WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 2/5/19 Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton vs Mustafa Ali

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-Charlotte comes out to the ring to kick off the show as we get a recap of Becky Lynch on RAW last night where she was suspended and subsequently assaulted Stephanie McMahon. Charlotte says that Becky's pride has been her downfall and that it got her suspended. Charlotte says that she hopes Becky sees a doctor, goes to rehab and is ready for WrestleMania. Charlotte says that she is one hundred percent healthy and ready to face Ronda if Becky can't make it before pointing the to the sign. Becky makes her way down to ringside through the crowd as Charlotte mocks her by saying that she stole Roman Reigns' entrance before she grabs a microphone and gets into the ring.

Molly Belle: For the Moments

Becky is immediately surrounded by officials and personnel before Triple H comes out to the ring and tells her to see a doctor if she wants the suspension lifted.Triple H tells Charlotte to leave and for everyone other than her to leave before telling her to go home and see a doctor. Becky says that she doesn't trust him and he says she doesn't need to and just says for her to go home before he goes to leave. Becky asks him about Stephanie and about her medical clearance after Becky punched her in the face to the eruption of the WWE Universe. Triple H says that he bought into "The Man" and that the truth is that she's not the man and is just self-destructive and afraid of failure. Triple H says that Becky is looking for a way out of facing Ronda and that she's just making excuses before saying that she's afraid to go to the doctor because of what he might say.

Triple H says that Becky is afraid that the doctor will clear her, rather than her being afraid of being pulled from her match at WrestleMania. Triple H then says that Becky is afraid that Ronda will expose her as a fraud and that she fears Ronda before Becky slaps him before leaving as we go to commercial.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

Shinsuke starts the match with Luke before Karl comes in and they try and double team Shinsuke, but he rocks Karl with a kick before dragging him to his corner. Rusev comes in and Karl rolls Rusev up for an early near fall that Shinsuke breaks up before Karl clears the ring as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Shinsuke in control, having Karl in a front headlock before rocking him with forearms, Shinsuke misses a kick before Karl hits him with a European uppercut. Shinsuke hits a reverse exploder suplex before Karl counters a Kinshasa into a spinebuster. Rusev and Luke get the tag at the same time with Luke rocking Rusev with a kick before hitting a running splash in the corner into a thrust kick and hits Shinsuke with a sit-out powerbomb. Luke and Rusev clothesline each other as Lana yells at Shinsuke from ringside before Karl and Luke double team Rusev. Shinsuke rushes in and hits Luke with a Kinshasa before Karl hits him with a flying kick and and Rusev hits Karl with the Machka Kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows when Rusev pins Karl with a Machka Kick.

-The Usos cut a promo backstage on the Smackdown! tag team champions, Shane McMahon and The Miz and that Miz TV is about to be locked down before welcoming them to the Uso Penitentiary.

Randy Orton vs Mustafa Ali

They lock up to start the match with Randy backing Ali into the corner before Ali chops him and hits Randy with forearms. Randy clotheslines Ali and stomps on him before Randy back drops him onto the announce table and rolls him back into the ring for a quick two count. Randy hits Ali with a powerslam for a two count and sets him on the top rope and kicks the ropes to keep him from standing on the ropes. Randy hits a superplex for a two count as we go to commercial.

Randy is in control as we come back to the action, having the high-flying Ali grounded with a headlock before he gets to his feet and hits a dropkick before Randy rolls out of the ring and Ali goes out after him. Randy kicks Ali in the midsection and sends him face first into the announce table before Ali dropkicks him over the desk and goes to toss Randy into the ring, but he tosses Ali in. Randy gets back in the ring and Ali superkicks him repeatedly before Randy sends him out onto the apron and Ali hits him with an enzuigiri. Ali hits a rolling, sit-out facebuster for a near fall before he catches Randy coming in with an elbow and counters an RKO into a satellite DDT for a near fall. Randy then yanks Ali from the top turnbuckle when he is about to go for the 054 and hits an RKO for the pin and the win.

