Review: Miz & Mrs. (S01E02) Miz Takes the Cake

[This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Miz & Mrs. You've been warned!]

Miz & Mrs. had a stellar debut, and I was excited to see how they would follow it up. While Miz Takes the Cake doesn't deliver the same calibre of laughs, it's a more balanced episode that keeps the show's momentum going.

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This week begins with Mike being forced to relive his 'implied-nude' photo shoot mishap. Maryse's mother, Marjo, who steals every scene that she is in, tells Miz that he "has a flat ass." I love the fact that she was willing to throw barbs his way only moments after requesting to see, well I can't write what she said, but you know what I mean.

Maryse's baby shower is the focus of the episode, and it creates situations that allow us to discover more about the Mizanin men. During the dessert selection process we learn that Miz is careful (or at least tries to be) about the way he spends his money. Frankly, I'd be too if my wife wanted to buy a $1000 cake. Granted, I might not have suggested the Transformers sheet cake from my 6th birthday like he did. They ultimately agree upon a $750, three-tier option and haggle with the bakery over the price of delivery.

Enter George Mizanin, a comedy-of-errors type character that you'd never believe to be real. He lives up to his name and is the proverbial Costanza of the family. Not only does he make Miz drive to the airport so he can save $40 on a taxi, but foolishly suggests picking up the cake themselves to avoid the $90 delivery charge. As you've seen in the commercials, things go awry. It was here that I knew Miz was going to go back and get the other cake. His only other option was death at the hands of an angry Maryse. Sure enough, he did.

Once back at the house the episode kicks into high gear, and you feel the energy of the party. Maryse is rightfully mad at George for making Miz late. I'd feel the same way, but it's hard to hate on a man who ate a handful of cat food thinking it was nuts. Seriously! Even better was the look of absolute disgust on Marjo's face. Things smooth over once the new cake arrives. Marjo, however, suspects something to be wrong and begins investigating. Meanwhile, the party continues with baby themed games. Maryse eventually won the best-of-three competition, but not before Avril Lavigne, yes, that Avril Lavigne, made things more complicated by losing a bottle chugging contest.

The party winds down with Marjo using her Sherlock Holmes-esque detective skills to locate the ruined cake and tattle on Miz. He blames his dad, but Maryse doesn't mind because she ultimately got what she wanted. Marjo has one last great moment, and it comes in the form of her gift to Mike and Maryse; a blown up and framed picture from the photo shoot. She makes sure to take one last shot at his "flat-ass" in front of all his friends and family. I hope she is featured prominently every week!

The final few minutes are more introspective and emotional. Maryse and Miz reminisce about all the good times they've had at Chateau Marmiz and how they'll miss it when they move to Texas. Maryse even sheds a tear. My favourite aspect of Miz & Mrs. is how genuine it feels. Yes they live a lavish lifestyle, and I'm sure they play it up for the cameras, but there are plenty of authentic moments where they let their personalities shine, and it's that openness that makes this a show I look forward to watching.

Again, this is a solid second episode. It has some duller moments at the start but slowly builds to a satisfying whole. I never expected to be showering Miz & Mrs. with praise, but here we are, showers abound.

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