WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 10/2/18 R-Truth & Carmella vs Andrade Almas & Zelina Vega

Good evening Fightful faithful  and welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of WWE Smackdown  Live! We hope you enjoy the show and be sure to stick around afterwards for the post-show podcast!

-Paige is in the ring to start the show where she explains how reprehensible the actions of Samoa Joe was last week before saying that Joe was charged with trespassing and that everyone in management agree that Joe should be fired. Paige says that she talked to AJ who said Joe should not be fired and that he wants revenge before we have a recorded message from AJ who is home with his family tonight. AJ says that he doesn't want to do something stupid that he may regret and that he's not leaving until Joe is on a plane to Australia. AJ then says that he's going to bury Joe alive as we go to commercial.

Six-Man Tag Team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Added To WWE Extreme Rules

R-Truth & Carmella vs Andrade Almas & Zelina Vega

Carmella starts off with Zelina who drops her with a shoulder block before locking in a variation of the tarantula in the ropes for a quick two count. Truth and Almas come in next and Truth hits a huricanrrana  before all four competitors have a pose off and Almas and Vega back out of the ring while the Fabulous Truth dance in the ring. Truth chases Almas around ringside before they get back in and Almas attacks Truth before Truth sends him over the top rope and down onto the floor as we go to commercial.

Carmella and Zelina get the tag as we return to the show as Carmella hits Vega with a flurry of offense and a huricanrrana into a bronco buster and a flat liner for a near fall that Almas breaks up. Carmella then locks in the Code of Silence for the tap and the win.

Winner: Carmella & R-Truth defeat Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega via submission when Carmella submits Zelina with the Code of Silence.

-We have New Day cooking pancakes in the ring before The Bar attack them and clear the ring as we go to commercial.

Tye Dillinger vs Randy Orton

They brawl at ringside before the match starts and Randy hits a draping DDT onto the floor before attacking Tye and trying to break his finger by putting it in the slot where the turnbuckles connect to the ring post before leaving.

Winner: No Contest due to the match never starting.

-Rusev and Lana come out to the ring to address the allegations Aiden English made last week before Aiden comes out and lists off accomplishments of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Aiden then shows a video where Lana comes to his hotel room and says that she wants him, but Aiden cuts the video short before she can say anything else and Rusev chases him to the back.

Daniel Bryan vs Shelton Benjamin

Shelton is in control to start the match, focusing on the ribs of Daniel before Daniel comes back with his signature Yes Kicks. Shelton launches Daniel into the air before he falls onto the mat for a quick two count before Shelton locks in a side that Daniel fights out of only for Shelton to knee him in the ribs. Daniel goes for the Yes Lock, but Shelton quickly gets to the bottom rope for the break before Shelton gets out of the ring and Daniel gives chase. Shelton then sends Daniel into the barricade and the apron repeatedly as we go to commercial.

Shelton is in control as we return to the action until Daniel rocks him with several European uppercuts only for Shelton to hit a German suplex for a near fall. Daniel hits a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle and several corner dropkicks before Shelton hits a bridging German suplex for another near fall. Daniel hits a frankensteiner and more Yes Kicks before dropping Shelton with a wheel kick, Daniel getting distracted by The Miz before Shelton hits Pay Dirt for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin defeats Daniel Bryan via pinfall with Pay Dirt.

-After the match The Miz attacks Daniel and hits the Skull Crushing Finale in the center of the ring as we go to commercial.

Asuka vs Peyton Royce

Peyton is in control, beating Asuka down as we come back to the match already in progress before Peyton hits a widow's peak for a quick two count. Asuka misses a missile dropkick for another quick two count before Peyton locks in a choke that Asuka fights out of before Asuka hits a missile dropkick off of the second rope for a quick two count. Asuka then locks in a knee bar into an ankle lock before locking in a variation of the Asuka Lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: Asuka defeats Peyton Royce via submission with the Asuka Lock.

- Becky Lynch comes out to the ring and says that she runs the blue brands women's division and that she's relentless before showing a video of her various attacks on Charlotte. Becky unveils a poster for Super Showdown that she had made with her standing over Charlotte before Charlotte rushes out to the ring. Charlotte then locks in a figure four on the apron before dropping Becky with a boot as we go off the air. 

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