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Match Card


The Usos defeated The Revival

Main Show

WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins defeated Baron Corbin to retain his Universal Title

WWE Intercontinental Championship
"The Demon" Finn Balor defeated Andrade to retain his Intercontinental Title

Shane McMahon defeated Roman Reigns

3-On-1 Handicap Match
Lars Sullivan defeated Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) via Disqualification

Randy Orton defeated Triple H

Braun Strowman defeated Bobby Lashley

WWE Championship
Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain his WWE Title

50-Man Battle Royal
Mansoor Al-Shehail eliminated Elias last to win the 50-Man Battle Royal

The Undertaker defeated Goldberg

Live Coverage


Our pre-show is underway live from the WWE Studios, beginning with a panel of Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Beth Phoenix. They run down tonight's card before focusing on the Universal Title match. That transitioned to a Paul Heyman promo, with the advocate explaining that after Rollins paid one price on Monday, he'll now pay another at Super ShowDown. Heyman guarantees that Lesnar will leave tonight as the Universal Champion.

Things then shifted to the 50-man battle royal, with Ricochet and Bobby Roode stating their case. The panel next previewed Kingston vs. Ziggler as well as Andrade vs. Finn Balor. An interview with Rollins followed, as the Universal Champion admitted that he's not 100%. However, he's a fighting champion and for that reason, he'll defeat Baron Corbin and keep his title. As for Lesnar, he's "ready for the beast." Back to the battle royal after that, as Heavy Machinery and Rusev had their own say.

The panel then broke down Randy Orton vs. Triple H, Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon and finally, The Undertaker vs. Goldberg.

The Usos vs. The Revival

Jey and Dawson got this one underway, with the former landing a sharp uppercut early. With Jimmy's entry, The Usos then run wild, clearing the ring and continuing to build momentum until a blind tag allowed The Revival to cut them off. With Jimmy isolated, Dash and Dawson went to work, cornering their foe and hitting some tandem offense along the way. They then slowed things down, grabbing a hold and slowing things down. Jimmy soon evaded though, landing a crisp kick and resetting things.

Both men made it to their corner, with Jey running wild Dawson and hitting some of his signature offense for 2. Dawson then fired back though, looking for some double-team offense until Wilder was cut off. That allowed Jey to seize, scoring a high cross-body for another near-fall. Wilder then distracted the referee though, preventing a clear pin and allowing Dawson to hit a spinebuster for 2. Tandem offense wouldn't follow either, with Jimmy tagging himself in as The Usos rallied via Superkicks, closing the show with simultaneous kicks to Wilder's jaw.

Winners: The Usos

Main Show

WWE Universal Championship

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Feeling out process here early, with the pair eventually locking up as Corbin pushed Rollins back. Seth responded though, rallying with right hands until a knee to the midsection cut him off. Rollins fired back again, scoring a sharp dropkick but having his plans for a springboard halted. Corbin went right to work from there, targeting Rollins' ribs and battering him along the way. On two occasions, Corbin even hung his foe on the top rope, further attacking Rollins' taped midsection.

The challenger's patented clothesline followed, with Corbin then wrestling Rollins to the mat and grounding proceedings as a result. Seth eventually retaliated though, landing on his feet and resetting things with a sudden kick. Right hands came next as Rollins rallied, landing a salvo of strikes and then Slingblade as well. Two big dives to the outside followed and then a superkick in center ring as well but Corbin kicked out at 2.

He then countered Rollins' third dive also, landing a timely elbow and slamming Seth to the mat for another near-fall. Nonetheless, Corbin continued to build momentum, next hitting Deep Six but still failing to close the show. Enraged at the referee, Corbin shouted in his face and then retrieved a steel chair. The referee convinced him against using it though, with Corbin again exploding in rage until the official fired back, arguing in the challenger's face and allowing Rollins to roll his foe up for the win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Seth Rollins

