Ric Flair: I Don't See Much Of Roddy Piper In MJF, I See More Of Myself

Ric Flair talks MJF.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman often gets compared to a young Ric Flair. Recently on television, he compared himself to a young Roddy Piper in Portland, Oregon. Ric Flair commented on this comparison on his podcast, and stated that he doesn't believe there is much of Roddy Piper in MJF, there is more of Ric Flair in him, according to the man himself.

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"I don't see much of Roddy in him, I see more of me than Roddy. Roddy didn't brag about his clothes and stuff like that. This kid, which makes him different, he's talking about the material things or implies that he has material things that other people don't have and it really pisses people off. Especially when it's the truth."

Ric Flair continues, “He's so damn good at what he's doing and it really catches my attention but I've seen so many guys in the business go out and be a hero on TV and then in the parking lot sign autographs. Instead of running to the bar at 100 miles an hour, they want to make sure nobody tweets about what an asshole they are by signing autographs. Dumbass. What heel signs an autograph?”

Discussing the potential that Maxwell Jacob Friedman signs elsewhere in 2024, Ric Flair says he can go wherever he wants as long as he has a good business manager.

“Yes, I think it goes anywhere he wants to go. I hope he has a good business manager, a good agent. Not some dumb son of a bitch like I've had in the past. Somebody knows what they're doing and is honest.”

Despite Ric saying that Maxwell can go to either company, he recommends that he stay with Tony Khan for as long as he can.

“If I were him, I'm not suggesting he go anywhere, I would stay with Tony as long as I could. If Tony was paying me and I'm sure Tony sees a lot in him or he wouldn't be in a position he's in. The thing about him, he’s just gonna get better. Hopefully, he stays injury-free.”

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