lynch takes a break on the arena floor to avoid a splash from Doudrop, Doudrop gets trapped in the ropes and Lynch nails her with a few kicks. Lynch goes to the top rope and Doudrop tosses her down after landing a few strikes, Doudrop misses an avalanche and still manages to drop Lynch with a headbutt a short time later. Doudrop sets up for the banzai drop and Lynch escaoes to the arena floor, Lynch tries dragging Doudrop out of the ring and Doudrop kicks her into the barricade. Doudrop gets Lynch back in the ring before landing a shoulder tackle followed by a senton bomb, Lynch leaves the ring and Doudrop follows her out there. Doudrop goes for a cannonball and Lynch gets out of the way as Doudrop crashes into the ring steps, Doudrop gets back in the ring and Lynch stomps away on her. Lynch holds Doudrop down while applying a chin lock to her, Doudrop gets free and she catches a leaping Lynch during a cross body block attempt.

Lynch gets free from the grasp of Doudrop before getting her in a sleeper hold, Doudrop backs Lynch into the corner to get free from the sleeper. Lynch avoids a charging Doudrop before landing a top rope missile drop kick for a near fall, Doudrop gets up and Lynch trash talks her before exchanging some slaps. Doudrop then nails Lynch with a spinning back suplex and multiple slams, Doudrop then hits Lynch with a senton bomb for a near fall. Lynch fights back and she manages to get Doudrop into the Disarmer, Doudrop tries getting free and Lynch transitions into an arm bar. Lynch then transitions to a triangle choke and Doudrop gets free after landing a sit out power bomb for a near fall, Doudrop then nails a cornered Lynch with an avalanche followed by a cannonball for a near fall. Doudrop goes for the middle rope Vader Bomb and Lynch gets her knees up, Lynch goes to the top rope and she hits Doudrop with a Molly Go Round for another near fall. Lynch traps Doudrop in the ropes while landing a ton of strikes, Lynch misses a middle rope knee strike and Doudrop nails her with multiple headbutts afterwards. Doudrop stays on the ring apron and she looks to suplex Lynch out of the ring, Lynch fights back and she stuns Doudrop along the top rope.

Doudrop fights back and Lynch traps her on the top rope before going to the top rope, Lynch then hits Doudrop with a top rope guillotine leg drop for a near fall. Lynch goes for the Man Handle Slam and Doudrop counters with a sit out pile driver for a near fall, Doudrop sets up for the banzai drop and Lynch nails her with a chop block. Lynch then hits Doudrop with a super Man Handle Slam for a three count.

Winner: Becky Lynch, still the Raw Women’s Champion

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Bobby Lashley (w/ MVP)

The match begins with neither gaining an advantage during the opening lockup, Lesnar quickly nails Lashley with a release German suplex. Lashley recovers and he nails Lesnar with a release German suplex, Lesnar recovers and he nails Lashley with multiple German suplexes. Lashley gets up and he nails Lesnar with multiple strikes, Lesnar looks for the F5 and Lashley gets free before landing a spear. Lashley waits for Lesnar to get up before knocking him out of the ring after a second spear, Lashley also leaves the ring and he crashes through the barricade after Lesnar avoids his spear attempt. Lesnar picks up Lashley for an F5 and Lashley escapes before shoving Lesnar into the ring post, Lashley gets Lesnar back in the ring before missing a corner spear. Lesnar looks for more German suplexes and he eventually nails Lashley with a multitude of them, Lesnar goes for the F5 and Lashley escapes to get him in a Hurt Lock. Lesnar gets free after backing Lashley into the referee, Lashley goes for the Hurt Lock again and Lesnar counters with an F5 that also hits the referee to knock him out.

Roman Reigns comes from out of nowhere to nail Lesnar with a spear, Reigns faces off with Heyman and Heyman hands Reigns the WWE Championship belt. Reigns then cracks the dazed Lesnar with the championship belt, Reigns leaves the ring and Heyman follows behind as Lashley covers Lesnar for the three count.

Winner: Bobby Lashley (w/MVP), your new WWE Champion

Mixed Tag Team Match
Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. The Miz & Maryse

The match begins with Phoenix chasing a running Maryse around the ring, Miz looks to get Maryse out of the ring and Phoenix knocks her into him so they crash on the arena floor. Maryse gets in the ring and she immediately tags Miz into the ring, Miz confronts Phoenix and Edge attacks him before landing multiple corner clotheslines. Maryse interferes and that allows Miz to knock Edge to the arena floor, Miz gets Edge back in the ring before kicking him in the face. Miz stands over a downed Edge before landing butt smashes to his back, Miz then lands multiple It Kicks to the still down Edge. Edge avoids the final kick before rolling up Miz for a near fall, Miz recovers and he drops Edge with a neck breaker for a near fall. Miz drags Edge to the ropes before choking him on the middle rope, Maryse interferes and she slaps Edge while the ref was distracted. Phoenix gets angry and she chases Maryse around while holding a chair, Edge recovers and he nails Miz with a DDT. Edge knocks Miz out of the ring before Maryse goes after him, Phoenix tags in and she immediately drops Maryse a few times.

