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-AJ Styles comes out to the ring to start the show and talks about the wild card rule and how four members of RAW can show up on Smackdown! Live and vice versa. Sami Zayn comes out and says that AJ has a toxic ego that is out of control and AJ calls his hygiene into question before they're interrupted by New Day. They then set up a triple threat match for the WWE Championship in tonight's main event as we go to commercial.

Ali vs Andrade

Andrade is in control as we come back to the match already in progress before Ali hits a Spanish fly and Ali is attacked by Randy for the disqualification.

Winner: Ali defeats Andrade via disqualification when Randy Orton interferes.

-After the match Randy hits a pop-up RKO to Ali and one to Andrade in midair when he goes for a springboard cross body.

-We get an extended video package for Roman Reigns.

-Shane McMahon comes out and talks about his attack by The Miz before declaring Daniel Bryan and Rowan as the new Smackdown! Live Tag Team champions. The Usos come out to the ring and says that Roman gave them permission to come to Smackdown! Live before saying that everyone earns the titles. Shane then makes a tag title match between the four as we go to commercial.

WWE Smackdown! Live Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos vs Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Daniel and Jey get things started with Jey hitting several arm drags before whipping Daniel into the corner and Jimmy comes in. The Usos double team Daniel for a quick two count before Daniel tags in Rowan who drops Jimmy with a boot and slams him to the mat before hitting a jumping splash for a quick two count. Rowan beats Jimmy down in the corner and Daniel gets a quick two count off of a running splash in the corner by Rowan. Jimmy then goes to tag in Jey, but Rowan pushes him off of the apron and Rowan hits a running cross body as we go to commercial.

Daniel is in control of Jimmy as we return to the action until Jey gets the blind tag and clotheslines Brian for a near fall. Daniel counters a diving splash into a cross face and Jimmy superkicks him before Jey comes in and Jimmy gets the blind tag. The Usos hit a double superkick before Jimmy hits a diving splash for a very close near fall, The Usos clearing the ring before they're taken out at ringside. Jey superkicks Rowan and Bryan before Rowan hits him with the Iron Claw for the pin and the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan and Rowan defeat The Usos via pinfall when Rowan pins Jey with the Iron Claw to become the new Smackdown! Tag Team champions.