Post-match, Corbin jumped Rollins from behind, hitting End of Days as Lesnar's theme suddenly played. However, Heyman dropped the briefcase when entering the ring, distracting Brock and allowing Rollins to land a low blow. Suddenly Seth had the chair, battering his foe while Heyman looked on in horror. Finally, Rollins landed The Stomp directly onto Lesnar's briefcase. Rollins walks out with his title very much intact but Lesnar maintains his contract too.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Andrade vs. "The Demon" Finn Balor (c)

The challenger is on the defensive early, standing back and looking to counter until he did exactly that, landing a high knee in the corner. Balor blocked the hammerlock DDT though, scoring some of his signature offense but then being swept on the apron. Andrade followed up too, landing a springboard dropkick for 2. A somewhat delayed Three Amigos came next but Balor kicked out again. The challenger then grounded his foe, grabbing a hold and taking control.

An inverted DDT off the middle rope followed as Andrade then slowed things once more. The champion soon fought to his feet though, firing back and eventually scoring a sudden dropkick to reset things. A strike exchange commenced from there, with Balor gaining the upper hand and sending his foe to the floor. He followed him there too, hitting his famed dive and then maintaining control in center ring, hitting a reverse Bloody Sunday for 2.

Andrade then retaliated, landing every strike in his arsenal but still failing to close the show. His delayed moonsault was blocked also, with Balor getting his knees up and then landing a double stomp on the apron too. He did the same in center ring, landing on Andrade's spine for 2 only for the challenger to respond, hitting Hammerlock DDT for yet another near-fall. Finally, Balor closed the show moments later, landing a powerbomb and then catching Andrade on the top rope, hitting a Super Bloody Sunday of sorts.

Coup De Grace followed and after quite the battle, Balor was still champion.

Winner and STILL Champion: Finn Balor

- Following this, we got two promos prior to tonight's 50-man battle royal, with The Miz and Jinder Mahal stating their case.

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon

Drew McIntyre is here by McMahon's side, making his entrance after Shane's grand introduction. That immediately impacted proceedings too, with McIntyre distracting Reigns and allowing McMahon to seize with strikes. Roman soon responded though, unleashing some right hands until his follow-up was evaded, going shoulder first into the ring-post. With the referee focused on Shane, Drew briefly went to work on the outside. McMahon then continued to control things in center ring, hitting a Russian Leg Sweep and back elbow for 2.

He then slowed things down, grabbing a hold and wearing his foe down. Reigns soon fought upright though, unleashing clotheslines in the corner and landing a big boot too. His Superman Punch was countered though, with Shane attacking Roman's leg instead. He then applied the Triangle Choke but Reigns eventually powered free, slamming McMahon to the mat for a near-fall. He then handled McIntyre on the outside as well, flooring the Scotsman and landing an uppercut on Shane.

McMahon fired back though, nailing The Spear out of nowhere for 2. Reigns halted Coast to Coast regardless, landing Superman Punch but failing to close the show. 'The Big Dog' then had his Spear blocked but landed a right hand, knocking Shane off his feet and into the referee. With the official down, McIntyre seized, landing Claymore out of nowhere. McMahon then took advantage, pinning his foe for the win.

Winner: Shane McMahon

- With Xavier Woods by his side, Kofi Kingston then stopped by for an interview. Kingston says that tonight is about more than the WWE Title, reminding the world of what Ziggler did two weeks ago. Woods called Kingston a hero, with Kofi saying that tonight isn't about intensity, it's about fighting for those that continue to dream.

3-On-1 Handicap Match

Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) vs. Lars Sullivan

Kalisto gets things underway for his team here, evading Sullivan early but soon being driven into the corner. Lars then dropped his foe head-first on the turnbuckle too, throwing Kalisto to his partners and allowing Dorado to tag in. Lince briefly rallied, throwing some right hands but swiftly being clubbed to the mat. Sullivan then launched Dorado to the floor as well, dominating proceedings and forcing Metalik to tag himself in.

Lars ate some strikes as a result, with a returning Kalisto then joining in until Sullivan tackled him out of the air. After falling to the floor though, Lars was only angered, slamming Kalisto to the mat and heading up top. That allowed Metalik and Dorado to intervene, teaming up and forcing a disqualification.

