WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 3/12/19 R-Truth Challenges Samoa Joe for the United States Title

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-Shane McMahon comes out to the ring to get the show started and talks about his reasoning for attacking The Miz and his father this past weekend at Fastlane. Shane says that he is tired of everyone asking for his help to get ahead in life and what he can do for them. Shane says that it stopped Sunday when he attacked Miz in his own home town and that he's the best in the world because he was born the best. Shane then sets up a match between the two at Wrestlemania before leaving.

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Aleister Black, Ricochet, Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs The Bar, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev

Shinsuke and Aleister start the match off, the two starting with a pseudo MMA match before Ricochet comes in and they double up on Shinsuke for a quick two count. Matt comes in and Sheamus gets the tag on the opposite side before hitting a diving elbow and tagging Jeff in. Sheamus clotheslines Jeff and tags in Cesaro before his side start with frequent tags and isolate Jeff in their half of the ring. Jeff finally tags in Ricochet after several minutes once he hits a jawbreaker, Ricochet hitting Rusev with a huricanrrana and a dropkick before he goes for a springboard move and Rusev knocks him out of the air as we go to commercial.

Matt and Cesaro are in the ring before the Hardy brothers double up on him and everyone hits a move until Jeff hits a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb for a near fall. Everyone then gets into the ring and brawls before New Day come out for some reason and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: The Bar, Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev defeat The Hardyz, Aleister Black and Ricochet via disqualification when New Day interfere.

-Randy Orton comes out to the ring and talks about how he built Smackdown! Live before AJ comes out and they set up a match between the two for Wrestlemania.

-We get a vignette for Harlem Heat being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2019 before Asuka comes out to the ring for her match.

Asuka vs Sonya Deville

Asuka quickly locks in a heel hook, but Sonya gets to the ropes almost immediately before Asuka kicks her in the chest and slams her face onto the mat. Asuka misses a missile dropkick and Sonya spears her for a quick two count before Asuka hits a sliding knee and hits a baseball slide to Mandy at ringside. Asuka then drops Sonya with a roundhouse kick before locking in the Asuka Lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: Asuka defeats Sonya Deville via submission when she submits her with the Asuka Lock.

-We get a video package for Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch as Becky makes her way out to the ring. Becky says that she's back in the main event of Wrestlemania and that she set the match into motion, Becky saying that she had to earn her way into the match twice. Charlotte comes out and congratulates Becky for making her way into her main event and that Becky has been on top for six months whereas she has been for four years and that she was chosen to get the job done. Charlotte says that the WWE Universe feels sorry for her and that she got a handout, Charlotte saying that she's never seen someone do so little to gain so much. Charlotte then calls herself Mrs.Wrestlemania, Becky saying that they don't need a queen, and that they need The Man as we go to commercial.

Rey Mysterio & R-Truth vs Samoa Joe & Andrade

Truth drops Andrade repeatedly and tags in Rey who hits a huricanrrana and Joe gets the blind tag before he slams Rey to the mat before tossing him out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Andrade is in control of Rey as we come back to the action until Rey hits a Canadian destroyer and tags in Truth. Truth dropping Andrade with shoulder blocks and slams him to the mat before hitting a five knuckle shuffle. Joe gets the tag when Truth goes for an AA and drops him with a superkick before Rey hits a double 619 to Joe and Andrade. Rey then hits a splash off of the top to Andrade before Joe hits a senton and Rey rolls Joe up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio and R-Truth defeat Samoa Joe and Andrade when Rey pins Joe with a jack knife pin.

-We get a vignette for Alexa Bliss hosting Wrestlemania.

Kevin Owens & Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Rowan and Ali start the match with Ali showing off his superior speed and athleticism before he's leveled by Rowan who knocks Kevin off of the apron. Daniel comes in and locks in a rear chin lock and a snap suplex for a quick two count as we go to commercial.

We come back to the action in the ring to Rowan putting Ali in the tree of woe before Daniel comes in and goes for a cross face, but Ali gets to the ropes for the break. Daniel plays to the crowd and Ali hits a pop-up dropkick before a back stabber, Rowan and Kevin coming in. Ali and Kevin dropkick Rowan to the outside before Rowan sends Kevin into the barricade and Rowan gets a blind tag before hitting a chokeslam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rowan & Daniel Bryan defeat Mustafa Ali & Kevin Owens when Rowan pins Ali with a chokeslam.

-Mr.McMahon is in the ring to announce that Kofi Kingston will get an opportunity to challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Vince says that everything he does is a teachable moment before he's interrupted by New Day who come out to the ring and tell Vince that they're fed up and that Kofi deserves more. Vince says that neither New Day, the WWE Universe or anyone else deserves anything, Vince saying that he wishes he were worthy of a title match and if he were he would have gotten one years ago. Vince says that the only way Kofi goes to Wrestlemania is with New Day and that he's getting older, Vince saying that Daniel Bryan told him that Kofi is a B+ player at best. Kofi says that he's not asking for anything and that he loves his blessed life before saying that he has proved to Vince that he is worthy, but Vince doesn't see it that way. Kofi says that he doesn't complain about anything before listing off several things he's missed in his life in regards to his family. Kofi then asks Vince what he needs to do to get a title shot before he's interrupted by Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, The Bar and Rowan, Vince saying that he has to beat them in a gauntlet match next week before everyone brawls as we go off the air.

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