Winner: Randy Orton defeats Mustafa Ali via pinfall with an RKO.

-After the match Samoa Joe attacks Ali and kicks him out of the ring after choking Randy out with the Coquina Clutch before the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan comes out with Rowan and Joe leaves past them as they make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Samoa Joe cuts a promo backstage where he talks about Elimination Chamber and how he's going to become champion before we cut to Daniel and Rowan in the ring. Daniel says that the people of Washington are smart and see that change is needed, but he speaks to the global audience and talks about how everyone else are the problem and that he is fighting an uphill battle. Daniel says that he created the new title belt as a symbol to rally behind and that the old belt was a symbol of excellence, but also excess. Daniel says  that the new belt is a symbol for change and that there are people who are threatened by the change before Rowan compares he and Daniel to Galileo and other great thinkers. Rowan says that as long as Daniel is champion people will try to silence him before Daniel says that he is the planet's champion and that's why he has to defend his title in the Elimination Chamber against five other Superstars as we get a video package for the Elimination Chamber match.

Daniel then proceeds to mention his five opponents before saying that everyone else wants to take things back to how they were and replace the belt before saying that everyone needs him to be champion, with the planet needing him as champion most of all as we go to commercial.

Carmella & Naomi vs Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose vs The Iconics

Sonya and Carmella start the match with Sonya kneeing Carmella repeatedly before Mandy comes in and Naomi come in. Mandy then immediately tags out and tags in Billie before rolling to the outside and Naomi hits Billie with a snapmare and a kick as we go to commercial.

We come back to Peyton in control of Carmella before Carmella gets a quick two count off of a crucifix. Mandy comes in and hits Carmella from behind before mocking Naomi and putting Carmella in an abdominal stretch. Carmella gets free and tags in Naomi before Mandy runs out of the ring and Naomi gives chase. Naomi drops Sonya with a springboard roundhouse kick and knocks Billie off of the apron before sending Peyton into Mandy. Naomi then drags Mandy into the ring before hitting Peyton with the Rear View and Mandy hits her with a double underhook sit-out facebuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville defeat Naomi and Carmella, and The Iconics when Mandy pins Naomi with a double underhook sit-out facebuster.

-Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega cut a promo backstage about Rey Mysterio as we go to commercial.

-We get a video package for the Smackdown! Women's champion Asuka. 

Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy

Daniel backs Jeff into the ropes for a clean break before Jeff drops him with a shoulder block and Daniel hits a kitchen sink. Daniel rocks Jeff with a European uppercut and kicks him in the corner before Jeff charges out of the corner when he goes for a running dropkick with a sling blade for a quick two count. Jeff slams Daniel down before Daniel whips him into the corner and hits three running dropkicks in the corner. Daniel locks in a variation of a bow and arrow that Jeff fights out of before Daniel kicks him repeatedly in the ribs. Jeff comes back with a dropkick that sends Daniel out of the ring before hitting a baseball slide and Daniel sends him into the ring steps when he gets distracted by Rowan as we go to commercial.

Daniel stomps on Jeff and hits an elbow drop for a quick two count and Jeff hits an inverted atomic drop into a leg drop and a low dropkick for a two count. They go back and forth before Jeff sends Daniel over the top rope and down to the floor before hitting a diving cross body off of the apron. Jeff rolls Daniel back into the ring before Daniel rolls away when Jeff goes up top before Daniel sends Jeff into the middle turnbuckle and dropkicks him. Daniel then kicks Jeff before Jeff hits a stunner variation of the Twist of Fate before hitting a Swanton Bomb and Rowan drags him out of the ring for the disqualification.

Winner: Jeff Hardy defeats Daniel Bryan via disqualification.

-After the match Joe attacks Rowan and chokes out Daniel before Randy gets in the ring and they brawl until Ali hits a missile dropkick. Rowan then slams Ali onto the announce table before AJ runs down and hits Jeff with the Phenomenal Forearm as Daniel and Rowan escape with AJ standing tall as we go off the air. 

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