WWE Smackdown Results For 1/7/22 Roman Reigns Returns To Smackdown, The Usos vs. The New Day

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- The show begins with a look back at how the Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns storyline started.

Liv Morgan Says She's Pitched Herself Entering Number One In Women's Royal Rumble

- WWE Commentator Michael Cole welcomes the viewer to WWE Smackdown on Fox! They are coming to live from the Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, CT. Roman Reign's music hits, and Cole's broadcasting colleague Pat McAfee cheers loudly. Then, Roman takes a stroll like usual to the ring. In a roundabout way, McAfee says COVID tested positive for Roman Reigns and not the other way.

The first words from Roman are "New England, acknowledge me." After that, the crowd chants "what" every time he speaks. Finally, Roman says, "there are two people that he never wants to see again, and they are Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman."

Brock Lesnar's music hits, and Lesnar and Heyman make their way to the ring. Brock smiles as he circles the ring with his WWE Championship belt. Heyman has the microphone and begins to introduce himself; however, Lesnar takes the microphone and mimics the introduction the same way Paul Heyman does.

Lesnar says they both have what they want and Lesnar says let's give the people what they want and have Champ vs. Champ. Roman says, "it's a good idea, but it's not his idea, and this is my show, and we do what I say." He states he does not want to do business with people who do business with trash like Paul Heyman."

Heyman then asks, "Roman, how can you talk to me that way. I loved you; you were my Tribal Chief." Lesnar tells Heyman to "shut up." Roman says Lesnar, "don't talk to him that way." Paul begins talking again, and Lesnar says to Paul, "I told you to shut up." Roman then hits Lesnar with a Superman Punch, and we then go to our first commercial break.

- Sami Zayn is approached and is asked about his match tonight against Rick Bugz. Zayn says Bugz is no match for him. Zayn leaves the interview and see's someone from a distance, and it's Johnny Knoxville from MTV's Jackass. Knoxville says he is there to talk to management about the Royal Rumble. Zayn tells Knoxville that he is not qualified to be in the Royal Rumble.

Sami Zayn vs. Rick Bugez ( w/ Shinsuke Nakamura)

The match begins with Rick Bugez tossing Sami Zayn over his shoulders, and he slams Zayn down again onto the canvas. Zayn rolls out of the ring to gather himself as they take a commercial break.

We return from the break with Zayn in control; Zayn slams Bugez's head into the turnbuckle and follows up with a clothesline. Bugz grabs Zayn and puts him in a bear hug, and then he hits Zayn with a vertical suplex. Bugez gets a quick roll-up pin for the victory. Zayn is senseless and begins yelling at Bugez and Shinsuke Nakamura. Johnny Knoxville gets into the ring, and he tosses Zayn over-the-top rope to qualify for the Royal Rumble.

Winner: Rick Bugez ( w/ Shinsuke Nakamura)

- Kayla Braxton interviews The New Day's Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. She asks them about their upcoming Street Fight against The Uso's, and they tell Braxton what they will need to do to win the Smackdown Tag-Team Championship.

- Charlotte comes out from a promo. Flair says "Happy New Year" and talks about her New Year's Resolutions. Then, she begins talking about the Royal Rumble. Next, they start announcing Women's entrants for the Royal Rumble, including WWE alumni featuring Lita, The Bella Twins, Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, and Summer Rae. Charlotte says, "that is an incredible list featuring WWE Hall-of-Famer's." Charlotte then says that she will be entering the Royal Rumble. WWE Commentator Pat McAfee mentions that Mickie James is the current Impact Women's Champion

Naomi's music hits, and she comes out. Naomi asks Flair if she can fight tonight and put her Smackdown title on the line. Charlotte responds, "I don't know what makes you think you deserve a match with me." Naomi says, "well, I did this," and she slaps Flair.

Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi

We return from the commercial break, and the match has already have started. First, Naomi takes Flair with a strike. Now, Flair gets up and hits Naomi with a backbreaker. Next, Flair begins punishing Naomi with multiple knees to the back. She then locks in Naomi with a leg lock submission.

