WWE SmackDown on FOX Results for 10/4/19 New WWE Champion Crowned, Cain Velasquez Debuts

Hey Fight Fans, it's finally here, it's finally time for the debut episode of SmackDown! Live on the FOX network! We hope you enjoy the show and be sure to check out the post-show podcast when things are said and done!


Interim AEW World Champion Crowned At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door

-We open the show with Michael Strahan walking around the FOX offices with Becky Lynch before we see Braun Strowman and they make their way to the studio where the show will be before The Fiend appears and we cut to the blue carpet where several celebrities make their appearance, including rapper Xzibit. We have an interview with Ric Flair and Charlotte where Charlotte talks about how well WWE invests in women and that other industries should do the same before we throw to Renee Young and Booker-T with Big-E and Xavier Woods of The New Day before Big-E does his signature introduction and Xavier plays a tune on the trumpet before we see the new SmackDown on FOX stage.

-The Universal champion Seth Rollins joins the set and talks about his favorite moment on SmackDown before talking about The Shield losing their first six man tag match on the show before we get a video of the supermarket brawl between Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin before we get an interview with the WWE champion Kofi Kingston where he says that he’s going to shock the world and defeat Brock Lesnar tonight and retain his title.

-The Bella Twins are interviewed outside where they talk about starting their careers on SmackDown and that the show with be electrifying when The Rock returns to SmackDown before we go to commercial.

-We get an opening for the show narrated by Stone Cold Steve Austin before we get an interview with Paul Heyman where he says that there is no hope for Kofi Kingston and that Brock is going to become the new WWE champion.

Main Show

-We open the show with an introduction by Stephanie and Vince McMahon before we get a the new introduction for the show featuring a song by ACDC before Becky Lynch comes out to the ring. Becky talks about how her career went to the next level with the blue brand before she's interrupted by King of the Ring winner Baron Corbin, Baron mocking Becky before they're joined by The Rock. The Rock gets into the ring and fist bumps Becky and shunning Corbin before he gets on the mic and says that he's home, Corbin insulting The Rock. The Rock says that Becky is the man and doesn't walk with a false sense of bravado before Becky calls into question Corbin's testicular fortitude. Corbin says that he's superior to everyone and that he can dress how he wants and do what he wants before insulting NBA star and newly signed Lakers star LeBron James. The Rock questions Baron before Becky interrupts him with The Rock's "It doesn't matter." catchphrase and The Rock says that Corbin is tough before the fans start chanting "STD" before making sexually transmitted disease jokes. Corbin becomes visibly angry before The Rock and Becky attack Baron and The Rock hits The People's Elbow and The Rock Bottom before Corbin rolls out of the ring and The Man and The Rock celebrate before we see the SmackDown Women's champion Bayley and Sasha Banks backstage before we're told about the tag team up next as we go to commercial.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte vs Bayley & Sasha Banks

Bayley cheap shots Becky before Charlotte backs her into the corner and Bayley slams Charlotte to the mat by her hair before Sasha comes in and hits a meteora for a quick two count before Charlotte comes back with knife edge chops and boots her off of the apron and down onto the floor. Charlotte then goes up top and Becky stops Bayley once before she succeeds on the second attempt and Bayley sends Charlotte off and flying into the barricade as we go to commercial.

We come back to Becky getting the tag and dropping both Bayley and Sasha before Charlotte hits the Natural Selection for a near fall that Sasha breaks up and all four women brawl. Becky hits a missile dropkick before Charlotte hits a moonsault to the outside, taking out Bayley and Sasha before Charlotte rolls Bayley back into the ring and applies the Figure Eight for the tap and the win, submitting the SmackDown Women's champion ahead of their title match at Hell in a Cell.

Winner: Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeat Bayley and Sasha Banks via submission when Charlotte submits Bayley with the Figure Eight.

-After the match Kofi Kingston and The New Day are interviewed backstage where Kofi says he's going to climb the mountain and defeat Brock Lesnar, Xavier saying that they will be staying out of the match and will not be ringside for the match, Xavier saying that Kofi wants to defeat The Beast alone as we go to commercial.

-We see world Heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury at ringside before we get a video recapping various Superstars on the blue carpet before we see Mick Foley and Kurt Angle in the crowd.

-Universal champion Seth Rollins comes out to the ring before Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen and his various Firefly Fun House characters introduce themselves, Rambling Rabbit warning Seth about The Fiend before Bray says that he's going to show Seth what will happen at Hell in a Cell, Rambling Rabbit playing Seth and Mercy the Buzzard playing The Fiend in a cage before Mercy tears Rabbit to pieces and Bray says that it's his turn before saying that he'll see him in hell before the video ends.

