WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 12/18/18 The Empress of Tomorrow Begins Her Reign as Champion

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-We open the show with a pep talk by the management before we open up in the arena with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Becky talks about Ronda did last night and calls her a Roddy Piper cosplayer before Charlotte says that she would have become champion before the new Smackdown! Live Women's champion Asuka comes out to the ring. Asuka says that she's champion now before they all argue until the chairman of the WWE Mr.McMahon comes out to the ring. Vince tells Charlotte and Becky to stop whining before asking Asuka to defend her title tonight. Naomi comes out and says that she deserves a shot and Vince approves.

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WWE Smackdown! Women's Championship Match

Asuka (c) vs Naomi

Asuka and Naomi start the match off by wringing each other's arms and flipping with the help of the ropes Asuka takes Naomi down several times as Becky and Charlotte look on from ringside. Naomi comes back with a snap mare into a PK before Asuka locks in an ankle lock, Naomi getting free and hitting a sit down powerbomb. Naomi then hits an avalanche wide Russian leg sweep as we go to commercial.

Asuka is in control as we return to the action in the ring, Asuka hitting a missile dropkick that sends her out of the ring and Naomi hits an enzuigiri off of the barricade. They exchange strikes in the ring before Asuka hits a high knee and Naomi drops her with a mule kick. Asuka locks in the Asuka locks when Naomi goes for a split legged moonsault, Naomi getting free several times before hitting Asuka with the Rear View for a near fall. Asuka then counters a springboard move into a code breaker for a near fall and finishing with the Asuka Lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: Asuka retains her Smackdown! Women's Championship when she defeats Naomi via submission.

-Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring and talks about what Samoa has been doing the past several weeks and admits to his mistakes and that that was then and this is now. Jeff beckons Joe to the ring which he obliges and apologies for coming under false pretenses and that he came out for an intervention. Jeff says that Joe is haunted by the fact he hasn't won more than one title in three years before Jeff hits a Twist of Fate and leaves.

The Miz & Mandy Rose vs R-Truth & Carmella 

Mandy ​​​​​​backs Carmella into the ropes before Carmella hits a huricanrrana and a missile dropkick before Truth and Miz come in and Truth gets a two count off of a sunset flip and clotheslines Miz over the top rope. Carmella then superkicks Mandy out of the ring before Miz hits The Skull Crushing Finale for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Miz & Mandy Rose defeat R-Truth & Carmella via pinfall when Miz pins Truth with the Skull Crushing Finale.

-The Usos come out to the ring and say that they still run the show and invite The Bar out to the ring only for Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson to come out.

The Usos vs Gallows & Anderson

Karl is in control of Jimmy as we come back to the match already in progress before Karl whips Jimmy into the corner and hits a running European uppercut. Luke gets a quick two count and hits Jimmy with clubbing elbows and locks in a headlock that Jimmy gets out of before sending Luke over the top rope. Jey and Karl get tagged in and Jey hits a Samoan drop, but misses a running hip attack in the corner and Karl hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Luke then hits a choke bomb for a near fall before The Usos get the blind tag and hit a double enzuigiri before Karl gets a blind tag and Jey goes for a suicide dive, but Karl hits a jumping stomp as soon as he gets through the ropes as we go to commercial.

Luke hits a diving cross body before Jimmy hits several superkicks and ascends the top rope before The Bar distract him and SAnitY show up out of nowhere and attack everyone for the disqualification.

Winner: No Contest

-After the match SAnitY take out The Usos and Anderson and Gallows before leaving, the group avoiding The Bar before The Bar attack everyone.

-Shinsuke cuts a promo backstage about Rusev and saying that he isn't a contender after showing clips of Rusev on Total Divas.

AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali vs Daniel Bryan & Andrade Almas

AJ and Almas start the match off, Almas chopping AJ before dropping him with a back elbow for a very quick one count. Almas knees AJ in the midsection before AJ dropkicks Almas when he's running the ropes and drags him to the corner before tagging Ali in. Ali hits an arm drag before Almas backs Ali into his corner and Bryan comes in, Daniel locks in a variation of an abdominal stretch before tagging Almas back in who mocks AJ and chops Ali before Daniel comes back in and chops him, Ali coming back with an enzuigiri into a rolling sit-out facebuster. Bryan then rolls out of the ring before AJ dropkicks Almas off of the apron and he and Ali hit topes to the outside as we go to commercial.

Almas has Ali in a single leg Boston crab and tags Daniel in who hits him with his signature kicks before turning Ali inside out with a lariat and locks in a variation of a dragon sleeper. Almas mocks Ali before hitting him with a open hand palm strike and goes for a standing moonsault, but Ali gets his knees up before tagging AJ in. AJ hits a low flying forearm and hits a neckbreaker for a two count and goes for the Calf Killer, but Almas breaks it up before AJ sends him out of the ring. Daniel then counters the Styles Clash into a roundhouse kick before AJ hits a moonsault reverse DDT and tags Ali in. Ali then hits a tornado DDT before AJ hits Almas with The Phenomenal Forearm and Ali hits Daniel with an 054.

Winner: AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali defeat Andrade Almas and Daniel Bryan when Ali pins Daniel with an 054.

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