WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 11/6/18 Shane McMahon & Paige Reveal Their Survivor Series Team

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-Smackdown! Live General Manager Paige comes out to the ring to kick off the show and introduces Smackdown! Live Commissioner Shane McMahon as we get a video package recapping the World Cup finals at Crown Jewel that Shane won. Shane says that the trophy belongs to the fans and not him and that he proved Smackdown! Live is the superior brand. They list off the matches for Survivor Series before Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring, Daniel being named the captain of the blue brand for the Survivor Series match. The Miz interrupts Daniel and says that two thirds of the trophy is his, Miz saying that he and Shane are the best in the world. Miz says that he didn't forfeit and that he deserves to be the captain, not Daniel, Shane making them co-captains and infuriating Miz as we go to commercial.

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-As we come back Daniel and Miz are arguing before they both pick Shane as the first person on their team, Miz saying that he'll give Daniel the next pick.

New Day vs The Usos

Jey drops Kofi to start the match before Kofi dropkicks him out of the ring before Big-E gets the tag and sends Jimmy over the top rope before hitting a running splash as we go to commercial.

The Usos are in control as we come back before Kofi hits a jumping double stomp and tags E in, Big-E taking out both Usos with a belly to belly suplex and Jimmy drops him with a European uppercut. Big-E hits a uranage for a quick two count before Jey gets a blind tag, but Big-E gets his knees up when Jey goes for a splash and hits the Big Ending for a near fall that Jimmy breaks up. Big-E misses a spear before jumping up and sending Jimmy into the barricade before Jimmy sends him into the time keeper's area. Kofi hits a trust fall onto the Usos at ringside before rolling Jey back into the ring for a near fall, Kofi hitting the S.O.S. for another near fall. Kofi then hits a diving cross body off of the top for a near as we go to commercial.

The Usos double team Kofi before Big-E spears Jey through the ropes and Kofi hits Jimmy with Trouble in Paradise for a near fall. Kofi then sets Jimmy on the top turnbuckle before Jimmy counters a superplex into a powerbomb from the second rope, Jimmy hitting a splash off of the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Usos defeat New Day via pinfall when Jimmy pins Kofi with splash.

-Daniel and Miz meet backstage where Daniel makes his second pick as Rey Mysterio.

-Smackdown! Women's champion Becky Lynch comes out and addresses what Ronda Rousey said last night on RAW ahead of their match at Survivor Series. Becky then issues a challenge to anyone on the roster and it's answered by Nikki Cross.

Becky Lynch vs Nikki Cross

Becky takes Nikki down, but she's right back up, Nikki hitting an enzuigiri before Becky sends her out of the ring. Nikki traps Becky in the apron and beats on her before Becky yanks her from the apron and down to the floor. Becky rolls Nikki back into the ring for a quick two count before hitting a single leg dropkick for another quick two count. Becky hits an exploder suplex before Nikki comes back with a running splash in the corner and a bulldog into a diving cross body for a near fall. Nikki then hits a reverse DDT for a near fall before Becky locks in the Disarmer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch defeats Nikki Cross via submission with the Disarmer.

-After the match Daniel and Miz meet and Daniel picks Jeff Hardy as Miz chooses Samoa Joe.

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade Almas

Rey hits two huricanrrana and Almas nearly knocks him out with a running back elbow, Almas stomping on him before whipping Rey across the ring. Almas hits a running knee in the corner before Rey sends him out of the ring and Almas catches him coming off of the apron, Almas sending him into the barricade as we go to commercial.

Rey hits a springboard senton into a huricanrrana and a superkick for a quick two count before Almas comes back with two running knees in the corner for a near fall. Almas misses a standing moonsault and Rey kicks him into the ropes before Almas counters the 619 and Rey hits a huricanrrana into the apron. Rey hits another huricanrrana into the 619 and a seated senton for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio defeats Andrade Almas via pinfall with a 619 and a seated senton.

-After the match Randy Orton attacks Rey and hits an RKO before leaving as we go to commercial.

-Paige comes out to the ring and announces the women's team for the women's Survivor Series match. Paige introduces, Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville, Asuka and Charlotte, but Mandy Rose comes out instead and asks why Paige chose Sonya over her. Naomi then attacks Mandy before they're broken up and Mandy leaves.

Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe

Joe attacks Jeff before the match starts and Jeff comes back with a Whisper in the Wind before Joe knocks him down when they run into each other as we go to commercial.

Joe beats Jeff down in the corner before Jeff comes back with right hands and Joe hits a running back elbow in the corner into an enzuigiri for a quick two count. Joe tossed Jeff out of the ring and into the barricade before Jeff hits a diving clothesline off of the top of the barricade. Jeff hits an inverted atomic drop into a low dropkick for a quick two count once they're back in the ring before Jeff counters the Coquina Clutch into a Twist of Fate. Joe then gets his knees up when Jeff goes for a Swanton Bomb and locks in the Coquina Clutch for the tap and the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe defeats Jeff Hardy via submission with the Coquina Clutch.

-After the match Daniel attacks Joe, Miz and Shane before leaving as we go off the air.

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