WWE Smackdown! Live Results 7/18 The Last Stop on the Road to WWE Battleground!

We are just days away from WWE Battleground this Sunday night where Jinder Mahal will defend his WWE World Championship against Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison match, but tonight before that Jinder looks to give a preview of the infamous match. We also have AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura teaming up to face Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin and much more so be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST!

-Jinder Mahal comes out to the ring and talks about his title match this Sunday at Battleground as we get a good look at the Punjabi prison set up around the ring. Jinder talks about the history of the match and how he plans to retain the belt before he's interrupted by Randy Orton who makes his way down to ringside, Randy in awe of the structure before he attempts to climb it. Randy then goes on to say that there will be nowhere to run or hide this Sunday as we go to commercial.

Battle Slam The Takeover To Premiere On FITE TV On 8/11

Jimmy Uso vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi is in control early, stomping Jimmy and mocking him before sending him out of the ring. Kofi then flips over the top rope and takes him out on the floor as we go to commercial.

Jimmy comes back with an enzuigiri for a quick two count as we come back from commercial. Kofi then catches Jimmy coming in and hits a double foot stomp and a dropkick before clotheslining him. Jimmy then hits a death valley driver into the corner for a near fall before Kofi comes back with an enzuigiri only to be caught on the top rope. Jimmy goes for a superplex, but Kofi fights him off, then Jimmy rolls through a diving cross body for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jimmy Uso via pinfall

-We then have Shane talking to the entire women's division minus Naomi about Battleground this Sunday as we go to commercial.

-We get the announces talking about Jason Jordan being revealed as Kurt Angle's son before we have a taped interview segment where Chad Gable talks about it, how it feels to now be on his own and what the future will hold now that American Alpha are broken up since Jordan is now on RAW.

Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis

Sami goes right after Mike to start the match, beating on him around the ring before hitting a series of punches in the corner. Mike rolls out of the ring to regroup, but Sami goes right after him and clotheslines him before rolling him back into the ring  Sami then clotheslines him over the top rope before tossing him into the barricade. Sami gets him back into the ring, but Mike comes back for a moment only to be clotheslined again. Maria gets in the ring and distracts the referee before Mike hits Sami with a right hand and a Samoan driver for the pin and the win.

Winner:Mike Kanellis via pinfall

-John Cena comes out to the ring and talks about his flag match against Rusev this Sunday as the ring has both the American and the Bulgarian flags set up in opposite corners. Cena briefly talks about the Punjabi prison match and goes on a long diatribe about how great America is and how much he loves it before taking the American flag down and waving it around before Rusev attacks him from behind. Rusev puts Cena in the Accolade before Cena tries to power out of it, but Rusev is too strong. Rusev then grabs the Bulgarian flag and waves it around before holding it over his head and a fallen Cena before leaving  as we go to commercial.

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

Becky takes Charlotte down to start the match, but she's right back up, then Charlotte teases a figure four before they square off. Becky hits a series of arm drags before a dropkick, then Charlotte does a series of back flips into a bridging pin for a quick two count. Becky then sends Charlotte out of the ring as we go to commercial.

They exchange chops as we come back from commercial, Charlotte in control and playing to the crowd before hitting a knee drop for a quick two count as we see Naomi looking on from backstage. Becky comes back with a series of clotheslines and a reverse exploder suplex before following up with a running forearm in the corner for a near fall. Charlotte hits a boot for a near fall after countering a Disarmer, then misses a moonsault before Becky locks in the Disarmer for the tap and the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch via submission

-Tamina and Lana come out after the match and beat down Becky, Charlotte and Natalya. Naomi is interviewed backstage before Carmella shows up and interrupts her before we get a Fashion Police segment.

AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin & Kevin Owens

The heels try to attack Shinsuke before the match, but AJ comes to his aid, then they face off before AJ and Nakamura get back in the ring as we go to commercial.

Corbin is in control of AJ as we come back from commercial, until he tags in Kevin and AJ comes back and tags in Shinsuke. Shinsuke drops Kevin with an enzuigiri before hitting a jumping knee and following up with forearms and knees against the ropes. Corbin pulls down the top rope and sends Shinsuke out of the ring before tossing him right back in. Corbin and Kevin then double team Shinsuke in their corner, tagging in and out while mocking AJ. Corbin hits a Deep Six for a near fall that AJ breaks up before Shinsuke comes back and tags in AJ who gets a near fall off of Kevin with a sit-out facebuster.

Corbin comes back in and rag dolls AJ before AJ locks in the Calf Killer out of nowhere, but Corbin is able to quickly get to the ropes for the break. Shinsuke is dumped into the crowd by Corbin after he beats on Kevin at ringside, then Kevin superkicks AJ when he comes for a Styles Clash before finishing up with a pop-up powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin via pinfall

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