WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 6/19 WWE Championship Number One Contender Gauntlet Match, SANITY debuts

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-We open the show with Paige backstage where she explains the gauntlet match tonight before Carmella comes out to the ring. Carmella talks about retaining her WWE Smackdown! Women's Championship before having James Ellsworth come out dressed like Asuka. James says that Asuka wasn't ready for him before Asuka comes out and she kicks James before Carmella lays her out from behind and Carmella and James leave as we go to commercial.

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Becky Lynch vs Billie Kay

Becky immediately takes Kay down and beats on her in mount before Kay rolls out of the ring, then Becky goes out her after and tosses her back in before she rolls right back out. Becky then goes around to ringside and grabs her and puts her back in the ring once more before she's distracted by Peyton and Billie wrings her arm as we head to break.

Kay is in control of Lynch as we come back until Becky fights out of a rear chin lock, but Kay drops her with a forearm as soon as she does. Billie chokes Becky in the ropes for a quick two count before Becky gets out of a rear naked choke and hits a diving shoulder tackle. Becky hits a fall away slam for a quick two count before dumping Kay out of the ring and hitting a diving cross body onto Peyton. Becky then counters an attempted suplex and rolls through before locking in the Disarmer for the tap and the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch defeats Billie Kay via submission with the Disarmer.

The Usos vs SAnitY

All three members of SAnitY attack The Usos before the match can start. 

Winner: Match never started.

WWE Smackdown!! Tag Team Championship Match

Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Luke and Rowan start the match with Rowan dropping Luke as Harper sends Karl into the ring steps. Rowan hits a superplex for a near fall before Harper and Rowan send Karl face first into the apron. Bludgeon double team Luke before Rowan drops him with a back elbow, then Rowan presses his fists into both sides of Luke's head before Harper tags himself in and Luke drops him with a kick. Luke tags Karl in who hits a diving cross body and a spinebuster before he sends Rowan out of the ring when he comes back in. Harper then hits a variation of End of Days for a near fall before Bludgeon Brothers hit a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bludgeon Brothers retain their Smackdown! Tag Team titles by defeating Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson via pinfall when they hit Karl with a sit-out powerbomb.

WWE Championship Number One Contender Gauntlet Match 

E and Daniel start the match off by locking up before E pushes him away ​​​​​​and overpowers the smaller Bryan. Daniel takes E down with a drop toe hold before putting him in a surf board stretch  then transitions into a variation of a dragon sleeper. Daniel kicks E repeatedly before taking him down with a hammer lock before E hits a belly to back suplex and a splash onto the apron as Daniel falls off of the apron and onto the floor as we go to commercial.

Daniel misses a diving headbutt as we return from commercial before E puts him in a body lock rack that he gets out of and comes back with a series of kicks in the corner. Daniel hits a frankensteiner and several running dropkicks in the corner before E catches him running in and turns him inside out with a lariat and hits the Big Ending for a near fall. E locks in a stretch muffler before Daniel counters into an attempted Yes Lock, but E counters and Daniel transitions to a guillotine. E breaks out of the guillotine with a powerbomb before E goes shoulder first into the ring post and Daniel hits a shining wizard for the pin and the win. 

Winner: Daniel Bryan defeats Big-E via pinfall with a shining wizard. 

Samoa Joe comes out next as we go to commercial.

Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan

We come back to Joe in control as we're told that Joe beat Daniel down during the commercial. Joe continues to brutalize Daniel  hitting a powerslam when Daniel comes off of the ropes before Daniel comes back with chops and kicks only for Joe to powerbomb him and lock in a Boston crab. Joe transitions into a cross face that Daniel fights out of at first, but Joe grabs his arm and Daniel is forced to get to the bottom rope with his foot for the break. Daniel hits a dragon screw leg whip before sending Joe's leg into the ring post repeatedly. Joe comes back with an inverted atomic drop into a senton for a quick two count as we go to commercial.

They exchange chops as we come back until Joe locks in a rear naked choke and Daniel sends him through the ropes and out of the ring. Daniel hits a diving knee before rolling Joe back into the ring and hitting a missile dropkick before hitting his signature Yes Kicks. They end up on the ramp as Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch, but Daniel rolls through and gets back in the ring before the count of ten.

Winner: Daniel Bryan defeats Samoa Joe via count out.

-After the match Bludgeon Brothers show up and kill Daniel before The Miz runs down to the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

Miz immediately hits The Skull Crushing Finale as soon as the match starts for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Miz defeats Daniel Bryan via pinfall with The Skull Crushing Finale.

Rusev vs The Miz 

Miz is in control early, sending Rusev out of the ring with a wrecking ball dropkick before rolling him back into the ring and hitting a roundhouse kick for a quick two count. ​​​​​​

Rusev fights out of a headlock before Miz hits a neckbreaker for a quick two count, then Miz hits a running clothesline into a diving double ax handle for another quick two count. Rusev comes back with a wheel kick before they counter each other's finishers until Rusev hits the Machka Kick for a near fall. Miz does his version of the Yes Kicks before Rusev goes for the Accolade and Miz hits a snap DDT for a near fall. Rusev then hits another Machka Kick before locking in the Accolade for the tap and the win.

Winner: Rusev defeats The Miz via submission with the Accolade to win the gauntlet match and becomes the new WWE Championship number one contender. 

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