Good evening Fight Fans and welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of WWE Smackdown on FOX!

- We open the show with a video package for Triple H before we open the show in the arena with a run down of the matches tonight including the Women's Tag Team Championship match later tonight before we go to the ring for New Day who celebrate their winning the Smackdown Tag Team titles for an 8th time last week. Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado of Lucha House Party come out and congratulate TND before they're interrupted by the former champions The Miz and John Morrison who walk right past them and get into the ring with E and Kofi. LHC get into the ring and all three teams exchange words before they're then interrupted by The Forgotten Sons and all four teams soon brawl in the ring before TFS clear the ring and make an emphatic statement by taking out the champs. We then get a graphic for the MitB qualifier between Drew Gulak and Baron Corbin up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to the Highlight of the Night recapping Baron Corbin attacking Elias last week as Corbin makes his way out to the ring.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier Match

Baron Corbin vs Drew Gulak

Corbin immediately tosses Drew over the top rope when they lock up before Drew gets back into the ring and they lock up again before Drew takes Corbin down and controls him on the mat momentarily before he muscles his way to his feet. They start striking Corbin stops Drew from taking him down and Drew dropkicks his knee before sending him out of the ring, Drew hitting a baseball slide into a dropkick that sends Corbin over the announce table as we go to commercial.

Corbin is in control as we come back from commercial before Drew rolls him up for two before Corbin hits a slide slam for two and stomps him down in the corner before Drew comes back with forearms and right hands. Drew hits a shotgun dropkick before countering a choke slam and hitting a sunset flip before hitting a running cross body for two, Corbin rolling out of the ring to catch his breath before he anticipates Drew sliding out of the ring again. Drew hits a dragon screw that sends Corbin into the steps before he rolls him back into the ring and hits a missile dropkick before Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro attack Daniel in the crowd. Drew focuses on Shinsuke and gets sent into the post by Corbin before Corbin hits The End of Days once he tosses him back into the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin defeats Drew Gulak via pinfall to gain entry to the Money in the Bank ladder match.

- After the match Cesaro and Shinsuke hold Drew up before Corbin hits him with his scepter before we get a graphic fo the rest of tonight's show before we get a graphic of the current 24/7 champion Rob Gronkowski returning to the NFL to rejoin Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We then get a graphic for part three of the series of Jeff Hardy which is up next as we go to commercial.

Sheamus vs Local Talent

Dan goes right after Sheamus, but he's quickly man handled and forced into the corner where Sheamus beats on him and beats him down with clubbing blows when he goes for a takedown before Sheamus hits him with more clubbing blows and kicks him away before hitting the Brogue Kick for the pin and the win in a very short match.

Winner: Sheamus defeats a local performer via pinfall.

- After the match we go to part three of the Jeff Hardy documentary as we go to commercial.

The Miz & John Morrison vs Lucha House Party

Miz drives Lince into the corner before Lince kicks him in the legs and chops Miz before he goes for a springboard and Miz boots him in midair before dropping Lince with a chop and hitting a monkey flip into a slingshot elbow drop by John for two. Lince hits an arm drag before LHP double up on John and John sends Metalik out of the ring before dropping Lince with a sliding knee before tagging Miz in who stomps on Lince and mocks him before dragging him to the corner. Miz hits a snap mare into a PK before John hits another sliding knee into a standing shooting star press for two before choking Lince in the ropes before Lince comes back with The Golden Rewind and tags in Metalik as Miz gets the tag on the opposite side. Metalik does several flips before hitting a bulldog and Miz gets his boots up when Metalik goes for a moonsault before Metalik counters The Skull Crushing Finale into a sunset flip for the pin and the win out of nowhere.

Winner: Lucha House Party defeat The Miz and John Morrison via pinfall.

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