Rhino Recalls Vince McMahon Kicking Him Out Of The Ring For Having A Boring Match Against Tajiri

Chants of "boring" have become commonplace throughout wrestling as vocal audiences have no issue expressing their opinion on a match if it is not appealing. And while most of the time the wrestlers work through the chant, Rhino and Tajiri weren't so lucky during a live event in Long Island.

Speaking to Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho, Rhino recalled the time Vince McMahon kicked him and Tajiri out of the ring for having a boring match.

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"Tajiri liked to call everything. I'd worked with Eddie & Chavo [Guerrero] in tag matches where you're calling it in the ring. I was doing it for a year and a half. Vince comes to Tajiri and myself and goes, 'You can't make a mistake out there. Don't call it.' [Long Island] is a tough crowd. Tajiri wanted to call more. I had him in a hold and they're chanting 'boring.' I go, 'You want to see boring.' [Tajiri fights out] and I put him back in the hold and the chants get louder and louder," recalled Rhino. "Vince comes out, walks out during the match. I see him out there and I'm thinking he'll throw a monkey wrench to see how we react. He goes, 'This match is over. You think it's boring? Get out of the ring.' I thought he was out there working. I didn't think he was serious. I don't think he was mad. He was just like, 'If you think it's boring, we'll get you something that's not boring.' I go, 'What are you gonna do, fire me?' He called Brian Hebner over to have Tajiri dropkick me and get to the back."

Rhino continued, revealing that Vince McMahon felt bad for how he handled the situation and in the end, Rhino may have won.

"I just go to the shower. After, I go to talk to Vince. You can't really win an argument with Vince. You go in wanting a raise and you'll end up making less money, but feel better. I talk to him and at first, you feel like a piece of crap. He's like, 'If the people are chanting boring, then they're bored. You had him in the hold way too long.' I said, 'I was told by agents...' Vince said, 'They must not have been a top guy.' He wasn't mad at me. I think he felt bad because 'these guys work hard.' I don't hold anything personally against him. It's his company. After, I think he realized it was kind of a dick move because my paycheck was really good that day. It was double what we should have made. I had to work less and got paid more," he said.

The infamous bout between Rhino and Tajiri took place on Aug. 31, 2003 and marked the last time the two faced each other in a singles match at a WWE live event.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Rhino said Vince McMahon is a pimp, but not a real pimp. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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