Phoenix mounts a downed Maryse before bashing her head on the mat a few times, Phoenix follows up by nailing Maryse with a spinning side slam for a near fall. Miz interferes and Phoenix confronts him in the middle of the ring, Phoenix gets Miz in the corner before landing strikes and stomps. Maryse grabs her loaded purse and she hits Phoenix with it while the ref was distracted for a near fall, Maryse stands over a downed Phoenix while stomping away on her. Maryse keeps Phoenix down while applying a camel clutch to her, Phoenix powers herself to get free and she looks for a Glam Slam before a double clothesline drops them both. Miz tags in and Edge immediately drops him with some clotheslines, Edge then hits Miz with a reverse X-Factor for a near fall. Maryse distracts Edge while he was climbing the ropes and Edge meets him up there, Phoenix attacks Maryse before getting Miz off the ropes with a power bomb. Edge then hits Miz with a top rope elbow drop for a near fall, Maryse attacks Phoenix from behind before sending her into the ring steps.

Edge then nails Miz with a flapjack before setting up for the spear, Maryse grabs the leg of Edge and that allows Miz to send him charging into the corner. Maryse then nails Edge with a top rope hurricarana while Miz distracts the referee, Miz then hits Edge with a Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall. Miz and Maryse look for a double Skull Crushing Finale until Phoenix breaks it up, Phoenix and Edge then hit Miz with a double spear. Phoenix and Edge then hit Miz and Maryse with double Glam Slams for a three count.

Winners: Edge & Beth Phoenix

Men's Royal Rumble

The first two entrants are #1 AJ Styles and #2 is Shinsuke Nakamura, the action begins with Nakamura cracking Styles with a few strikes. Styles catches a kick from Nakamura before landing a dragon screw leg whip, Nakamura eats a leg kick before nailing Styles with a spin kick. Styles lands a few shots before nailing Nakamura with a sliding forearm strike, #3 is Austin Theory and he immediately hits Styles with a rolling drop kick. Theory then hits an attacking Nakamura with a back suplex, Theory looks to eliminate Nakamura and Styles looks to eliminate him as well. Nakamura drops Theory before landing a knee strike to his back, #4 is Robert Roode and he quickly nails Nakamura and Theory with spine busters. Styles and Roode have a face off before doing battle, Styles looks for a Styles Clash and Roode avoids it. Styles gets Roode over the ropes before landing a strike that knocks him to the arena floor for an elimination, Nakamura then hits Theory with an inverted exploder suplex. Theory recovers and he hits Nakamura with a back breaker, #5 is Ridge Holland and he immediately hits Theory with a chop block. Styles manages to eliminate Nakamura while Holland and Theory battle, Holland takes out Styles before stomping on a downed Theory.

Holland looks to eliminate Theory and Styles nails him with some leg kicks, #6 is Montez Ford and he immediately tries eliminating Styles. Theory goes after Ford and Ford nails him with a drop kick, Ford tries eliminating Theory until Holland attacks him from behind. Ford cracks Holland with a few strikes before eating a power slam, #7 is Damian Priest and he lays out Holland with a clothesline. Priest goes after Styles before hitting Theory with a back breaker, Priest misses a kick and Styles tries eliminating him alongside Theory. Priest drops Styles before stomping away on a downed Theory, #8 is Sami Zayn and he avoids trying to fight anybody. Ford goes after Zayn before everybody takes turns battling each other, #9 is Johnny Knoxville and he comes to the ring with members of the Jackass crew. Knoxville takes Zayn down before landing a few strikes and an elbow drop, Styles confronts Knoxville and a striking exchange briefly breaks out. Styles drops Knoxville with a multiple strike combination, Ford then hits Knoxville with a top rope frog splash before Zayn eliminates him with Holland’s assistance. Styles quickly dumps out Zayn for an elimination while Zayn was in celebration mode, #10 is Angelo Dawkins and he goes after everybody.

Everybody pairs off in the corners while Priest tries eliminating Dawkins, #11 is Omos and he immediately lays out a bunch of the competitors. Omos quickly dumps a charging Dawkins out of the ring for an elimination, Omos catches a leaping Ford and he throws him out of the ring for an elimination. Theory attacks Omos and Omos quickly drops him before confronting Styles, Omos throws Styles under the ropes and into the ring post. #12 is Ricochet and he nails Omos with a springboard drop kick, Omos recovers and he nails a charging Ricochet with a flapjack. Omos chokes a downed Holland in the corner before Theory attacks him from behind, Ricochet joins in the attack and Omos drops them both. #13 is Chad Gable and he rallies the wrestlers to attack Omos, Priest attacks Omos and he lands a few strikes on him before Omos drops him. Omos picks Priest up before eliminating him a short time later, everybody gangs up on Omos as #14 is revealed to be Dominik Mysterio. Dominik joins the gang and they all finally eliminate Omos from the match, everybody quickly turns on each other and they all pair off again. Theory comes close to dumping Dominik out of the ring, #15 is Happy Corbin and he immediately attacks everybody.

