WWE Smackdown on FOX Results for 10/18/19 Nakamura vs Reigns for the Intercontinental Title

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WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Roman Reigns

They tie up for a clean break to start the match as Sami Zayn joins on commentary before Shinsuke knees Roman in the rubs and hits a jumping knee drop before Roman catches him with a boot. Roman drops Shinsuke with a back elbow and sends him face first into the top turnbuckle before hitting a Samoan drop for a quick two count as Sami leaves the commentary and regroups with Shinsuke at ringside. Sami then pulls Shinsuke out of the way of a drive by and Shinsuke drops Roman with a kick as we go to commercial.

Shinsuke has Roman in a sleeper that he powers to his feet to get free and counters an exploder suplex and a diving knee before clotheslining Shinsuke and hitting him with clubbing clotheslines in the corner. Roman goes for a superman punch, but Shinsuke locks in a flying armbar before locking in a triangle choke and Roman muscles Shinsuke up and hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Sami distracts Roman and Shinsuke hits a sliding German suplex before Roman hits a superman punch when he goes for a Kinshasa for a near fall. Baron Corbin then shows up out of nowhere and attacks Roman for the disqualification.

Winner: Roman Reigns defeats Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall, but Shinsuke retains his Intercontinental Championship due to champions advantage.

-After the match Baron attacks Roman before he's saved by Daniel Bryan who takes him out and Sami distracts him before Shinsuke takes him out with a Kinshasa and Shinsuke, Sami and Corbin leave together as we get a recap of the blue side of this year's WWE Draft.

-New Day and Heavy Machinery then discuss teaming up tonight ahead of their match at Crown Jewel as we go to commercial.

-Baron Corbin is interviewed backstage about his attack on Roman Reigns before we get a video package for Chad Gable ahead of his match against Curtis Axel.

Chad Gable vs Curtis Axel

Curtis backs Chad into the corner and suplexes him before locking in a straight armbar before Chad hits a sunset powerbomb into a drop toe hold. Chad then locks in an ankle lock and Curtis is forced to tap for the win.

Winner: Chad Gable defeats Curtis Axel via submission with an ankle lock.

-Chad is interviewed after the match where he talks about how he feels that his height is what makes him who he is and talks about the positives of being a genuine person before thanking people who bullied him in the past. Chad then calls himself Shorty G before leaving and we get a vignette for the ten man tag team match between Team Hogan and Team Flair at Crown Jewel. Hulk Hogan then joins via satellite and says that he has Flair's number and that there is no need to worry about his team at Crown Jewel and that it is a tie between Chad Gable and Ali before announcing that the team captain will be announced at the end of the show.

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Tucker and Dolph kick things off with the two exchanging dropkicks and HM hit stereo suplexes to Roode and Ziggler before Otis and Big-E wishbone Dolph and sending The Revival out of the ring with overhead belly to back suplexes. Xavier then hits a suicide dive and takes out The Revival before Roode hits an assisted spinebuster to Xavier onto the floor as we go to commercial.

Xavier hits a back suplex to Dash and knocks all of his opponents away before he goes for the tag and they pull his teammates off of the apron to keep him from making the tag. Dash takes control and tags in Dolph who sets Xavier on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but Xavier knocks him down onto the mat and hits a missile dropkick. Xavier gets the tag to Otis who runs roughshod over Roode and Ziggler before knocking the Revival off of the apron and headbutting Roode before sending Dolph into him. Otis hits a one person flap jack into a suplex to Roode before sending Dawson out of the ring and hitting Roode with the Caterpillar before Dolph counters the Compactor and The Revival hit an assisted diving cross body for a near fall. Otis then hits a delayed suplex before New Day hit UpUpDownDown for the pin and the win.

Winner: New Day and Heavy Machinery defeat The Revival, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode via pinfall when New Day pin Scott Dawson with UpUpDownDown.

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