Ric Flair Talking Charlotte Flair: “She’s Better Than Me All Day Long"

Ric Flair is extremely proud of Charlotte.

Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair is stylin' and profiling at the age of 69-years old coming up on 70 next month. Although Flair's years as an in-ring performer are past him, he still carries love for the sport from his own memories and through his daughter Charlotte Flair. Throughout her years in the business, Charlotte has become an 8-time WWE Women's Champion and next Sunday she'll be a part of the second-ever Women's Royal Rumble match.

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This past November, Ric Flair joined fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast and they went over a number of topics such as how the wrestling business has evolved, some of their fondest memories from their time in the sport and Flair also talked about how proud and impressed he is with Charlotte. Ric stated that he feels Charlotte is better than he ever was and she has the hunger to be great and although he wishes she would take it easy sometimes, Ric sees the work that "The Queen" is putting in.

“She’s better than me all day long. Steve [Austin], I totally agree. I think she’s starting to understand. She is making her own name. Everything you know -- she went through so much, and that’s why… I wish for anybody that asks me that question or what I think about your recognition, your son or daughter going into this business. It’s terrible for them. They made life miserable for… man she wasn’t ready for that." Ric said of Charlotte. "She was ready to be just who she is. But assuming special this, special that but she’s built her own brand Steve, and I’m not saying it because -- and I am proud of her but I’m saying it because number one, she’s that good. Number two, she’s made herself unique. I wish I could tell you I was the athlete at any time in my life that she is -- I wasn’t, and very few people are. She’s got a gift, and she’s found her niche." Ric continued, "I mean right now, she’s driving to a town and she’s thinking about her match tonight, and I wish sometimes she would take it easy and relax but… she’s definitely out of my shadow and doing her own thing, and I think everybody recognizes that. To say I was a great wrestler, I was a three-way gimmick. Could I work? Yes, but I didn’t have to do… and this goes along with [Ricky] Steamboat and I’m not changing us off, but had the moonsault been in, Steamboat would’ve been doing them. Does that make sense? That wasn’t something the guys were doing, but it’s not because Ricky Steamboat couldn’t do them. I don’t know that I could do a moonsault.”



Charlotte was one of nine competitors announced today for the Women's Royal Rumble match and to see the updated list of participants in both the men's and women's Rumble matches, click here.

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