WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 7/24 The Smackdown! Tag Team Title Tournament Begins, Rusev vs Andrade Almas

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- Shortly after 7 PM EST, WWE announced Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs. Rusev for the show.

-Randy Orton comes out to start the show as we get a video package recapping the United States Championship match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jeff Hardy last week where Randy attacked Jeff during the match and caused the disqualification. Randy says that he attacked Jeff because of the WWE Universe and their love of Jeff before saying that he has been a constant fixture and gets no respect. Randy chastises Jeff and other performers who are part timers and indie darlings, saying that he paid his dues in front of millions and has accomplished everything in WWE. Randy says that the fans are the true legend killers, but he won't let them kill him and that he will become a legend and defeat everyone the fans put on a pedestal, starting with Jeff Hardy. Randy says that he will make it so Jeff never comes back and that whatever you call him, you only need to refer to him as RKO before leaving as we go to commercial.

-We next get a video package showcasing last night's historic announcement on RAW of a women only pay-per-view event in October called WWE Evolution.

Rusev vs Andrade Almas

Almas puts Rusev in a side headlock before Rusev drops him with a shoulder block and tosses him into the ropes, but Almas hangs in them before ducking out of the ring. Rusev gives chase and chases him back into the ring before dropping him with a clothesline and suplexing him for a quick two count. Almas then rolls back out of the ring to catch his breath and regroup with Zelina as we head to a break.

Rusev spears Almas in the corner before hitting a wheel kick as we come back to the action before missing the Machka Kick and Almas goes for the hammer lock DDT, but Rusev counters that. Rusev hits the Machka Kick when Almas tries to go for his signature knees in the corner as Zelina and Lana fight at ringside until Aiden pulls Lana off only for Zelina to attack him and knock him into Lana. Rusev then gets distracted and yells at Aiden before Almas grabs him and hits the hammer lock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Andrade Almas defeats Rusev via pinfall with a hammer lock DDT.

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