WWN Supershow - Mercury Rising Results: The First WWN Champion Is Crowned & Progress vs. Evolve Matches

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WWN Title Decision Match (6 Way Elimination Match): Matt Riddle def. Parrow, Tracy Williams, Jon Davis, Fred Yehi & Timothy Thatcher to win the title

Evolve vs. Progress Challenge (Evolve Title Match): Evolve’s Zack Sabre Jr. def. Progress’s Mark Haskins to retain the title

Evolve vs. Progress Challenge (Progress Title Match): Progress's Pete Dunne def. Evolve’s ACH to retain the title

Evolve vs. Progress Challenge: Evolve’s Ethan Page def. Progress’s Jimmy Havoc

Evolve vs. Progress Challenge: Progress’s The South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper & Travis Banks) w/Dahlia Black def. Evolve's Catch Point (Chris Dickinson & Jaka)

SHINE Title Match: Lufisto def. Toni Storm to retain the title

Four Way Freestyle Match: Keith Lee def. Jason Kincaid, Austin Theory & The Gatekeeper

Match By Match Recap

Drew Galloway hits the ring as Lenny Leonard is going over the card for tonight’s event, Galloway says that he doesn’t ask for much. Galloway says a quote from The Rock’s autobiography, Galloway says he was the one that got the eyes on Evolve. Galloway says his mission was to save Evolve from itself, but his mission has changed and he wants to save WWN from itself. Galloway issues a warning to the other five wrestlers competing in the main event tonight, Matthew Riddle comes out and he attacks Galloway. Galloway cracks Riddle with a pile driver from out of nowhere, the other members of Catch Point eventually chase Galloway away. Galloway starts to talk again and Keith Lee arrives to have a stare down with him. Galloway says that he can help build Lee as the future of the company, Galloway wants Lee to be on his side and Lee gives a thumbs down. Galloway attacks Lee with a headbutt and Lee nails him with a Spirit Bomb followed by a power slam. Lee then crushes Galloway with a moonsault. Lee grabs the microphone and says that now he is the King of the wrestling world.

Before the match, Stokely Hathaway hits the ring and he says that Timothy Thatcher will be a part of the main event tonight. Darby Allin comes out and says that he is not medically cleared to fight, but he is competing tonight anyway. Ethan Page jumps him from behind and he lays him out. Then Page tells one of The Gatekeepers to compete tonight.

Four Way Freestyle Match: Keith Lee vs. Jason Kincaid vs. Austin Theory vs. The Gatekeeper

The match begins with Gatekeeper quickly attacking Theory and brawling with him on the arena floor, Theory eventually throws Gatekeeper into the barricade. Theory gets back in the ring and he goes after Lee, Kincaid joins Theory to go after Lee until he takes both of them out. Lee drops Theory before nailing him with a slingshot elbow drop, Gatekeeper hits the ring and he takes out Lee with a hurricarana. Theory and Gatekeeper start double teaming Lee, Gatekeeper and Theory then hit Lee with a double team power bomb. Gatekeeper attacks Theory and he nails him with a series of running clotheslines, Theory recovers and he knocks Gatekeeper out of the ring. Theory then takes out Gatekeeper and Lee with suicide dives, Lee catches a diving Theory and he smashes him into the ring post.

Gatekeeper brings Theory in the ring and he nails him with a boss man slam, Lee comes back in the ring and he nails Theory with a forearm strike. Lee traps Theory in the corner before attacking him with chops, Theory recovers to nail Lee with a clothesline. Theory goes for a rolling maneuver and Lee nails him with a choke slam instead, Gatekeeper and Lee exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Lee nails Gatekeeper with a Spirit Bomb and Ground Zero for the three count.

Winner: Keith Lee

Lufisto grabs the microphone and says that Su Yung decided not to show up tonight, Lufisto says she is the greatest SHINE Champion of all time. Toni Storm hits the ring and she attacks Lufisto to get the impromptu match going.