Winner via Disqualifcation: Lars Sullivan

Together, The Lucha House Party continued their attack, hitting some offense off the top and retreating in success. That was short-lived though, with Sullivan chasing after them and battering all three on the ramp. Lars stands tall after all.

Randy Orton vs. Triple H

A feeling out process unsurprisingly got this one underway, with HHH briefly taking control until both men reached a stalemate. They continued to wrestle for control from there, as both men failed to land their finishing maneuvers early. A right hand then put Orton in control though, halting the grappling and gaining an advantage. HHH immediately retaliated though, evading Orton and sending him directly into the corner. With Orton's arm as his focus, HHH went to work right away, targeting his foe's previously injured shoulder.

Orton seized in an instant regardless, dropping HHH on the announce table with his now patented back suplex. Suddenly Randy was the man in control, grounding things and grabbing a hold. Nonetheless, HHH eventually fought upright, rallying with punches as a brawl commenced. The high knee put HHH in control, flooring Orton and allowing 'The Game' to eventually follow up also, hitting a heavy clothesline for 2. Orton avoided the Pedigree regardless, sending his foe to the apron and thinking DDT before settling for a dropkick instead.

HHH responded though, landing a clubbing blow to Orton's back and resetting things once more. He then signaled 'Suck It,' but run directly into Orton's signature powerslam anyway. Randy followed up too, scoring the Hangman DDT and thinking RKO. HHH had it blocked though, firing back with a spinebuster for 2. He continued the comeback nonetheless, applying a crossface until after an immense struggle, Orton finally reached the bottom rope.

With both men back on their feet, Orton struck, avoiding Pedigree and landing RKO only for HHH to kick out again! That left Orton desperate, thinking Punt only for HHH to block, hitting Pedigree for a near-fall of his own. Things then spilled to the floor, with HHH returning the favor and dropping Orton back first on the announce table four times. As he looked to take advantage though, HHH run directly into RKO as Orton closed the show in an instant.

Winner: Randy Orton

- We next see a recap of all the latest 24/7 championship chaos, including Truth triumphantly reclaiming the title in mid-flight.

- Elsewhere, Baron Corbin complained about the result of his Universal Title match, blaming the referee and promising that "heads are gonna roll."

Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman

This is a power battle early, with both men colliding in center ring until Lashley asked for a test of strength. A kick to the midsection allowed Lashley to briefly control that contest before Strowman exploded, showing some speed and then tackling his foe to the mat. Lashley responded though, evading Braun and hitting an incredible Running Powerslam of his own for 2. Now in control, Lashley went to work, unleashing some strikes and wearing Strowman down.

Braun eventually fought upright regardless, slamming Lashley to the mat and running wild, scoring a big splash and then twice tackling Bobby on the outside. Back in-ring, Strowman followed up too, hitting a corner splash as well as the Powerslam. Lashley somehow kicked out though, next evading Braun and running him into the barricade too. Bobby then suplexed Strowman on the ramp, rolling his foe back in-ring for yet another near-fall.

Lashley made a critical mistake though, heading up top and being cut off, eating two more powerslams for the finish.

Winner: Braun Strowman

- More battle royal promos followed, with Ali and Samoa Joe having their say as well.

WWE Championship

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston (c)

Ziggler is roughing his foe up early, initially taking control but then running into a back elbow for his troubles. The challenger responded though, evading Kingston and scoring a sharp dropkick as well. A neckbreaker followed, with Ziggler then thinking Sleeper Hold as Kofi fought upright. Dolph stayed in control regardless, battering Kingston with strikes and landing his elbow drop for 2. With his foe in control, Ziggler unleashed some elbows, wearing Kofi down until he fired back.

Reversing the Irish Whip, Kingston sent Dolph into the turnbuckle and reset things in the process. He avoided Zig Zag too, making a comeback and using signature offense to finally build some momentum. Ziggler was poised to counter himself though, landing a timely elbow and hitting his DDT for another near-fall. Ziggler then launched the champion into the ring-post, gouging Kingston's eyes but having his superplex blocked. Instead, Kingston fought Dolph off, hitting a high crossbody as Ziggler rolled through for 2.

