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-Randy Orton comes out to the ring to start the show and talks how he and The Revival dismantled New Day last night and that Kofi Kingston is stupid and a coward before he's interrupted by the New Day music and Kofi hits him with Trouble in Paradise and traps his leg in a chair. Kofi then takes out The Revival when he goes to break Randy's leg, Randy escaping up the ramp as we go to a video package for the attacks on Roman Reigns.

-Kevin Owens meets with Shane McMahon in his office and tries to convince him to waive the one hundred thousand dollar fine he gave Kevin last week, Shane saying that he'll take it under consideration before Kevin leaves.

King of the Ring Tournament First Round Match

Apollo Crews vs Andrade

Apollo turns Andrade inside out as soon as the match starts before Andrade hits a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle and hits running knees on the corner for a two count. Apollo counters a hammer lock DDT and dropkicks Andrade in midair when he comes off of the top before Andrade sends him face first into the apron. Andrade then hits a huricanrrana that sends Apollo into the steps as we go to commercial.

Apollo comes back with right hands and a boot before hitting a jumping clothesline and an Olympic slam for a near fall. Andrade rocks Apollo with a boot before Apollo catches him on the top turnbuckle and Andrade hits another drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Apollo then dodges the double knees in the corner and hits an enzuigiri into a standing shooting star press for a near fall before Zelina distracts Apollo and Andrade hits a Judas effect into a hammer lock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Andrade defeats Apollo Crews via pinfall with a hammer lock DDT to advance to the next round of the tournament.

-Daniel Bryan and Rowan bring a cloaked figure into a room and grill him before we cut to Elias playing guitar and walking backstage before unveils a referee in disguise and chokes Drake Maverick before Drake says that Elias is immune from being pinned for the next twenty four hours via orders from Shane McMahon.

Alexa Bliss comes out onto the stage for A Moment of Bliss with Nikki Cross and introduces her guest Charlotte. Alexa asks Charlotte about her victory over Trish Stratus at Summerslam, Charlotte saying that she took the torch and is the queen of all eras and that she is the queen of the women's division. Charlotte says that she is Smackdown before she's interrupted by the Smackdown Women's champion who says that no matter what Charlotte says, at the end of the night she is the champion and is therefore better than her. Bayley then sets up a match between the two for Clash of Champions before shoving Charlotte to the ground.

-Roman confronts Buddy Murphy about what his lying about the attack on Roman before Roman leaves.

Daniel Bryan vs Buddy Murphy

Buddy immediately drops Bryan with a bicycle knee for a near fall before stomping him in the corner and chasing after Daniel before Daniel catches him coming back into the ring. Buddy comes back with right hands before Daniel bites him and kicks him before hitting a snapmare into a PK and slapping him across the face. Daniel drops Buddy with an uppercut and chops him in the corner before Buddy clotheslines him over the top rope and down onto the floor. Buddy then hits a flipping senton onto Daniel at ringside as we go to commercial.

Buddy is in control as we come back from commercial, hitting a meteora for a near fall before Daniel locks in a cross face and Buddy gets to the ropes for the break right before tapping. Daniel kicks Buddy and screams at him stay down before they exchange strikes until Buddy hits a brainbuster for a near fall, Bryan getting his foot on the bottom rope for the break. Buddy then dispatches of Roman on the apron before hitting a bicycle knee and Murphy's Law for the pin and the win.

Winner: Buddy Murphy defeat Daniel Bryan via pinfall with Murphy's Law.

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