Theory attacks Corbin and Corbin quickly drops him with a choke slam, Ricochet attacks next and Corbin shoves him out of the ring for an elimination. Styles tries eliminating Corbin and Corbin fends him off, #16 is Dolph Ziggler and he quickly hits Corbin with a super kick followed by more strikes. Dominik goes after Corbin next while Ziggler saves himself from elimination, Corbin quickly nails a charging Dominik with a Deep Six before eliminating him. Theory looks to eliminate Styles and Styles nails him with an enziguri to knock him from the apron to the arena floor, #17 is Sheamus and he fails to save Holland from being eliminated by Styles. Sheamus gets in the ring and he immediately goes to work on Styles, Styles fights back and Sheamus nails him with a knee strike. Gable attacks Sheamus and Sheamus hits him with an Irish Curse back breaker, #18 is Rick Boogs and he immediately tosses Gable around. Boogs looks for a power bomb and Gable lands a few strikes before being placed on the top turnbuckle, Gable looks for a submission and Boogs knocks him to the mat. Boogs uses a press slam to eliminate Gable from the match, #19 is Madcap Moss and he works with Corbin to double team Sheamus. Moss and Corbin then turn their attention to Styles, Boogs looks to eliminate Ziggler and Ziggler defends against it. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm and Corbin nails him with a choke breaker before Moss eliminates him, #20 is Riddle and he nails Moss with a German suplex.

Moss and Corbin look to double team Riddle until Boogs makes the save, Corbin and Moss work together to eliminate Boogs from the match. Riddle goes back to the attack against Corbin and Moss, #21 is Drew McIntyre and he immediately drops Riddle with a clothesline. Moss and Corbin go after McIntyre after a failed attack by Ziggler, McIntyre quickly eliminates Corbin and Moss. McIntyre leaves the ring to further punish Moss and Corbin, McIntyre grabs the ring steps to hit Corbin and Moss with. #22 is Kevin Owens and he immediately battles McIntyre on the arena floor, McIntyre gets Owens in the ring and Owens nails him with a pop up power bomb when he reenters the ring. Owens then hits a cornered Ziggler with a cannonball before battling Sheamus, Riddle battles Owens until Owens attacks his bare feet. #23 is Rey Mysterio and he immediately takes Owens down before landing a springboard cross body block on Sheamus, Mysterio nearly dumps Riddle out of the ring before eating a stunner from Owens. Sheamus and McIntyre briefly work together against Owens, #24 is Kofi Kingston and he immediately goes to battle against Owens. Owens knocks Kingston off the ropes and into the barricade for the quick elimination, #25 is Otis and he nails Ziggler with a spinning elbow strike.

Otis drops Riddle before choking a downed Owens in the corner, Otis attacks McIntyre before nailing him with a power slam. Everybody pairs off and battles each other in the corners of the ring, #26 is Big E and he nails Owens with a belly to belly suplex. Riddle attacks and E quickly hits him with an overhead release suplex, E follows up by landing a splash on a downed Owens before eating a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Sheamus catches a diving Rey before landing some back breakers, #27 is Bad Bunny and he immediately attacks Sheamus. Bunny then takes Sheamus down with a top rope high cross body block, Bunny then drops Owens with a head scissors takedown. Bunny follows up by nailing Riddle with a destroyer, Sheamus then attacks Bunny from behind before missing a Brogue Kick and being eliminated by Bunny. Rey returns and he nails Ziggler with a hurricarana followed by a 619, Bunny then eliminates Ziggler with some help from Rey. #28 is Shane McMahon and Otis eliminates Rey during McMahon’s entrance, McMahon and Owens immediately go to war. McMahon leaves Owens to battle Riddle and Owens nails him with a super kick, Owens tries eliminating McMahon and McMahon winds up eliminating him. McMahon goes after McIntyre and McIntyre works him over, #29 is Randy Orton and he immediately hits E with an RKO before eliminating him. Orton then hits Otis with an RKO while Riddle hits McIntyre with an assisted RKO, Orton and Riddle work together to eliminate Otis. #30 is Brock Lesnar and he immediately lays everybody out, Lesnar propels Orton and others across the ring with overhead release suplexes.

Lesnar then clotheslines Orton out of the ring for an elimination, Lesnar then hits Bunny with an F5 before eliminating him from the match. Lesnar catches a leaping Riddle and he dumps him out of the ring for an elimination, Lesnar then clotheslines McMahon out of the ring for an elimination. McIntyre nails Lesnar with a bunch of strikes before getting cornered, Lesnar looks for an F5 and McIntyre counters with a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre misses a Claymore Kick and Lesnar uses the F5 to dump him out of the ring for the final elimination.

Winner: Brock Lesnar, last eliminating Drew McIntyre

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