A wild exchange of pins followed, with both men coming close until Kingston nailed SOS for yet another near-fall. He continued to build momentum regardless, landing his Trust Fall off the top but then being sent into the steps. As Woods tended to Kingston, he ate a sudden superkick. However, he then returned the favor, kicking Ziggler and allowing Kofi to close the show via Trouble in Paradise.

Winner and STILL Champion: Kofi Kingston

Post-match, Ziggler stopped for an interview. He says that Kingston just exposed himself as a coward, demanding a rematch after outperforming Kofi tonight. In fact, he wants Kingston in a Steel Cage match.

50-Man Battle Royal

Before this one could get underway, Elias had a special performance in celebration of what would follow. He run down some of his opponents but was jumped by The Miz is carnage commnced. The Singh Brothers, Eric Young, Karl Anderson, JInder Mahal, EC3, MIke Kanellis, Luke Gallows, The B-Team, Akira Tozawa, No Way Jose, The Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese were quickly dispatched without much of nute occuring. Things then began to somwewhat settle down, with the Authors of Pain, Viking Raiders and Heavy Machinery meeting for a staredown in center ring.

That resulted in the departure of Tucker, Akam and Rezar while meanwhile, Titus O'Neil revealed himself after hiding under the ring. He run wild, tackling anyone in his way and even eliminating Ivar and Erik. His glory soon ended though, being eliminated by a timely knee from Shelton Benjamin. Woods then removed Buddy Murphy, superkicking him from the apron. Joe then dispatched the RAW Tag Team Champions as well while elsewhere, Gable and Nakamura went head to head.

Gable was soon eliminated though and then Crews too, with Mahal soon following suit. Elsewhere, Otis run wild, hitting a Double Caterpillar but then being thrown out by Rowan. Woods suffered the same fate but The Usos then removed Rowan. The Revival did the same to them but was eliminated by Hardy. He was quickly out moments later though, with Cesaro then swinging Cedric in center ring and launching him over the top rope. Sin Cara then flurried, running wild until a Kinshasa cut him off.

Sin Cara then fired back though, eliminating Nakamura as he and Rusev then followed suit. Miz then removed Roode, going back and forth with Cesaro but being kneed out of proceedings by Elias. Only six men now remained, including NXT's Mansoor Al-Shehail. Ali and Ricochet briefly combined to floor Cesaro but both were then attacked by Samoa Joe. The result was them pulling Joe out but then Cesaro pushed them both out before being eliminated by Mansoor.

Suddenly one of only two men standing, Mansoor scored the win, eliminating Elias for the home-town triumph.

Winner: Mansoor Al-Shehail

Post-match, Mansoor said that he doesn't have the words to describe this moment's importance. One year ago, he was just a rookie with a dream. Tonight, that dream come true.

- Prior to the main event, some matches for Stomping Grounds were announced. This included rematches for tonight's Univeral and WWE Title matches as well as Evans vs. Lynch.

The Undertaker vs. Goldberg

A heated staredown got this one underway, with Goldberg taunting his foe and eating a right hand in response. He fired back immediately though, nailing two Spears only for Undertaker to kick out and sit up. His next plan was Chokeslam but Goldberg fought free, catching a leg lock of sorts until Undertaker hooked the bottom rope. He then avoided The Spear as well, leaving Goldberg busted open in the corner. Undertaker seized, unleashing strikes in the corner.

He then hit Old School, thinking Chokeslam once again and this time, nailing it. Tombstone Piledriver followed but Goldberg kicked out at 2. He then fired back as well, meeting Undertaker in center ring for a colission that floored both. A strike exchange followed, with Undertaker coming out on top, hitting Snake Eyes but then turning into another Spear. An attempted Jackhammer came next but it resulted in a brainbuster of sorts instead. Undertaker still kicked out.

Goldberg's next thought was Tombstone but he collapsed, with Undertaker standing back up to close the show via Chokeslam.

Winner: The Undertaker

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