SHINE Title Match: Lufisto (Champion) vs. Toni Storm

The match begins with the competitors beating the crap out of each other on the arena floor, the wrestlers exchange chops until they both accidentally chop the ring post. Lufisto then tosses Storm into the ring post before tossing her into the ring, Lufisto rips away at the hair of Storm. Lufisto continues to attack the back of Storm with a bunch of strikes, Lufisto then attacks Storm with some headbutts and chops. Lufisto traps Storm in the corner before attacking her with more headbutts, Lufisto follows that up by choking Storm with her foot. Storm starts fighting back and she attacks Lufisto with chops of her own, Storm charges at Lufisto and just kicks her for a near fall.

Lufisto recovers and she drops Storm with a jaw breaker and a slam, Lufisto cracks Storm with an inverted curb stomp for a near fall. Lufisto slows things down a little bit by holding Storm in a chin lock, Storm tries fighting back and Lufisto just throws her to the canvas below. Lufisto misses a charge to the corner and Storm crushes her with a running hip attack, Lufisto recovers and throws Storm into the turnbuckles. Lufisto then attacks Storm with a running hip attack and cannonball followed by a face wash for a near fall, Storm recovers and she nails Lufisto with a release German suplex followed by a kick for a near fall. Lufisto gets back up and catches Storm with a reverse death valley driver for a near fall, Storm avoids a strike from Lufisto to drop her with a lung blower.

Storm goes to the top rope and Lufisto gets her off the ropes, Lufisto nails Storm with a burning hammer for a three count.

Winner: Lufisto, still your SHINE Champion

The Progress Wrestling owner and an Evolve representative come to the ring next, they both hype up the series of matches that are forthcoming.

Evolve vs. Progress Challenge: Evolve’s Ethan Page w/The Gatekeeper vs. Progress’s Jimmy Havoc

The match begins with Havoc sending a charging Page out of the ring, Havoc attacks Page with strikes before smashing his head on the guardrail. Page recovers and he throws Havoc into the crowd, Page then starts nailing Havoc with a series of forearm strikes. Page grabs a woman’s purse and he nails Havoc with it, Havoc fights back by nailing Page with forearm strikes of his own. Havoc grabs Page and he throws him into the bleacher section of the crowd, Havoc takes a selfie with a fan while beating Page up some more. Page recovers and he places Havoc on a table while nailing him with a running elbow drop, Page follows that up by slingshotting Havoc into the table.

Havoc recovers and he throws Page into the merchandise table, Page gets up and hebattles Havoc some more, Page then tosses Havoc onto another table. Havoc grabs Page after that and he plants him on the guardrail, the competitors then brawl down the aisle way and towards the ring. Havoc charges at Page and Page clobbers him with a super kick, Havoc gets to the ring and apron before nailing Page with some kicks of his own. The Gatekeeper interferes and that allows Page to hit Havoc with an RK Ego inside the ring for a near fall, Havoc goes to the top rope and he nails Page with a front head scissors. Havoc then hits Page with a lung blower for a near fall, Havoc hits Page with an elbow strike before sending him into the turnbuckles.

Havoc then attacks Page with a face wash before missing a charge in the corner, Page eventually drops a charging Havoc with a bicycle kick for a near fall. The wrestlers exchange some strikes in the middle of the ring, The Gatekeeper interferes again and that allows Page to nail Havoc with a kick to the head. Havoc counters Page’s finisher with a roll up for a near fall, Havoc then hits Page with a double stomp for a near fall. The Gatekeepers interfere again and Page hits Havoc with a Spinning Dwayne to get the three count.

Winner: Evolve's Ethan Page w/The Gatekeepers

After the match, Ethan Page says that he is going to ruin the friendship between Evolve and Progress Wrestling before attacking Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin hits the ring to help Havoc fight off Page and The Gatekeepers.

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