WWE Smackdown on FOX Results for 3/5/21 Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso in a Steel Cage

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE Smackdown on FOX!

- Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring to start the show where he's interviewed Michael Cole about the number one contender cage match he has against Jey Uso later tonight in our main event. Daniel talks about how he is going to do his best to play spoiler and keep Roman from facing Edge at Wrestlemania by defeating Jey tonight and Roman at Fastlane. Daniel talks about how he'd never felt like such a failure after Roman beat him and Edge speared Roman before saying that he's always loved professional wrestling even if he's never been very ambitious. Daniel talks about how he's helped put others over this past year since he was planning on becoming a part time wrestler. Daniel is then interrupted by Universal champion Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and his opponent for tonight Jey Uso as we go to commercial.

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- We come back from the break as Roman and Daniel have words before Jey tries to cheap shot Daniel and Daniel drops him before tossing him out of the ring. Daniel and Roman then face off before Roman and company leaves up the ramp.

The Street Profits vs Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin

Before the match Corbin says that he doesn't want to team with Sami and that he's a singles competitor before challenging one of the Street Profits to a singles match.

Winner: Match never started.

Baron Corbin (w/ Sami Zayn) vs Montez Ford (w/ Angelo Dawkins)

Montez shows off his athleticism before Corbin hits a spine buster for two and beats on Montez in the corner before whipping him into the corner sternum first. Corbin slams Ford who comes back with several kicks into a DDT and a standing moonsault for two before getting distracted by Sami at ringside. Corbin then pins Montez with the End of Days for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin defeats Montez Ford via pinfall.

- After the match Baron leaves Sami to face Angelo alone as we go to commercial.

Sami Zayn vs Angelo Dawkins (w/ Montez Ford)

We come back from the break to the match already in progress with Angelo in control before Sami comes back with strikes at ringside and sends Angelo face first into the barricade and apron. Back inside Sami drops Angelo with a club to the back of the neck for two before choking him in the ropes and yelling at Montez at ringside. Angelo comes back with a back elbow before hitting The Silencer for two before countering a blue thunderbomb before Sami hits an exploder into the corner. Montez then distracts Sami and the documentary team before Angelo rolls Sami up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Angelo Dawkins defeats Sami Zayn via pinfall.

- After the match Sami attacks a cameraman that he's never seen before and hired.

- Backstage Reginald walks up to Carmella who says that he's a snake before smacking the serving tray and wine out of his hand before firing him and leaving.

- We get a video package for the Intercontinental champion Big E who will be returning next week.

Dominik Mysterio (w/ Rey Mysterio) vs Chad Gable (w/ Otis)

Dom sends Chad out of the ring before he gets back in and takes Dom down before focusing on his leg and grounding the young high flyer. Dom comes back with a head scissors before Chad hits a Tiger suplex for two and goes up top before landing on his feet when he misses a moonsault. Dom and Chad then exchange pin attempts until Dom pins Chad with a crucifix.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio defeats Chad Gable via pinfall.

- After the match Rey attacks Otis before he and Dom flee up the ramp.

- We get this week's Progressive Match Flo recapping Cesaro attacking Seth Rollins when he tries to get him to join him before we go backstage to an interview with Seth before Murphy shows up and offers to help Seth with his Cesaro situation. Seth then rejects Murphy and tells him to get out of his sight.

Shayna Baszler (w/ Nia Jax) vs Bianca Belair (w/ Sasha Banks)

The two exchange headlocks before Shayna counters a dropkick and Bianca rolls her up for two before getting one off of a cradle and Shayna kicks her arm. Shayna hits a running knee in the corner for two before focusing on joint manipulation and snapping the arm of Bianca into the mat. Bianca comes back with a scoop slam into a running shoulder tackle in the corner before hitting a suplex into a back body drop. Shayna sends Bianca out of the ring before Bianca shoves Reginald away and Bianca gets dropped with a knee back in the ring as Nia fakes out Sasha at ringside. Bianca then hits Shayna with the Kiss of Death for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair defeats Shayna Baszler via pinfall.

- After the match Bianca tells Sasha to take care of Reginald before he helps Sasha up and gets dropped with a slap as we see Reginald visibly distraught.

- Backstage Roman talks to Jey in the locker room about how he must win tonight or he'll embarrass himself and their family before Jey says that he's got this and leaves as we go to commercial.

Murphy vs Cesaro

Seth comes out to the ring before the match starts before joining commentary as Murphy takes control early before Cesaro comes back with a series of uppercuts. Cesaro then swings Murphy for an entire minute before turning it into a sharpshooter and Murphy taps out for the win.

Winner: Cesaro defeats Murphy via submission.

- Backstage Reginald tries to get Sasha to let him into her locker room before she rejects him and Shayna mocks him before Nia says that he's kind of cute as we go to commercial.

- Apollo comes out to the ring with Nigerian soldiers with a Nigerian accent where he demands a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship match with Big E.

- Backstage Daniel attacks Jey during his interview before going out to the ring for their steel cage match up next as we go to commercial.

- We go backstage to Bayley reversing for her show before she starts listing off favorable tweets until she reads a negative one and leaves.

Universal Championship Number One Contender Steel Cage Match
Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso

Roman and Paul come out to the ring and join at ringside before the match starts before the match starts and Daniel focuses on the shoulder and arm of Jey. Jey then traps Daniel in the tree of woe and stomps his knee before Daniel pulls him off of the side of the cage and Jey hits an avalanche Samoan drop as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to the two brawling on the top of the cage before Jey superkicks Daniel and hits a splash off of the top for two as Roman looks on. Daniel keeps Jey from crawling out of the ring before Jey counters several attempts at the Yes Lock before beating on DB in mount. Jey tries to climb out of the cage before Daniel drags him back inside and goes to escape, but Jey pulls DB back inside with a cravat. Daniel then hits a butterfly superplex into the Yes Lock before Jey is forced to tap for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan defeats Roman Reigns via submission to earn an opportunity to face Roman Reigns at Fastlane for his Universal Championship.

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