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura w/Sami Zayn

We see Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair in the crowd before Shinsuke immediately goes for a flying armbar and Seth gets to the ropes for the break before Seth hits several suicide dives. Back in the ring Seth counters a Kinshasa and drops Shinsuke with a knee of his own before he goes to finish Shinsuke and the lights go out before The Fiend appears and Shinsuke and Seth are now on the stage before he takes out Seth with the mandible claw and throws him from the stage, his laugh remaining as we go to commercial.

Winner: No contest due to match being thrown out.

Career vs Career Ladder Match

Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon

Kevin rushes Shane when he's being introduced before tossing him into the ring, the match officially starting before Kevin sets up a ladder between the apron and the railing before sending Shane into it. Kevin sets up a ladder in the ring before Shane comes from behind and hits a side Russian leg sweep before he starts to climb the ladder and Kevin sends him back down before the ladder goes flying out of the ring and nearly goes over the announce table. Kevin goes to grab the ladder at ringside before Shane kicks it into his face and hits him with the ladder he brought from inside the ring before Shane lays Kevin down on the announce table. Shane hits Kevin with the top of the announce table until he stops moving and Shane ascends the top turnbuckle before hitting a diving elbow drop onto Kevin through the table as we go to commercial.

We return from the commercial to Kevin diving off of the top and splashing onto Shane on the ladder propped on the apron and the barricade, breaking the ladder in half before Kevin puts a second ladder in the ring and sets it up. Kevin climbs the ladder before Shane hits him in the back and legs with a chair before setting a ladder against Kevin and hitting a coast to coast dropkick before Kevin rolls out of the ring, Shane setting up the ladder before gingerly climbing the ladder. Kevin then pulls Shane from the ladder and powerbombs him onto a ladder before he climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens defeats Shane McMahon when he climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase, Shane being forced to leave the company.

-After the match Kevin tells Shane that he's fired before hitting him with a stunner before we get a video package recapping twenty years of SmackDown history by Snickers.

-Paul Heyman is interviewed about his client Brock Lesnar's title challenge tonight and what Brock did to Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik before we get a video recapping what Brock did to them on RAW Monday night.

Braun Strowman, Heavy Machinery & The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Randy Orton & AJ Styles

Dolph and Miz start the match off, Dolph immediately hitting the Zigzag before Miz hits a DDT and Randy hits an RKO before Otis knocks Randy over and AJ hits him with a Phenomenal Forearm. Braun runs around ringside and knocks over each of his opponents with a shoulder block before he squares off with Tyson Fury at ringside and sends Dolph into the ring post before sending him into Tyson. Braun rolls Dolph back into the ring and hits a powerslam for the pin and the win when he counters a sweet chin music for the pin and the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman, Heavy Machinery and The Miz defeats Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, Robert Roode and Randy Orton via pinfall when Braun pins Dolph with a powerslam.

-After the match Tyson tries to get into the ring before a dozen security get in his way and make him leave through the crowd as we go to commercial.

-We see a video from earlier today where Marshmello became the 24/7 champion by accident when Otis knocked him into R-Truth.

Lumberjack Match

Roman Reigns vs Erick Rowan

Daniel Bryan joins on commentary where he talks about the falling out and betrayal with Rowan before the match starts and they lock up, Rowan forcing Roman back into the corner and hitting him before sending him out onto the apron with a shoulder block. Roman clotheslines Rowan over the top rope before he takes out the lumberjacks who try to get him back into the ring before sending Roman into the barricade, the lumberjacks brawling until Roman is rolled back into the ring. Rowan then drops Roman with a spin kick as we go to commercial.

Rowan has Roman in a double fist squeeze before Roman gets to his feet and rocks Rowan with right hands before Rowan misses a splash in the corner and Roman hits him with clubbing blows in the corner and a Samoan drop for a two count. Rowan counters a superman punch and boots Roman, but he comes right back and hits the superman punch before Luke Harper comes down to ringside and everyone goes after Luke before Roman hits a suicide dive. Rowan powerbombs Ali into Roman and hits a running cross body once they're back in the ring for a near fall before Roman counters an iron claw and Harper comes in and clotheslines Harper before Daniel hits a flying knee. Rowan then grabs Daniel before Roman spears him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns defeats Erick Rowan via pinfall with a spear.

-After the match Roman and Daniel shake hands as we go to commercial.

WWE Championship Match

Kofi Kingston (c) vs Brock Lesnar

Brock immediately hits an F5 for the pin and the win in under ten seconds.

Winner: Brock Lesnar defeats Kofi Kingston via pinfall with an F5 to become the new WWE champion.

-After the match Rey Mysterio and former UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez make their way out to the ring before Cain takes Brock down and rains down punches before Brock quickly rolls out of the ring and retreats up the ramp.

-Cain then stands in the center of the ring, Brock not wanting to get anywhere near Cain before Brock and Paul leave and we get a recap of what just happened and end the show with Rey and Cain celebrating as we go off the air.

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