Naomi gets out of it; she bounces Charlotte's face off the turnbuckle. Naomi is outside the ropes. Flair hits Naomi with a big boot and knocks her off the ring. The fight is outside the ring, and the referee is at the nine-count for a potential count-out. Sonya Deville is out by the entrance and says the match cannot stop by count out. Naomi is mad and has her back turned on Flair as she yells at Deville; Flair makes her pay and hits her from behind.

We return from the break, and Naomi hits Charlotte with a springboard kick; Naomi goes to the top rope and comes down for the literal press. As Naomi reaches the ropes, Flair takes Naomi down and locks in the Figure-Four. Sonya gets on the microphone and says the match cannot end a disqualification. Flair hits Naomi with a standing moonsault. She goes for the pin attempt, but Naomi kicks out at two. Charlotte is beside herself, and Naomi attempts to cover Charlotte, but Charlotte kicks out at two.

Naomi slams Charlotte down a full nelson slam. Now, Naomi goes for the pin, but Flair kicks out again. Next, Naomi attempts to do cross-leg moonsault, but Flair counters it and hits Naomi with the Natural Selection, and pins her to victory.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

- Kayla Braxton is backstage to interview The Usos. They talk about how they beat The New Day at Day 1. The Uso's say they will do the same thing to them that they did at Day 1 in their Street Fight tonight.

- We come back from the commercial break, and they are showing parts of the Lesnar and Reigns segment that began the show.

- Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville have a backstage segment, and Pearce states that Lesnar and Reigns won't fight at the Rumble. Instead, Pearce will decide who will challenge Reigns at the Royal Rumble tonight.

- Happy Corbin is out for a promo and states that Madcap Moss is not there. They show a clip of Corbin and Moss beating down Drew McIntyre from last week's episode. Corbin says Drew is his guest tonight, Drew's music hits, and Moss comes out cosplaying as Drew McIntyre. Madcap begins answering Corbin's questions in a Scottish accident. They are making jokes, and The Viking Raiders music hits, and they will be wrestling Moss and Corbin.

Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss vs. The Viking Raiders

We return from the commercial break, with the match has already started. Ivar and Erik are in control until Happy Corbin takes a cheap shot at Erik. Corbin goes for the pin attempt; however, Ivar breaks it up. Happy and Moss are working together to keep Erik in their corner. Erik takes out Moss with a knee to the face. Erik attempts to tag Ivar, but Corbin knocks Ivar off the ring. Mad Cap hits Erik with The Punchline and then pins him for victory.

Winners: Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss

- Sheamus is cutting a backstage promo, and he tells Ridge Holland that he will cheer him up by entering into the Royal Rumble.

- We come back from a commercial break, and we see Adam Pearce entering Roman Reigns locker room, and he tells him he has picked his opponent for the Royal Rumble. Roman tells Pearce to leave after he tells him that nobody on the roster can beat him.

Street Fight
Smackdown Tag-Team Championship
The New Day vs. The Uso's

The bell rings with Kofi Kingston taking Jimmy Uso down right away, Xavier Woods is tagged in right away, and The New Day double-team Jimmy. Jimmy eventually gets to Jey Uso for the tag, and they get the upper hand; they begin celebrating, and Kofi comes out of nowhere hits them with a trust fall. Then, they head out for a commercial break. We return from the break, and both teams are fighting near the entrance area.

Kofi goes for a pin attempt out of nowhere, but Jimmy kicks out. The Uso's tape Wood to the ropes, Woods eventually gets out of it. The Uso's send Woods over the barricade into the WWE Universe. The Uso's grab the steel steps and hit both Kingston and Woods with it. Xavier Woods is wearing his Knight Helmet and using it as a weapon, and Kofi uses a chest plate. The crowd chants for "tables," The New Day goes underneath the ring to grab a table. They set it up in the ring; Jimmy Uso enters the ring and hits Woods with a superkick. Jimmy Uso goes for the spear; however, Kofi counters and hits Jimmy with the Trouble in Paradise. Kofi goes for the pin, but Jey breaks up the pin. The Uso's hit Kofi with a double superkick. The Uso's set the table up and hit Kofi with the 1D. Jimmy pins Kofi for the victory, and The Uso's retain their WWE Smackdown Tag-Team titles.

After the match, they show Roman Reigns again in his dressing room. Someone knocks at the door; Seth Rollins enters the room and begins laughing as we go off the air.

Winners: The Uso's

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