WWE Smackdown! Live Results 8/1 John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura Number One Contenders Match & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for WWE Smackdown! Live. Tonight history will be made as in our main event John Cena takes on Shinsuke Nakamura for the first time ever to determine who will face Jinder Mahal at Summerslam! We also have AJ Styles defending his WWE United States Championship against Kevin Owens and much more so be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST for all of the action!

AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens WWE United States Championship Match

Kevin puts AJ in a headlock to start the match before he clotheslines AJ out of the ring when he misses a dropkick. Kevin then clotheslines AJ to the floor on the outside as we go to commercial.

Kevin catches AJ coming in before AJ comes back with a snapmare into a knee drop before beating on Kevin in the corner. AJ stomps Kevin in the corner before whipping him hard across the ring, AJ teasing a Phenomenal Forearm, but Kevin rolls out of the ring. AJ hits a springboard forearm to the outside before Kevin hits a cannonball into the barricade as we go to commercial.

AJ comes back with a flurry of offense as we come back from commercial, hitting a running clothesline in the corner into an ushigaroshi for a near fall. AJ teases the Styles Clash, but Kevin counters it with a back drop and the Phenomenal Forearm with a superkick for a near fall of his own. AJ counters a pop-up powerbomb into a Calf Killer before Kevin headbutts his way out of it. AJ counters a package side slam with a Pele kick before locking in another Calf Killer. Kevin accidentally hits the referee before going for the pop-up powerbomb, but AJ rolls through and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall

-After the match the referee talks to Shane and Daniel before Kevin shows up and shoves the referee before saying that it wasn't fair and that he'll get another rematch at Summerslam. Shane then declares himself to be the referee for the match as we go to commercial.

-We have an Fashion Police segment where we see that Fandango is still missing, Tyler surmising that aliens took him. Fandango then shows up with the Ascension, Tyler shown to actually be dreaming as we go to commercial.

Sami Zayn vs Aiden English

They lock up to start the match, then Aiden knocks Sami down with a shoulder block before Sami puts him in a headlock. Sami then hits a series of arm drags before Aiden rolls him up for the pin and the win out of nowhere.

Winner: Aiden English via pinfall

-After the match Mike and Maria come out and mock Sami as we go to commercial.

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