WWE Smackdown! Live Coverage 1/17 Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss In A Steel Cage & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown! Live! Tonight history will be made as in our main event Alexa Bliss will defend her Smackdown Women's Championship in a steel cage against Becky Lynch! Jerry "The King" Lawler returns to Smackdown! Live for a session of The King's Court with special guest The Miz! Be sure to be here at 8 PM EST for all of tonight's action!

-Shane McMahon comes out to start the show then AJ Styles comes out as Shane announces that AJ's title will be defended in the Elimination Chamber at the Elimination Chamber event. AJ protests, but Shane won't listen to him. John Cena comes out next then The Miz comes out and puts his hat in the ring, no pun intended to be in the title match. Shane announces AJ Styles versus The Miz immediately when they almost come to blows.

-Shane meets with Dean backstage and says he wants Randy Orton and he gets his wish granted.

The Miz vs AJ Styles

They exchange wrist locks early then Miz goes outside to regroup, the two opting for a test of strength once he's back into the ring. AJ backs Miz into a corner, but he gets out of it and puts a headlock on AJ that he instantly gets out of, AJ dropkicking Miz before looking at John Cena on commentary. AJ hits a running backbreaker for a quick 2 count then eyes Maryse at ringside before Miz turns him inside out with a kitchen sink. AJ goes for the Calf Killer, but Miz immediately gets to the ropes then AJ hits him with a forearm for a quick 2 count. AJ is then distracted by Maryse before Miz sends him out of th ring as we go to commercial.

AJ is in control as we come back until Miz hits him with a series of dropkick in the corner. AJ catches Miz coming off the top rope and goes for The Styles Clash twice before Miz hits a DDT for a close 2 count after poking AJ in the eye AJ hits a Pele kick that sends Miz to the outside then AJ hits him with a running knee from the apron before tossing Miz into Cena. Cena is ready for him and catches him, but chases AJ.

Winner: No contest

-After the match Miz tries to capitalize, but Cena AA's both AJ and Miz then holds the belt up before leaving.

-Nikki comes out then Natalya says she wants to show her something and she leaves before she goes around the arena, Nikki coming out after her. Natalya is upset she doesn't have any merchandise then Nikki attacks her from behind after she gathers up a bunch of shirts and throws them away. Security break them up then we get a plug for Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton as we go to commercial.

-Alexa Bliss is interviewed about her title match then we get a video package for the returning Kurt Angle who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

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