Rey Mysterio Shares His Thoughts On Being Booed In The 2014 'Royal Rumble' Match, Talks Keeping His Return A Secret, Reveals Who He'd Like To Work With In The WWE, More

One of the original "Ultimate Underdog's" goes over a wide variety of topics.

Former two-time World Heavyweight Champion and world-experienced superstar, Rey Mysterio, recently chatted with the crew over at Inside The Ropes. Rey explained what it meant to him to return to WWE in the same city that booed him out of the building four years prior. The "Master Of The 619" also revealed some of the current stars of WWE who he'd love to go one-on-one with and discussed tons more.

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Rey's return in the 2018 'Royal Rumble' match at the #27 slot was one that surprised many fans and based off of the reaction from the Philadelphia crowd, they were extremely happy to see Mysterio as well.

“Well since its already been out, there is nothing I can hide. There was an interaction between WWE and myself earlier this year, beginning of January and we wanted to come up with a surprise for a special entrance at the Royal Rumble and I took the opprotunity to come back and do one event, at this time right now with WWE and what better than the Royal Rumble man."

In 2006, Rey Mysterio entered the 'Royal Rumble' at #2 and went the distance as he would win the match and eventually go on to WrestleMania 22 to win the World Heavyweight Championship. That moment remains near and dear to Mysterio's heart, as that entire run was dedicated to his longtime comrade, WWE Hall Of Famer, Eddie Guerrero. Mysterio's name still holds weight in the 'Royal Rumble' match, as he still holds the record for the longest time spent in the match.

"I still hold the record for the longest time being in that ring and then winning it after all". Mysterio added. "So being able to come back at an event…. I should say, the very first event that WWE has to give their fans to kick off the year, was gonna bring back a lot of sweet memories and it did.”

Rey says that the reaction that he was going to receive upon his return is a scenario that played back in his head time and time again. The former WWE Champion had a bit of uncertainty heading into the moment because he did not know what to expect from the fans.

“I had no idea what to expect. You have the feeling of……….. that mystique or that feeling of ‘Man, are the fans gonna want me back. Is it gonna be a good reaction?’ I knew it was gonna be a good reaction, I just didn’t know if it’d be a mixed reaction and man, the fans blew me away, it was very emotional. From backstage to WWE staff, old faces that I hadn’t seen for a while like: Randy, like Miz, like Brock, like Paul Heyman, to stepping out on that stage and hearing that reaction of the fans, it was just breath taking."

Mysterio's return as noted, was a great surprise and not many backstage knew about it. Rey went into detail about how he was kept a secret so that there would be no spoilers regarding his entry into the Rumble.

"They had me in a bus, they had myself and Hurricane in a bus. We didn’t fly into the city, we didn’t fly into Philly, we flew into another city, Newark and then from Newark, we drove into Philly the day of the show". Mysterio says. "A lot of the wrestlers didn’t know that we were gonna be there."

One of the questions that many fans have surely wanted to ask Mysterio was to share his thoughts on being booed at the 2014 'Royal Rumble' PPV.  Former two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was white-hot and the fans in Philadelphia that night wanted Bryan to take the Rumble and headline WrestleMania. Mysterio had no sour grapes about the situation as he understood that Philly did not boo him, but they booed because they wanted Daniel Bryan and did not see their guy win.

“I go back and think about that day. At the time of things happening, like that moment, you don't think right off the top of your head, but I wish I would’ve thought what I thought after the event, after watching it over and hearing the reaction from the fans. I would’ve literally came back after hearing the reaction of the fans, because I knew Daniel Bryan was backstage. I would’ve grabbed him and told him: ‘Come out man, take my number', let him out there and I’ll just be backstage, I’ll walk back. I would’ve gave him my spot" .Mysterio would continue. "Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and you're right, the fans were pretty pissed because they wanted to see somebody else and the boos weren’t directed at me, they were directed at ‘We wanna see Daniel Bryan'."

Following Mysterio's appearance in the 2018 Rumble, many fans wondered would they be seeing their favorite underdog back in the WWE. From numerous reports, it appears that Rey and WWE are trying to come to a mutual agreement, as Mysterio wants a part-time contract. Mysterio, at 43 years old is still in phenomenal shape and there are dream matches already brewing in his head, that he could have in the WWE.

"There’s so many strong names that have been around for quite some time. A.J. Styles is one of them. I think A.J. and myself would have a really good run together. Finn Balor, think I would have a really good run with Finn."

Having Mysterio close out his career in the WWE; whether it'd be full-time or part-time would be great for the company and fans. The former four-time WWE Tag-Team Champion is still making headlines, as he has challenged Jushin Thunder Liger and the two will square off at NJPW's 'Strong Style Evolved' event on March 25th. Mysterio still has a ton of gas in the tank, as one of wrestling's most honored luchadors looks to submit his legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.


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