WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 2/19/19 Elimination Chamber Fallout on the Road to Fastlane

The Bar vs Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

Sheamus and Ciampa start the match off with Sheamus backing him into the corner for a clean break before Ciampa drops Sheamus with a series of boots. Sheamus rolls out of the ring before he gets back in and tags in Cesaro as Johnny tags in. Cesaro takes Johnny down and mocks him before Johnny hits a huricanrrana and gets a two count off of a crucifix before Cesaro drops him with a European uppercut. Ciampa and Gargano then clear the ring before Johnny hire a suicide dive and Cesaro hits Ciampa with a backbreaker as Sheamus clotheslines Johnny as we go to commercial.

Sheamus goes for a superplex before Ciampa hits a code red and tags in Johnny who sends Cesaro out of the ring with a huricanrrana before Johnny kicks Cesaro and hits Sheamus with a cannonball off of the apron. Cesaro runs into the barricade before Johnny hits a huricanrrana off of the apron and a slingshot DDT for a near fall. Johnny hits a rolling enzuigiri before locking in the Gargano Escape, Cesaro powering out of it and hitting a backbreaker before Sheamus hits a diving knee strike for a near fall. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse for a near fall before Johnny superkicks him for a near fall of his own. Ciampa then gets a blind tag before rolling Cesaro up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa defeat The Bar via pinfall when Ciampa pins Cesaro with a roll up.

-Asuka is interviewed in the ring before issuing a challenge that's answered by Mandy Rose. Mandy makes her way down to the ring as she mocks Asuka and says that she's ready for her.

Asuka vs Mandy Rose

Asuka kicks the leg of Mandy before Mandy puts her in a side headlock only to be dropkicked for a quick two count. They are then interrupted by Lacey Evans before Sonya makes her leave, Mandy sending Asuka into the corner before hitting a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Mandy rolls out of the ring and Asuka screams at her in Japanese before Mandy gets back in and knees her in the midsection and slams her to the mat. Asuka then sends Mandy out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Asuka locks in an ankle lock as we return to the action, Mandy getting to the ropes for the break before Mandy drops her with a bicycle knee at ringside, Asuka getting back into the ring at the count of nine. Mandy stomps on Asuka and yells at her while slapping her before Asuka comes back with strikes and a missile dropkick. Asuka drops Mandy with two spinning back fists and a roundhouse kick for a near fall before hitting a release German suplex into a shining wizard for a second near fall. Mandy then fakes an injury and sends Asuka into the ropes before rolling her up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mandy Rose defeats Asuka via pinfall.

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