RetroMania Wrestling DLC #2 Update Now Available; Extended Story Mode, James Storm, More Included

Finish the story in RetroMania Wrestling as the second DLC update brings James Storm, Mr. Hughes, and more to the video game.

Retrosoft Studios has officially launched the second downloadable content patch for RetroMania Wrestling, its spiritual successor to the 1991 arcade classic WWF WrestleFest.


The new patch brings James Storm and Mr Hughes to the game. They join the previously released DLC competitor, Chris Bey.

The DLC patch also brings the second half of the story mode to the game, a new NWA Arena, and more.

From Retrosoft:

DLC Update #2 is here
"Sorry About Your Damn Wait!"

•James Storm and Mr. Hughes join the RetroMania Roster!

•Story Mode has been completed, with multiple endings!

•Idle breathing animations have been added; the referee is no longer the only one with lungs.

•New changeable ring gear colors at character select screen.

•Hits to the face have a chance to send blood particles flying.

•Tag partners on the apron can now restrain an opponent by the arms if they get too close.

•You can slam your opponent's head into the (front) posts outside the ring.

•Title/Non-Title match can now be selected when using the Champion.

•Nikita Koloff's Russian Sickle has been reanimated.

•Jeff Cobb's wrist clutch fisherman buster has been reanimated.

•Brian Myers' Upside Down Frown can now ring eject.

(and will no longer yeet into guardrails when done outside the ring!)

•New animation for running into barriers.

•Opponents can be knocked off the top rope with standing strikes.

•Corner punches now go to 10 if you have full momentum.

•Certain wrestlers can now show their power with one-handed pins under the right conditions.

•Post-match button prompt before kicking to menu added.

•Controller rumble has been added for certain moves.

•Chair mechanics have been updated.

•Complete AI overhaul.

•Difficulty levels adjusted.

•Visible damage numbers now available under options.

•New music.

•Flags corrected in UK arena.

•Retro Rumble entrants have a chance to taunt before getting in the ring.

The game was originally released back on February 26, 2021 and features names such as Matt Cardona, Colt Cabana, Zack Sabre Jr., and current WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis.

The game is available for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series platforms, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. There was also an iiRcade release.

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