WWE SmackDown (9/29/2023) Results: Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair, John Cena Will Appear, & More

WWE SmackDown
Golden 1 Center
Sacramento, CA

SmackDown Results 9/29/23

- Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman kick off WWE SmackDown. Heyman says that he, Jimmy, and Solo acknowledge their tribal chief. Heyman then shows a video clip from last week's episode of WWE SmackDown. Karl Anderson enters the rings and takes out Jimmy and Solo. Karl Anderson tells The Bloodline, "they made it personal when they put AJ [Styles] in the hospital." He challenges one of The Bloodline members to a match.

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Karl Anderson vs. Jimmy Uso ( w/ Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman)

We return from a commercial break, and the match is underway. Karl Anderson is in control and hits a nice spinebuster on Jimmy Uso. Solo Sikoa distracts the referee and Anderson. Uso takes advantage, and an eye rakes Anderson. Uso takes advantage, hits Anderson with a splash from the top rope, and pins Anderson. After the match, Sikoa hits Anderson with a Samoa Spike. We see Heyman, Uso, and Sikoa leaving the ring. Michin comes out, and Jimmy gets in her face, and she slaps Jimmy hard as we go to another commercial break. The commentary team notes that John Cena is not in the building yet but is on his way.

Winner: Jimmy Uso ( w/ Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman)

- The Grayson Waller Effect w/ Bobby Lashley begins with Grayson Waller saying, "John Cena may be the greatest of all time, but he's not the greatest at being on time."

We get highlights from last week's SmackDown. Bobby Lashley says he might have messed up with choosing The Street Profits as his proteges. The Street Profits music goes off, and they enter the ring.

Lashley doesn't want to hear anything from them; he wants to see results. Lashley walks away with The Street Profits standing outside the ring. Waller says he needs to "get the crowd back." He brings out Austin Theory, and we will get Austin Theory vs. Cameron Grimes after the commercial break.

Austin Theory vs. Cameron Grimes

The match begins with Cameron Grimes in control. Grimes nails Theory with several kicks. The action goes outside the ring, and Grayson Waller distracts Grimes, and that is enough for Theory to take control and hit Grimes with a Rolling Drop Kick. Theory pins Grimes to get the victory.

Winner: Austin Theory

- We return from a commercial break, and Jey Uso is attacking Ashante "Thee" Adonis. Solo Sikoa then slams Adonis through a table.

United States Championship Match
Santos Escobar vs. Rey Mysterio (c)

The match begins with a lock-up, and during the first two minutes, the two counter each other's moves. We return from a commercial break with Escobar stretching out Mysterio. We see Mysterio go over the top rope and dive onto Escobar. Mysterio gets Escobar in the ring and hits him with a seated Senton. During the match, they go backstage, and we see Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa attacking Security Guards backstage. Escobar hits Mysterio with a Superkick, and that sends Mysterio outside the ring. Escobar dives over the top rope. Escobar then uses the guardrail to hit Mysterio with a moonsault.

We return from another commercial break, and Escobar nails Mysterio with a big chop. Escobar has Mysterio in the Gory Special; however, Mysterio gets out of it. Escobar has Mysterio in a modified torture rack and then hits him into a backbreaker.

We get a pin attempt from Mysterio, but Escobar kicks out. Santana is going for the Phantom Driver, but Mysterio kicks out. Mysterio goes for the 619, but Escobar catches it. Mysterio gets out of it and goes for another one, and he hits it this time. Mysterio goes for the pin, but Escobar kicks out. Rey goes for the inside cradle pin and gets the victory.

After the match, Mysterio and Escobar are attacked by The Street Profits. Bobby Lashley appears and walks and is all smiles. We see Joaquin Wilde running at Lashley, but Lashley blocks him and knocks him down. Dragon Lee attempts to jump the barricade but is stopped by security as The Street Profits hit the Cash Out on Wilde. Lashley then celebrates with The Street Profits.

Winner and still U.S. Champion: Rey Mysterio

- We returned from a commercial break with LWO challenging Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits at Fastlane.

- We get WWE touting that they have signed Jade Cargill.

- We see John Cena has arrived at the arena.

- We get a vignette of Elton Prince showing that he will return from injury soon. We then see Butch and Ridge Holland watching the monitor and questioning what they observed.

Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley ( w/ Damage CTRL's Dakota Kai & IYO SKY)

Before the match, Charlotte grabs the mic and asks Bayley, "What is wrong with her? She's one of the Four Horsewomen." Flair said after she beats Bayley, she will challenge IYO SKY at Fastlane.

The bell rings, and Bayley takes out Charlotte and controls the match as we go to another commercial break. We return from the break, and Flair is in control. Flair hits the big boot on Bayley. Flair goes for the pin, but Bayley kicks out. Bayley hits Flair with some chops, but we see Flair hit Bayley with a spear from out of nowhere and then pins Bayley for the win. Damage CTRL is about to attack Flair; however, Asuka's music goes off, and she comes out. Asuka begins yelling, but Bayley cuts her off and says that if she wants a Triple Threat Match with IYO and Charlotte at Fastlane, then she's on." IYO tells Bayley that's not what we see as we go to another break.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

- We get a promo for NXT No Mercy

- It's announced that we will see The Judgement Day on SmackDown next week and Dragon Lee vs. Austin Theory.

- John Cena comes out. He tells Stu, "The Camera Guy," it's time to go to work and does his signature entrance. Cena said he returned to WWE to compete and that The Bloodline did not like that. Cena says they left him knocked out. He says he could rip the contract up, or he could fight. He says he will honor his contract whether he finds a partner or not. The Bloodline comes out and begins teasing Cena. Jimmy tells Cena that he is not going to make it to Fastlane.

Cena takes out Uso with an elbow. Solo and Jimmy begin attacking Cena, and they have the upper hand as expected. LA Knight's music hits, and he makes the save for Cena. He takes out both Uso and Sikoa, and they leave the ring. Knight signs the contract and will team with Cena at WWE Fastlane. The show then ends.

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