Good evening Fight Fans, it's Tuesday which means that it's time for Smackdown! Live! We hope you enjoy the show and if you're interested in exclusive content check out Fightful Select for exclusive podcasts, breaking news, and more!

-Charlotte comes out to the ring to start the show and talks about her match against Trish Stratus at Summerslam this Sunday night. We get video packages for Charlotte and Trish before Trish comes out to the ring and explains why she wants one more match, to prove that she's the best of every generation. They then exchange barbs before Trish hits Charlotte who opts to leave as we go to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio

Dolph comes out to the ring mocking Goldberg's entrance and to his music before the match starts. Dolph attacks Rey and tries to rip his mask off when he makes his way down to the ring before superkicking him, the match being called off before it even begins.

Winner:Match never started.

-Ali then comes out to the ring and checks on Rey before sending Dolph out of the ring and hitting a suicide dive as we go to commercial.

Ali vs Dolph Ziggler

We return from commercial to the match already in progress, Ali is in control, hitting a rolling sit-out facebuster for a near fall before Dolph superkicks him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler defeats Ali via pinfall with a superkick.

-We get a video package for the past week of the events involving attacks on Roman Reigns as we go to commercial.

-We get a recap of Brock Lesnar's attack on Seth Rollins last night on RAW ahead of their title match at Summerslam this Sunday night.

-We get a sit-down interview with Roman where he talks about everything that has happened to him and who he thinks may be behind the attacks before saying that Joe clearly didn't attack him before apologizing to Joe on camera and that he's going to get answers tonight.

-We return from commercial to a video package of the legacy and career of Harley Race.

Natalya vs Ember Moon

They go back and forth before Ember hits a superkick into a sliding lariat before they end up outside and Natalya hits a monkey flip before locking in the sharpshooter for the count out.

Winner: Double Count.

-After the match Bayley comes and saves Ember and helps her up before they have a stare down as Ember gets to her feet as Kevin makes his way out to the ring as we go to commercial.

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