WWE Smackdown on FOX Results for 12/10/21 The Usos vs The New Day vs RK-BRO

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE Smackdown on FOX!

- Sami Zayn comes out to the ring in a wheelchair accompanied by two male nurses before he gets into the ring and says that he was robbed of the Universal title and that Brock betrayed him before announcing that he's going to sue Sonya, Adam, the referee, and Roman, and Brock as well as Paul and anyone who had anything to do with robbing him of his title opportunity. Paul then comes out to the ring without Roman before Sami stands up and says that he knows that Roman isn't there tonight, and that he's in Samoa before threatening Paul and Brock comes out to the ring before Sami gets back in his wheelchair. Brock gets into the ring and has Paul hand him the mic before he hits on a chair and asks Sami how he's doing before mocking the wheelchair and neck brace before telling Brock to shut his mouth before Brock says that they got off on the wrong foot and apologizes for attacking Sami. Sami says that his body pain is a ten and his feelings are a twenty before Brock says that he did Sami a favor and was never going to beat Roman before asking Sami what part of Canada he's from before Sami tells Brock that he's from Montreal. Brock speaks a few words of French before inviting Sami to Saskatchewan to hunt with him before Sami says that he's vegan and Brock pushes Sami's wheelchair before Paul gets on the mic and thinks he's high. Paul talks up Brock's career and how he's changed before Brock attacks Sami's nurses and tosses them out of the ring before kicking Sami out of the ring and hitting Sami with an F5 as Paul looks on in satisfaction as we go to commercial.

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- We come back from the break to a backstage interview with Brock who just tells the interviewer to ask his advocate Paul Heyman for a comment before leaving.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs vs Los Lotharios

Rick single-handedly takes out both Angel and Humberto before playing to the crowd and Humberto locks in a rear chin lock before Rick powers to his feet and swings Humberto around before tagging in Shinsuke who drops Humberto with a kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs defeat Los Lotharios via pinfall.

- Backstage several Superstars gather around a table before Kofi reveals King Woods' new crown and gives it to him.

- In the office Drew McIntyre meets with Adam Pearce and threatens him with his sword before Adam informs him that he can't bring it to the ring anymore before Drew drives it into the desk and leaves it there.

- Backstage Sasha Banks meets with Toni Storm and gives her advice ahead of her facing Charlotte Flair later tonight where if she wins she'll get a title shot.

Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus

Sheamus takes control early and clubs Drew before Drew grabs his arm when he tries to club him in the ropes and turns it around and clubs Sheamus against the ropes before Sheamus snaps his neck in the ropes and clubs him on the second attempt. Sheamus then misses a diving clothesline off of the apron before Drew grabs him and hits an overhead belly to belly onto the floor as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Drew in control before Sheamus comes back with a high knee when Drew goes for the Claymore for a deep two count before Drew rolls him up when he goes for the Brogue Kick for a deep two count. Drew and Sheamus then headbutt each other before Drew pins Sheamus with the Claymore for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre defeats Sheamus via pinfall.

- Backstage Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss are seen pushing Adam's desk with the sword still stuck in it off camera while looking around.

- We get a video package honoring the career of Jack Lanza as we go to commercial.

- Backstage Paul is interviewed about whether or not he's the advocate to Brock before he tells Kayla to stop doing what she's been doing the past several weeks before asking him how he thinks Roman will react to which Paul just looks off in horror and leaves.

Naomi vs Sonya Deville

Before the match starts Sonya introduces the special guest ring announcer as Natalya and Shayna Baszler as the special guest time keeper before Naomi attacks Shayna and Natalya before the match can start and Sonya gets out of the ring. Sonya and company then surround the ring before Xia Li comes out and helps Naomi fight off Shayna and Natalya before they surround Sonya and Sonya ducks a right hand by Naomi before Xia drops her with a kick. Shayna and Natalya then save Sonya before Naomi and Xia bow to each other and hold the ring.

- Backstage RK-BRO get ready for their triple threat match before the cast of Jackass Forever show up and offer Riddle and Randy advice before Randy walks off.

Charlotte Flair vs Toni Storm

Charlotte immediately drops Toni with a right hand before Toni kicks her in the midsection and hits a basement dropkick before the two run the ropes and Toni hits a running cross body for two before Charlotte drops Toni with a boot. Charlotte misses a moonsault before focusing on the legs of Toni to set up the Figure Eight before Toni rolls her up for two and hits a German for two before Charlotte sends Toni head first into the post and stomps her off of the apron. Charlotte stomps and chokes Toni against the post on the apron until the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Toni Storm defeats Charlotte Flair via disqualification.

- After the match Charlotte attacks Toni and lays her out with a boot before standing over Toni with her title and leaving.

- In the office Brock meets with Adam and tells him a story about hunting, killing, skinning, gutting, butchering, and eating a moose that he mounted the head of and named Pearce after Adam.

Usos vs New Day vs RK-BRO

Kofi and Riddle kick the match off with Riddle transitioning between submission attempts before Kofi gets to his feet and dropkicks Riddle for two before New Day double up on Riddle for two before Riddle and Woods exchange strikes until Woods hits a basement flat liner for two. Riddle and Woods run the ropes and hit moves against the ropes until Riddle drops Woods and Jimmy and Jey clear the ring before knocking Randy off of the apron and hitting stereo suicide dives as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to New Day in control of Jimmy until Riddle comes in and the Usos double up on Riddle and send him into the post before tossing him back inside and isolating him until Jey misses a splash in the corner and Riddle nearly tags in Randy before Jimmy rips Randy off of the apron before he can tag in. Jimmy then sends Randy into the steps before Jey gets two off of a neckbreaker that New Day break up as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to New Day taking control of Riddle as Kofi dives off of the back of Riddle and knocks Randy off of the apron before Woods controls Riddle with a rear chin lock before Riddle comes back with a flurry of kicks and finally gets the tag to Randy who enters the match for the first time. Randy clotheslines Jey repeatedly before hitting a pair of powerslams and Jimmy counters a draping DDT before Randy smashes his face against the announce table and drops Woods and Kofi onto the table. Back in the ring Jey then thrust kicks Randy before Randy sends him out onto the apron and hits a draping DDT before Jey counters an RKO into a roll up for a near fall before superkicking Randy and missing a splash before RKOing Jimmy and Woods superkicks Jey before New Day pin Jey with a diving stomp backbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: New Day defeat The Usos and RK-BRO via pinfall.

- We end the show with a graphic announcing the return of Roman Reigns next week as we go off the air.

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