WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 11/27/18 AJ Styles & Becky Lynch Return to Smackdown! Live

Good evening Fight Fans, we hope you will enjoy the next two hours of Smackdown Live and will stick around afterwards for the post-show podcast and hop over to our coverage of tonight's edition of the Mixed Match Challenge at 10pm EST!

-Paige is in the ring to start the show before introducing Becky Lynch who has Charlotte come out next. They go back and forth, Charlotte saying that she's genetically superior and she was the only person who could take out Ronda Rousey before Paige makes a TLC title match between Charlotte and Becky at the TLC pay-per-view next month before the rest of the women's roster come out and Paige makes a battle royale for layer tonight with the winner being added to the title match at TLC.

The Bar vs The Usos

Sheamus and Jimmy start the match off before Jey comes in and dropkicks Sheamus for a quick two count. Sheamus then sends Jey into the ropes throat first before tagging in Cesaro; Jimmy tagging himself in before The Bar double team him as we go to commercial.

The Bar are in control as we return to the action with Cesaro suplexing Jimmy for a quick two count before Sheamus comes in and drops him with a knee for another quick two count. Jimmy fights his way out of the corner and tags in Jey who drops Cesaro with a series of clotheslines and a Samoan drop into a running hip attack in the corner for a quick two count. Sheamus gets the blind tag before he goes for a dive to the outside and Cesaro hits him with a European uppercut in midair. Sheamus hits a diving knee drop before Jey sends him into the ring post shoulder first and superkicks both members of The Bar for a near fall. Sheamus then gets a near fall off of a small package when he counters a splash by Jimmy before Jey gets the blind tag and Jimmy superkicks him before Jey hits a splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Usos defeat The Bar via pinfall when Jey pins Cesaro with a diving splash.